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SPLC: CBP's Tactical Teams Will Further Terrorize Immigrants

The following statement is from Paul R. Chavez, senior supervising attorney with SPLC’s Immigrant Justice Project:

“The deployment of Customs and Border Protection tactical teams to support Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in sanctuary cities is a dangerous and wholly unnecessary step in this administration’s relentless attack on immigrants. This barbaric show of force only further emboldens ICE agents who terrorize Black and brown immigrant families and their communities. 
“Militarized forces operating on the streets of America, disconnected from local law enforcement agencies, do not foster safe communities. This alarming tactic makes all our communities less safe by creating a fear of law enforcement. When a whole segment of our population is afraid to interact with law enforcement, we are all less safe.
“Immigrants are vital members of our cities and communities. Rather than terrorizing sanctuary cities, federal resources should be invested in creating safe communities for immigrants to thrive and the legal infrastructure for sensible pathways to citizenship.”