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SPLC sponsoring, participating in national day of action to protest Trump’s cruel anti-immigrant policies

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a national sponsor for the “Families Belong Together” rallies on Saturday to protest President Trump’s inhumane immigration policies.

The SPLC also is organizing the rally that will be held in Montgomery, Alabama – where its home office is located – along with the ACLU of Alabama and the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice.

“We’re collectively raising our voices against Trump’s morally bankrupt policies and rhetoric toward immigrants,” said Michelle Lapointe, acting deputy legal director for the SPLC. “The hardline anti-immigrant extremists in this administration seek to hold children hostage to their xenophobic policy agenda.

“Ripping children away from their parents and locking them in cages, and stripping immigrants of due process rights offends the Constitution and our fundamental principles of justice, fairness and equality.” 

SPLC staffers will be taking part in rallies across the Southeast. An estimated 130 events have been planned across the country.

Although the Trump administration has ended its policy of separating migrant parents and their children – after a public outcry – it has failed to reunite parents and children who have already been separated, and its new policy imprisons immigrant families together indefinitely.

Mass workplace raids by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), like the one earlier this month at a meat supplier in Ohio and another in April at a meatpacking plant in Tennessee, further illustrate how the government’s increasingly draconian enforcement tactics are tearing families and communities apart.

Find a #FamiliesBelongTogether event near you here.