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SPLC Blasts Alabama Secretary of State for Erroneous Voting Information in AL CD-2 Race 

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — After the discovery that voters in Alabama’s newly formed majority-Black congressional district received erroneous information, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) released the following statement.   

Over the weekend, the SPLC became aware that some voters in Montgomery County received postcards providing incorrect information regarding their congressional district. SPLC co-founder Joe Levin, a longtime resident of Montgomery County, was among those to receive the erroneous mailing that told voters living in the new 2nd Congressional District that they are living in the 7th Congressional District.    

“This is more than a misstep. Providing erroneous information to thousands of voters on the eve of a hotly contested primary election could very well impact the turnout and the results of the election, for both Republicans and Democrats,” said Bradley Heard, deputy legal director for democracy and voting rights at the SPLC. “There needs to be an immediate audit and public accounting from Secretary Wes Allen’s office on the scope of the problem.”   

While it’s unclear how many voters received the mailing, in Montgomery County alone, it appears that 5,604 voters were mislabeled in the voter file as being in the 7th Congressional District, instead of the newly formed 2nd District. Of those voters, 4,513 are Black. After taking office, Allen withdrew the state from using Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) partnership, a tool many states use to ensure accurate voter registration rolls.   

“Alabama voters deserve better from our leaders and accountability — Secretary Allen needs to own up to this mistake,” said Tafeni English-Relf, director of the SPLC’s Alabama state office. “I encourage every Alabama voter to double-check their congressional district and other election information as soon as possible.”      

Voters can verify their election information HERE. If voters are concerned that they have been issued the wrong ballot or have other questions, they can call 866-OUR-VOTE for information and guidance from trained volunteers.