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Counselors’ Supplement

There are few established approaches to treating extremism from a mental health perspective. This short supplement to the Parents & Caregivers Guide presents strategies for mental health workers to address radicalization in their practice. By drawing on established treatments for other maladaptive behaviors, and from the empirical literature of radicalization, it offers mental health practitioners a starting point from which to build their own modalities of care and further establish best practices. 



Acknowledgments: Pasha Dashtgard, PERIL Senior Researcher; Emily Pressman, PERIL Research Assistant; Lydia Bates, SPLC Senior Research Analyst; Wyatt Russell, PERIL Project Manager; Daisy Gebbia-Richards, PERIL Research Assistant; Brian Hughes, PERIL Associate Director; Cynthia Miller-Idriss, PERIL Director

Illustration by Claudia Whitaker