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Larry Kudlow isn't the first Trump adviser to socialize with a white nationalist

Another Trump administration official has been consorting with a white nationalist.

The revelation that Trump adviser Larry Kudlow socialized with white nationalist Peter Brimelow — one of the leading voices in the anti-immigrant movement — is horrifying.

Brimelow is the founder of the white nationalist website, which publishes extremists, antisemites and race scientists, and takes its name from an extremist myth about the first white child supposedly born in the “New World.”

It’s no surprise to see hateful, anti-immigrant rhetoric come out of the Trump administration when his top advisers are meeting with people like Brimelow.

For President Trump’s top economic adviser to meet with a man who believes that an influx of people of color is destroying America is nothing short of appalling.

And Larry Kudlow is not the only man with ties to white nationalism to serve the Trump administration. Just days ago, Trump’s speechwriter, Darren Beattie, was fired after revelations that he spoke at a conference attended by white nationalists. 

The highest office in our nation should not boast a single person associated with white nationalism — let alone several.