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Coaches’ & Mentors’ Supplement

People who work with youth outside of the classroom provide an important link between children and their parents and caregivers. Coaches, youth group leaders, and mentors occupy a unique position of trust and responsibility in the development of young people’s character and role in the community. This supplement to the Parents & Caregivers Guide offers youth workers insights into the special role they play in preventing and intervening in radicalization and building more inclusive, resilient communities. 


Acknowledgments: Pasha Dashtgard, PERIL Senior Researcher; Emily Pressman, PERIL Research Assistant; Lydia Bates, SPLC Senior Research Analyst; Wyatt Russell, PERIL Project Manager; Daisy Gebbia-Richards, PERIL Research Assistant; Brian Hughes, PERIL Associate Director; Cynthia Miller-Idriss, PERIL Director

Illustration by Claudia Whitaker