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SPLC Applauds Virginia Supreme Court Ruling to Allow Removal of Monument Avenue Confederate Statue

RICHMOND, Va. – Recently, the Supreme Court of Virginia ruled that the state can remove its statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from public display on Monument Avenue.

The following statement is from SPLC Chief of Staff Lecia Brooks:

“For decades, Monument Avenue has been lined with Confederate propaganda, strategically placed to legitimize a false and revisionist history of the Civil War.

“We applaud the Virginia Supreme Court for paving the way for removal of this symbol of white supremacy.

“By continuing to lead the charge on removing Confederate memorials from public spaces, Virginia recognizes that these memorials are not solely a reflection of the period in which they were erected, but also of the present. Venerating men who fought to ensure the continued enslavement of African Americans in public spaces indicates community acceptance, removal signals inclusivity and respect for all.”