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Extremism Headlines: Conservative Catholic LGBTQ policy, Pelosi attacker resentenced, German far right trial begins

Every week, we highlight stories on extremism and the radical right from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project. Here are stories that caught our attention through May 24.

Racist misogyny and online male supremacy

  • Hatewatch published an analysis on Thursday that reflects on the ten-year anniversary of the Isla Vista attack, the first misogynist "incel" (involuntary celibate) attack, which has since inspired copycat attacks.
  • The article highlights the rise of misogynist incels, extreme anti-abortion legislation, violence, and a surge in transphobic attacks over the past decade. It also discusses the influence of male supremacist social media influencers and the role of Elliot Rodger’s racist manifesto in shaping the white supremacy that is prevalent within the misogynist incel movement.
  • The analysis calls for greater attention to the impact of these issues on Black women and girls.
  • Hatewatch has previously reported on the first hate crime conviction of a misogynist incel, Tres Greco, on federal hate crime charges. 

Conservative groups influencing U.S. Catholic LGBTQ policies 

  • The National Catholic Reporter on Tuesday published an investigation on two conservative Catholic groups, the Person and Identity Project and The Cardinal Newman Society, have been influencing U.S. Catholic anti-LGBTQ policies. These groups have played a significant role in shaping policies and perspectives about transgender individuals, particularly young people.
  • The Person and Identity Project provides legal support to transgender-related court cases and has served as consultants for several controversial U.S. Catholic diocesan LGBTQ policies, the report claims. The Cardinal Newman Society has created a policy template that appears in a quarter of diocesan guidelines.
  • Both groups assert that gender-affirming policy is pervasive and harmful. Their approaches have received criticism from various Catholics and LGBTQ advocates, according to the report. Despite their influence, these groups’ rhetoric and actions often diverge from Pope Francis and the Vatican’s most recent doctrinal statement, the National Catholic Reporter said.
  • Hatewatch has long reported on anti-LGBTQ organizations that attempt to influence Catholic thought in the U.S.

Alleged far-right coup plot trial begins in Germany

  • In Frankfurt, the trial of far-right Prince Heinrich XIII of Reuss, and eight others, accused of plotting a coup in Germany, has commenced, the German Press Agency (dpa, per its German abbreviation) reported on Tuesday. The group, including ex-military and a former far-right Alternative for Germany lawmaker, allegedly aimed to overthrow the government and install Prince Reuss as leader.
  • They are linked to the Reichsbürger movement, which denies the legitimacy of the modern German state, according to dpa. The trial follows a large-scale anti-terrorism raid in December 2022, uncovering the plan to seize parliament and force a regime change. The accused face up to 15 years if convicted, with the trial expected to last until January. 
  • Reuss has denied he was a ringleader of the plot.
  • Hatewatch has previously documented connections between far-right groups in Europe and U.S. extremists

Pelosi attacker to be resentenced

  • David DePape, convicted for the assault on Paul Pelosi, husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, will have his sentencing revisited, NBC affiliate KNTV reported on Saturday. A judge originally sentenced DePape to 30 years for the October 2022 attack on May 17.
  • A federal judge has granted a motion to reopen the case after prosecutors noted that DePape was not given the chance to speak or present evidence during his sentencing, a right the law affords, NKTV said. Acknowledging the oversight, the judge has scheduled a new sentencing hearing for May 28. DePape broke into the Pelosi residence and attacked Paul with a hammer.His lawyers argued that baseless conspiracy theories motivated the attack.
  • DePape still faces separate state charges, with jury selection for the trial commencing next week.

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