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PFPS Launches New Interactive Tool to Track Voucher Legislation Nationwide

Public Funds Public Schools (PFPS) has launched an interactive tool to track bills that create or expand, as well as scale back, private school voucher programs in state legislatures across the country. The new legislative tracking tool is available on the Public Funds Public Schools website.

PFPS is a national campaign to ensure that public funds for education are exclusively used to maintain and support public schools. PFPS opposes all forms of private school vouchers, as well as direct aid to private schools and other diversions of public funds from public education.

PFPS tracks all types of voucher bills, including those that propose to create traditional, Education Savings Account (ESA), or tax credit vouchers or expand existing voucher programs. The bill tracking tool also includes legislation that alters voucher programs in other ways, such as by changing accountability requirements. Legislative efforts to roll back or eliminate programs that divert public funding to private educational uses are also tracked.

Using the new legislative tracker, PFPS website visitors can search for bills introduced in a specific state legislature or in the U.S. Congress. Alternatively, visitors can search by bill number or key word or see all pending voucher legislation across the country. Clicking on a specific bill provides additional information. As a bill moves through a legislative body, PFPS will provide updated information on the details and status of the proposal.

Visitors can view bills beginning with 2019 state legislative sessions. For an overview of voucher proposals last year, most of which did not become law, read our five-part series.

“It is essential to view legislative proposals to create or expand voucher programs with a nationwide lens,” said Jessica Levin, PFPS Director and ELC Senior Attorney. “This tool helps uncover distinct trends in voucher proposals so public education advocates are prepared to fight attempts to divert public funds from public schools.”

“PFPS tracks voucher legislation to inform our advocacy and help us best assist state and local allies in fighting voucher proposals,” said Katherine Dunn, Regional Policy Analyst for the Southern Poverty Law Center and SPLC Action Fund. “We are making this information publicly available so that public school supporters across the country have the information and tools they need to ensure limited public funds support thriving public schools that serve all children.”