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Hatewatch Headlines 12/20/2018

Facebook’s moment of reckoning arrives; Advertisers abandon Tucker Carlson; ADF seeks expansion of Jim Crow-era exemption; and more.

Sludge: Facebook took money from white nationalist candidate to promote his neo-Nazi podcast.

Pittsburgh Courier: Will Mark Zuckerberg resign? Facebook is under heavy fire by civil-rights leaders.

Politico: Facebook faces its moment of reckoning on privacy and civil rights.

Media Matters: Advertisers are abandoning Tucker Carlson.

Huffington Post: Carlson has a long history of whipping anger, fear, and hysteria over immigration.

Salon: Carlson alleges that anti-trans teacher who misgendered kid was fired for ‘thought crimes.’

Think Progress: ADF, on behalf of Hawaiian anti-gay bed and breakfast, asks Supreme Court to expand Jim Crow-era exemption.

Talking Points Memo: Ex-news chiefs booted for racism, harassment team up to create new outlet.

Mother Jones: A federal judge just struck down Trump’s harsh restrictions on asylum.

Pacific Standard: Here’s what immigrant rights groups are saying after a federal judge ruled against ban on domestic violence cases.

Right Wing Watch: Gab and Turning Point USA broke up, but they don’t want to talk about it.

Newsweek: Mike Pence inspired a gay Broadway musical set in Indiana, playwright says.

Associated Press: Settlement requires ‘anti-hate’ training for Internet troll who harassed black college student.

Columbia Spectator (New York): Carman Hall residence vandalized with anti-black slur earlier this month.

Rewire News: Ringing in a Christian nationalist 2019 with an even larger legislative playbook.

Media Matters: Fox News op-ed uncritically cited white-supremacist piece claiming Democrats subject whites to ‘racial plunder.’

Oregonian: Portland man accused of hate crime after allegedly yelling n-word at boys, threatening them with butcher knife.

The New Daily: Are taxes illegal? A look at Australia’s version of the anti-tax sovereign citizen movement.

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