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Join SPLC's supporters from across the country in our next Virtual Phone Bank!

Help us get out the vote in Georgia…from your home

New elections are now being conducted in Georgia under the state’s new Jim Crow 2.0 law that severely restricts voting access.  

Regressive changes — like eliminating many absentee drop boxes and mobile voting units, imposing ID requirements, shortening the period when voters can request and return a mail ballot, and criminalizing the distribution of food and water to voters waiting in line — will negatively impact participation — which is precisely their intent.

We need your help to get out the vote in Georgia. Here’s how:

We’re relaunching our “Power Hour” virtual phone bank to contact voters in Georgia to make sure their registration status is up to date, remind them of the deadlines, and of course encourage them to vote in the primary and general elections.

Our previous Power Hour program in 2020 made nearly 65,000 calls, and the data shows that they made a difference, especially among young voters, where we saw an 11-point turnout jump.

We’re hoping to call even more people this year. 

During a designated period each month, you’ll place calls to Georgia voters from your home — all you need is a phone and a computer (and your phone number will be protected). We’ll provide everything else. As we get closer to the November election, we’ll increase the number of calling days each month.

Sign up — these phone calls make a difference!