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SPLC Action Fund Response to Supreme Court Declining Trans Bathroom Appeal

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Today, for the second time, the Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit meant to bar transgender students from bathrooms that align with their gender identity. Today's decision rejected an appeal by a Virginia school seeking to bar a transgender boy from using the boys’ bathroom.

The following statement is from Scott McCoy, interim deputy legal director with SPLC Action Fund:

“We are pleased that the Supreme Court refused to hear this case, acknowledging that the policy violates the Constitution and a federal law by prohibiting transgender students from using bathrooms that align with their gender identity.

“This is the second time the Supreme Court has rejected denying trans students access to bathrooms in accordance with their gender identities and yet another reminder that 29 states do not currently have laws in place to protect LGBTQ+ people from discrimination. Without the Equality Act, LGBTQ+ Americans remain vulnerable to being evicted from their homes, kicked out of a business that’s open to the public, denied health care, or denied government services in a majority of states simply because of who they are.

“Like any children, transgender students have the best chance to thrive when they are supported. We urge school leaders to focus on what matters instead of finding divisive ways to hurt transgender youth.”