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SPLC Action Fund: Facebook Removes Trump’s Re-Election Campaign Ads for Using Nazi Symbols

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — SPLC Action Fund’s Lecia Brooks released the following statement after Facebook removed Trump campaign ads that used a red upside-down triangle. Trump later claimed that the symbol is used by Antifa, but it is really a symbol that was used by the Nazis during World War II in concentration camps for political prisoners. Facebook removed the ads, stating that it violated its policy against “organized hate.” 

“While we’re relieved to see that Facebook took the appropriate actions and removed President Trump’s campaign ads, we are extremely concerned about their lack of policy enforcement when it comes to these type advertisements and other hateful rhetoric. This type of content continues to be a serious problem on Facebook and their lack of action is troubling, especially since the president has called for violence in the past. 
“The Trump campaign continues to use racist dog whistles in  their campaign to divide Americans. Since running for the White House, the president has expressed sympathy for white supremacists and other extremists . He has vilified communities of color, immigrants, LGBTQ people, and political opponents. This is just another pathetic chapter in his ongoing war against those who threaten his grip on power.”