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SPLC Action Fund Statement on Alabama Legislature Passage of SB 228 - Jail Food Fix

MONTGOMERY, Ala. - The following statement is from Ebony Howard, senior supervising attorney for SPLC Action Fund:

“The Alabama Legislature deserves praise for fixing a longstanding legal loophole in how Alabama county jails have operated. This bipartisan legislation ensures there is no longer an incentive for sheriffs to provide those in county jails with the bare minimum of food so they can divert leftover money to their personal bank accounts. The governor should sign the bill the moment it gets to her desk.

“In addition to laws regarding jail food, Alabama’s Open Records Law must be brought in to 21st century. It took months of work by the press and civil rights groups to uncover abuses of public tax dollars from these legal loopholes. Strong public records laws ensure the people can hold elected officials accountable and protect the basic needs of the people under the government’s care.”