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Hatewatch Headlines 10/16/2018

Security chief leaves to head up anti-Muslim hate group; Patriot Prayer had rooftop weapons before rally; BLM blocked from Georgia polls; and more.

Talking Points Memo: National Security chief of staff leaving White House to head up a hate group.

The Intercept: Military officials aren’t supposed to associate with hate groups, so why are these generals at CSP confab?

Oregonian: Armed Patriot Prayer protesters were found on rooftop with weapons before Aug. 4 protest.

Think Progress: ‘This is live voter suppression’: Black Lives Matter blocked from taking Georgia seniors to vote.

Media Matters: Facebook’s disinformation purge missed some major far-right networks noted for false info.

The Atlantic: Why alt-right ‘pickup artists’ are reading Ovid: How the ‘red pill’ world appropriates classics.

Angry White Men: White nationalist Greg Johnson explains why racial minorities must be disenfranchised.

Des Moines Register (IA): Antisemitic fliers posted at offices of three downtown liberal organizations.

Daily Journal (San Mateo, CA): Candidate’s fence vandalized with anti-gay slur, police investigate as hate crime.

Bring Me The News (MN): AG candidate says he would fire all Democrats in his office if elected.

News-Gazette (Champaign, IL): U of Illinois students scrape away white-nationalist stickers, fliers left on campus.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Racist literature from Klan-related group litters lawns in Cherry Hill. Teaching against white nationalism: How one historian took action.

Vice: Soldiers of Odin chapter in Edmonton shuts down, rebrands as ‘Canadian Infidels.’

Guardian: Why exactly are careless politicians in the Australian Senate voting on whether ‘It’s OK to be white?’

ABC News (Australia): The new Nazis: How the meme-rich world of the Internet is a threat in Australia.

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