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Hatewatch Headlines 10/11/2018

The GOP wants to lock up liberal women; Georgia governor’s race about voting rights; Kent State grad sticks school with bill for gun rally; and more.

Daily Beast: It’s not just antifa or Hillary: Now the GOP wants to lock up liberal women.

Media Matters: Fox News’ midterm engagement strategy is telling viewers Democrats are coming to kill them.

Huffington Post: Rand Paul is concerned toxic politics will get someone killed. They already have.

Talking Points Memo: Georgia governor’s race is an epic showdown over voting rights.

Salon: Erasing Trump’s Charlottesville comments: Fox’s Laura Ingraham tries to rewrite history.

Raw Story: Gun-loving Kent State grad sticks school with $65,000 bill for gun rally, insists ‘antifa’ should pay.

+972 Magazine: Not just Canary Mission: SF Jewish Federation bankrolls anti-Muslim hate groups.

OutSmart: Houston groups sue for license to discriminate against LGBT people.

Pacific Standard: Trump administration’s proposed public charge rule is the next, and ugliest, step in its immigration crackdown.

Los Angeles Times: Cal-Davis investigating antisemitic posters blaming Jews for criticism of Kavanaugh.

Think Progress: White supremacist, anti-immigrant posters show up in Queens, New York.

Vice: A white woman allegedly called the cops on a black man for babysitting two white kids.

Toronto Star: Canadian intelligence service sees a ‘significant’ jump in far-right activity online.

Esquire: The authoritarians are on parade, all over the world.

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