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SPLC Asks Joy Reid to Issue Public Apology for Anti-Muslim Comments

Montgomery, Ala. — The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) today joined other civil rights and Muslim leaders in calling for MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” anchor Joy Reid to issue an on-air apology for comparing President Trump’s attempts to incite violence towards political opponents to “the way Muslims act.”

The following is a statement from SPLC President and CEO Margaret Huang:

“Words have great power. Joy Reid has an important platform and an essential voice in addressing civil rights, race relations, and other important national issues. Especially this summer, she has forcefully confronted police misconduct, helped her audience understand the street protests, and elevated the need for presidential leadership in confronting racism and white supremacy in this country.

“But, especially because we admire Reid, we call on her to recognize the impact of her comments and make an on-air apology for her words, which repeated painful anti-Muslim stereotypes. SPLC would be pleased to join other civil rights and Muslim leaders in a meeting with Reid and her producers to discuss how the impact of her words perpetuates harmful stereotypes.”