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SPLC demands correction from Fox News

The SPLC is currently facing a coordinated attack by far-right extremist groups we’ve named as hate groups because they vilify the LGBT community, immigrants and Muslims. Their latest megaphone is none other than FOX News.

On the show The Five, the FOX pundits made the outrageous claims that we spend only $61,000 on legal work, that we, indeed, do "hardly any law," and that we're "laundering money.” Anyone remotely familiar with our work, including our tax returns and audited financial statements on our website, would know that these claims are false. You can read the full letter to FOX News demanding a correction below.

The group that is leading the attack is the Family Research Council (FRC), a group that routinely demonizes and spreads ugly lies about the LGBT community. The thing that makes it worse is that the FRC has a foothold in the mainstream, something that makes the group particularly dangerous.

We have no idea whether FOX has enough integrity to back down from its outrageous claims. But what we can promise you is that we won't back down in the face of attacks from groups like the FRC that would like to return to the days when gay people were in the closet and faced the risk of being jailed for being who they are.