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Hatewatch Headlines 11/13/2018

‘Blue wave’ washes anti-LGBT bigots out; GOP links conspiracies to election counts; Trump’s ‘no blame’ claim fails to match the record; and more.

Huffington Post: The ‘blue wave’ swept many of the GOP’s worst anti-gay bigots out to sea.

AlterNet: Here are the three most insane conspiracy theories Republicans are using in Florida, Arizona election counts.

ABC News: ‘No blame’? ABC News finds 17 cases invoking ‘Trump’ in connection with violence, threats, assaults.

Mother Jones: Conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi expects to be indicted by Mueller in Russia investigation.

Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI): Viral Nazi salute of Wisconsin high school prom-goers draws condemnation.

Think Progress: Noted white nationalist Steve King lies about calling immigrants ‘dirt,’ but it was recorded.

Raw Story: ‘Crying Nazi’ releases video game where users kill reporters, LGBT people in Pulse-like club.

Arkansas Democrat Gazette (Little Rock): Video of Capitol officer speaking to NSM rally participant draws attention, questions.

CCN: Hate pays: Neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer has raised a surprising amount of Bitcoin.

Willamette Week (OR): Apparel company boots Patriot Prayer and refuses to continue selling their merchandise.

Media Matters: Anti-abortion ballot measures based on right-wing misinformation threaten reproductive health.

New York Times: Three immigrant women were picked up by a Border Patrol agent in 2014, and he slashed their wrists.

Splinter: The long history of law enforcement’s support for, and collusion with, white nationalism.

Washington Post: In Kentucky, hate-crime shootings leave a black church and the white community around it shaken.

Right Wing Watch: Anti-LGBT pastor heads to Congress with help from Karen Pence and Christian nationalists.

UM News: United Methodist bishops sound the alarm about the national surge in racism.

Times-Union (Albany, NY): Albany Episcopal bishop bans same-sex marriage in his churches.

NBC News: Professors sues over official rebuke for calling female transgender student ‘sir.’

Denver Post: Protesters gather outside Fruita home festooned with swastika, Confederate banners.

I95 Rock (Brookfield, CN): Man arrested with ‘white pride’ freeway banner is leader of local white supremacist group.

ABC 7 (New York): White supremacist posters plastered around public park in the Bronx.

Al Jazeera: Thousands march in Rome to protest against ‘climate of hatred’ growing in Italy.

Calgary Herald: Canadian soldiers suspended as military investigates surplus store’s alleged white-supremacist ties.

BBC News: When the young couple next door with children turn out to be raging neo-Nazis.

Guardian: Hundreds go into hiding in Tanzania as government announces anti-gay crackdown.

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