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Hatewatch Headlines 10/26/2018

Judge restores funding to sanctuary cities; Civil rights groups call for tech hate-group crackdown; Shea wants to create a 51st state; and more.

Oregonian: Judge rules it’s unconstitutional for Trump to withhold funds from sanctuary cities.

NBC News: Civil rights groups call on tech firms to crack down on hate groups.

Guardian: The worst aspect of the attempted mail bombings? Their inevitability.

Arizona Republic: Wounded in ’04 by a white supremacist’s mailed bomb, Don Logan reflects on new incidents.

Media Matters: Liberty Counsel leadership blames trans youth suicides on defying God.

Rolling Stone: Rep. Matt Shea wants to create a ‘Patriot’ utopia in the Pacific Northwest with a 51st state.

Springfield News-Leader (MO): ‘Lone wolf’ extremist in Ozarks keeps Springfield FBI office occupied.

Mother Jones: Rep. Steve King met with a group founded by a Nazi – while on a Holocaust Memorial trip.

Insight News: Wardlow, attorney for hate group ADF, trades in fear and lies Minnesota attorney general bid.

Think Progress: Florida governor’s appointee helped organize Proud Boys’ Pelosi protest.

WBTV-TV (Charlotte, NC): Arrest made after black campaign worker allegedly harassed at early voting location.

Salon: ‘Whites don’t shoot whites’: Witness suggests Kentucky shooting was racially motivated.

Raw Story: School board candidate blames her history of racist Facebook posts on ‘hackers.’

Right Wing Watch: Rick Wiles warns that if Democrats gain power, they will slaughter Christians by the thousands.

Smithsonian: The unforgotten: Two newly translated diaries of young women murdered in the Holocaust.

Coloradoan: LGBT advocates said ‘no more’ after Matthew Shepard’s murder, but the hate continued.

The Sun (UK): Tommy Robinson discussed plans to tour America, where he could make millions.

Australia Broadcasting: Labor party calls on Australian government to deny visa to Proud Boys founder McInnes.

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