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SPLC: We Deserve A Fair And Transparent Impeachment Trial

The following statement is from Karen Baynes-Dunning, Interim President and CEO of the SPLC Action Fund:

“This week, the House formally delivered impeachment articles to the Senate. While many of us believe the evidence against President Trump is overwhelming, with new revelations emerging almost daily, the American people have a right to full, fair and transparent deliberations in the Senate. This includes testimony from key witnesses. 

“SPLC Action Fund urges Americans to contact their U.S. Senators and ask that they fulfill their oath to ‘do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws.’” 

The following statement is from Bryan Fair, SPLC Board Chair and Thomas E. Skinner Professor of Law at the University of Alabama:

"Under our constitutional system, no one is above the law, including President Trump. Following his impeachment by the House, the Senate now has a constitutional duty to sit as jurors and determine whether he should be removed from office. Evidence continues to emerge regarding the issues framed in the Articles of Impeachment. Chief Justice Roberts will preside over the trial. Regardless of party or ideology, every American citizen should expect and demand that the U.S. Senate conduct a full and fair trial, and uphold our system of checks and balances. We must all be equal before the law. Otherwise, the Constitution is an empty promise."