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What We Know About Patriot Prayer

On Sunday morning, the New York Times reported that a man wearing a hat branded with the insignia of Patriot Prayer was shot and killed in Portland.

Patriot Prayer is a far-right group active in the Pacific Northwest. Over the past three years, the group has hosted and promoted rallies in progressive cities like Portland, frequently engaging in violence against their political opponents. Patriot Prayer rallies regularly include the Proud Boys, a hate group, and various antigovernment extremist groups. In 2018, the FBI included the Washington-Oregon Proud Boys during a presentation to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office on “domestically inspired acts of violence.” The FBI advised, “Proud Boys members have contributed to the recent escalation of violence at political rallies held on college campuses, and in cities like Charlottesville, Virginia, Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington,” a report from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office stated.

Joey Gibson, the leader of Patriot Prayer, lives in Vancouver, Washington and has called Portland “disgusting” and filled with “so much darkness.” He has instructed members and supporters to be armed at rallies, saying, “Everyone should be carrying around guns at all times, especially people in our situation.”

One associate of Patriot Prayer, Reggie Axtell, threatened Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, and another, Skylor Jernigan, has made explicit threats against Portland antifascists. “You’re gonna be getting knives put into your throat. You’re going to be getting bullets put into your head if you don’t stop this shit with us,” Jernigan said.

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