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DOJ files brief in SPLC suit seeking justice for transgender inmate in Georgia prison

The Department of Justice filed a brief in Diamond v. Owens, et al. arguing that the Eighth Amendment mandates individualized assessment and care for gender dysphoria.

The Department of Justice today filed a statement of interest in Diamond v. Owens, et al., a case filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center seeking relief for Ashley Diamond, a transgender inmate in a Georgia prison, who is being denied medically necessary treatment.

In response, Southern Poverty Law Center staff attorney Chinyere Ezie released the following statement:

“The Department of Justice’s recognition today that the Georgia Department of Corrections's freeze frame policy on gender dysphoria treatment is unconstitutional underscores what the Southern Poverty Law Center has been fighting for on Ashley Diamond’s behalf.  Transgender inmates like Ashley have a right to proper medical care. They have a right to protection from violence and abuse and these rights are secured by the U.S. Constitution.”

Listen to Ashley tell her own story and read more about our case.