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Hatewatch Headlines 11/1/2018

Americans think Trump helps white supremacists; Robert Bowers’ path to radicalization; Gab CEO denies the image he cultivated for years; and more.

Business Insider: Most Americans think Trump has encouraged white supremacists, legitimized hate groups.

New York Daily News: What it means when President Trump calls himself a ‘nationalist.’

CNN: Trump’s rhetoric is partly to blame for a man’s plot to bomb Muslim refugees, lawyer says.

Think Progress: Trump absurdly claims that George Soros is funding the migrant ‘Caravan.’

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: From nonpartisan voter to virulent extremist: The undoing of Robert Bowers.

Huffington Post: Gab’s CEO says Pittsburgh shooter doesn’t represent the site – but he recruited racists like him for years.

Washington Post: Some hate groups lament the Pittsburgh shooting – for tactical reasons only.

The Baffler: Having it both ways: No, both sides don’t do it.

Pacific Standard: The Oregonian comes under fire from readers for op-ed sympathetic to Patriot Prayer.

The Verge: Hate speech is finding a home on Instagram.

Roll Call: Pressure mounts for corporations to break with Rep. Steve King over his white nationalism.

Associated Press: Son, daughter of Missouri GOP candidate publicly oppose him because of his bigoted views.

Oregonian: Ryan Bundy sues federal government, alleging ‘malicious prosecution’ in Bunkerville case.

Crooks and Liars: Nazi Christmas ornaments sold at Kentucky gun show.

Mother Jones: While dedicating a monument to black Civil War soldiers, Ryan Zinke praised Robert E. Lee.

Raw Story: CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin calls out Kris Kobach’s racism to his face.

NBC News: Gay men reportedly attacked by knife-wielding, slur-slinging couple in Florida.

Kokomo Tribune (IN): ‘This is a white neighborhood’: Greenwood woman charged with leaving racist letter.

Media Matters: These anti-LGBT groups are working to making anti-transgender discrimination legal in Massachusetts.

Delaware News Journal: FBI sees an increase in hate crimes for Delaware, too.

The Eagle (Washington, DC): Young Americans for Liberty chapter hosts controversial event with Daily Caller editor.

Star-Telegram (Fort Worth, TX): Alt-right group’s leader cited for hate-speech posters in Fort Worth, police say.

Ten Daily (Australia): Milo Yiannopoulos’ Australia tour has been cancelled, and his fans want a refund.

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