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Hatewatch Headlines 12/11/2018

Terror plots targeted bar, synagogue; McInnes banned from YouTube now; Miami Proud Boys hoping to take hate mainstream; and more.

New York Daily News: Ohio woman who planned mass murder corresponded with Dylann Roof, FBI claims.

WTAE-TV (Toledo, OH): Man accused of plot to attack Ohio synagogue cited Tree of Life killings as inspiration.

Forbes: Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes banned from YouTube for copyright infringement.

Miami New Times (FL): Hate goes mainstream with the Miami chapter of the Proud Boys.

Media Matters: Major neo-Nazi website sees NRA’s recent hardline messaging as its best hope to kill all Jewish people.

Think Progress: Federal Office of Personnel Management admits it wanted to make anti-trans discrimination easier.

History News Network: When did the Republican Party become appealing to the racist far right?

Right Wing Watch: Trump says he doesn’t know conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi (he does).

The Verge: YouTube star PewDiePie gives a shout-out to a hateful, antisemitic video channel.

Oregonian: As sovereign citizens take the mic at Hillsboro Grange, community leaders sound an alarm.

Daily News-Miner (Fairbanks, AK): Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman gets involved in Schaefer Cox’s militia case.

Into: A transgender woman has been killed, three years after speaking out against anti-trans violence.

WCBS-AM (New York City): Woman’s spine fractured in subway attack by man who made anti-gay slur.

The Pitt News (PA): Alliance Defending Freedom demands University of Pittsburgh rescind security fee for Shapiro event.

Middle East Eye: World-Check ‘terrorism’ database cites dubious Islamophobic sources in its Muslim profiles.

Independent (UK): Far-right groups across Europe ‘using Islamist techniques’ to recruit followers, report says.

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