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Hatewatch Headlines 10/5/2018

ADF claims White House debriefed it on Kavanaugh; Gab faces payments cutoff; Judge blocks ending protections for immigrants; and more.

Media Matters: Why is the White House debriefing the president of ADF, a hate group, about Brett Kavanaugh?

Right Wing Watch: Gab, the far right’s favorite social media, faces cutoff from payment processor.

Mother Jones: Federal judge blocks Trump administration from ending protections for 250,000 immigrants.

Washington Post: Nooses, sometimes used in suicide attempts, found in California immigration detention center.

Vox: Trump’s alleged ‘shithole’ comments come back to haunt Melania on Africa diplomatic tour.

Think Progress: John Cornyn compares Republicans to Atticus Finch in battle over Brett Kavanaugh.

Raw Story: Trump fan arrested for threatening to slaughter senators and their families for not supporting Kavanaugh.

Tennessean (Nashville): Rep. Blackburn listed as speaker for anti-Muslim events, but aide says she didn’t attend.

Mediaite: Alt-right figure Richard Spencer commends Tucker Carlson for covering ‘anti-white hatred.’

Associated Press: Spencer’s alt-right National Policy Institute regains its tax-exempt status.

Pacific Standard: Inside the battle over California’s sanctuary state laws: Court ruling roils the waters.

West Side Spirit (New York City): Desecration of Jewish shrine by vandals a ‘possible hate crime.’

Daily Messenger (Canandaigua, NY): Local man cleared of hate crime over harassment of black high schoolers. 

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