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Arthur Castille, Paroled after 32 Years of Confinement in Louisiana Prison

LOUISIANA— More than 32 years after being sentenced to life without parole in Louisiana,  Arthur Castille has been released from custody.  

“Arthur is truly deserving of the opportunity to come home. I am consistently impressed by his accountability, humility, and work ethic,” said Emily Lubin, staff attorney at SPLC and attorney for Castille. “I know that he will continue to be of service to others with this second chance.” 

Castille, a Marine Corps veteran, was released from prison after decades of incarceration during which he transformed his life. He became a Catholic lay minister and learned public speaking skills, warning others about the dangers of substance abuse. During his incarceration, Castille dedicated himself to a life of work and service. In addition to his skills in small engine repair, Mr. Castille is a skilled craftsman who makes duck calls so popular he sold out of them at the last two Angola Rodeos.  

“I am not the same person,” Mr. Castille said. “I want to help people as much as I can and be an example to my community.” 

Mr. Castille will start his reentry journey at the Louisiana Parole Project, learning how to successfully reintegrate into society. He has a job as an electrical contracting technician and housing plan, and he is committed to giving back to his community and church.  

“Arthur is a shining example of successful rehabilitation,” said Bruce Hamilton, senior Supervising Attorney at SPLC. “He has demonstrated a sincere commitment to serving others, and he deserves the opportunity to continue doing so outside prison walls.”  

 Photo Credit: Louisiana Parole Project

 Arthur Castille
(Credit: Louisiana Parole Project)