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SPLC statement on Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Muslim ban

We are extremely disappointed that the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the Trump administration’s hateful and discriminatory Muslim ban.  

In its efforts to institute the ban, the Trump administration relied on misinformation from a hate group – the Center for Security Policy – which uses demonizing and false rhetoric to vilify Muslims in the U.S. and create a climate of fear.

Instead of addressing the real problems facing our country, including the immigration crisis created by this administration and the rise of domestic hate and extremism, Trump ramped up a harmful policy that violates our core American values.

As we’ve seen throughout the Trump presidency, the mainstreaming of hate is a serious threat, and Trump has made his anti-Muslim sentiments no secret.

Trump’s words and actions have serious consequences. The impact of his anti-Muslim rhetoric has been felt across America. In 2017, anti-Muslim hate groups rose for a third straight year, coinciding with Trump’s campaign and presidency, after nearly tripling the previous year.

Anti-Muslim hate crimes have also continued to rise. The most recent FBI hate crime report showed a more than 19 percent increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes in 2016. In the 10 days following Trump’s election, the SPLC documented nearly 900 bias-related incidents, many of which targeted Muslims and immigrants.

Immigration policy should never be decided based on race or religion.