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Mississippi Voters Have Until November 13 to Cure Absentee Ballots with Signature Match Issues

Circuit clerks are required to notify absentee voters of any issues by phone, email or mail

JACKSON, Miss. - Mississippi voters who voted by absentee ballot have until Friday, Nov. 13 to fix any signature match issues.

In August, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Dechert LLP filed a lawsuit that among other things challenged the state’s failure to provide a process for voters to fix signature match errors before their absentee ballot is rejected. In response, Secretary of State Michael Watson issued a rule that provides voters 10 days after the election to fix signature match issues on absentee ballots.

If a signature on a ballot is flagged as not matching the signature on the absentee ballot application, the circuit clerk must notify the voter today and send the voter an Absentee Cure Form. Voters will be contacted by phone or email - if they included that information with their ballot - or by mail. SPLC is encouraging voters who submitted absentee ballots to call their circuit clerk to check if there is a signature issue that needs to be cured before Nov. 13.

“A record number of Mississippians voted by absentee ballot this year, and we must make sure their votes are counted,” said Caren Short, Senior Staff Attorney for Voting Rights at SPLC. “Under this new rule, absentee ballots cannot be automatically and arbitrarily rejected because of a discrepancy with a signature. If you voted by absentee ballot in Mississippi, make sure your voice is heard and your vote is counted. 

“Call your circuit clerk today and ask whether your absentee ballot was accepted, or if you need to complete an Absentee Cure Form to fix a signature match issue. If your signature was rejected, you have until Nov. 13 to fix it and have your vote count.”

Voters can find contact information for their circuit clerk on the Secretary of State’s website here: