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SPLC Statement on Trump Administration Immigration ‘Plan’

Lead Immigration Attorney Available to Discuss

“Instead of addressing the deeply flawed immigration policies that have resulted in a very real humanitarian crisis at the Southern border and in detention centers across our country, President Trump is only doubling down in his war on immigrants.
This proposal ignores the eleven million undocumented people living in the U.S. contributing to our communities and suffering under this Administration’s abhorrent attacks on immigrants. It views people as nothing more than workers, suggesting that exploitative guestworker programs should be the model for our immigration system and devalues family bonds. It imposes an English language requirement that is deeply at odds with our nation’s values and diversity.  In short, it is profoundly anti-American.
Rather than dismissing the ongoing effort to strengthen immigration policy, Congress should use this opportunity to push for impactful immigration reform in order to mend our broken system.
At this very moment, there are asylum seekers being forced to live in dangerous situations in Mexico, children indefinitely detained and kept from family members, and countless others suffering under policies which strive to isolate and intimidate while demonizing immigrants.
This must be addressed and now is the time.”