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Hatewatch Headlines 12/7/2018

Fox News takes over for the alt-right; Civic groups want Colcom name removed; Undocumented Trump employee speaks out; and more.

Salon: The alt-right isn’t dead – it was just taken over by Fox News.

Media Matters: Tucker Carlson and guest claim feminists are destroying civilization and trying to ‘disappear males.’

Pittsburgh City Paper: Faith, labor, pro-immigrant groups call for removal of Colcom name from holiday market.

Talking Points Memo: Undocumented Trump employee speaks out: ‘He knows’ we are ‘helping him make money.’

Washington Post: Rep. Louie Gohmert falsely says George Soros helped take property from fellow Jews.

Vice: Border Patrol supervisor serially murdered sex workers to ‘clean up the streets.’

LA Progressive: Proud Boys are white domestic terrorists on the march, and the FBI knows it.

Right Wing Watch: Family Research Council asks pastors to insert FRC fundraising pitch in church bulletins.

Chicago Tribune: Chicago company says it’s ‘safer than ever’ after celebrities are duped into taping antisemitic messages.

Guardian: Anti-fascists were stabbed at a neo-Nazi rally. Then Sacramento police tried to charge them.

Heavy: American Priority Conference: Five fast facts you need to know.

LGBT Nation: This hate-group lawyer is now a spokesperson for the Department of Justice.

Diverse in Higher Education: When hate speech and free speech collide.

Jewish Journal: Swastika, shooting threat graffiti found in Cal State-Northridge restroom.

North Jersey Record (Trenton, NJ): Police investigating swastika, Star of David graphic found in high school.

Daily Illini (Champaign): Painted swastikas appear on campus again, following a pattern.

North Texas Daily (Denton): Firearms club adviser resigns as former Proud Boys lawyer draws complaints for involvement.

Wisconsin State Journal (Madison): Racially charged meme appears on Facebook page for veteran GOP lawmaker.

Bellingham Herald (WA): Hate crime charge added to student suspected of racist, homophobic WWU campus vandalism.

Into: Anti-LGBT activist admits bathroom predator myth was ‘concocted’ as a cover for hate.

Bay Times and Record Observer (Chester, MD): White-supremacist group distributes leaflets in bags next to mailboxes.

Delaware State News: DOJ determines KKK recruitment fliers are legal, no charges to be pursued.

Think Progress: A transgender contestant is favored to win Miss Universe, so cue the right-wing outrage.

Guardian: Nigel Farage thinks UKIP is too bigoted for him because of Tommy Robinson? What a joke.

BBC: British neo-Nazis linked to Atomwaffen spinoff suggest Prince Harry should be shot.

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