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The Year in Hate & Extremism 2023


In 2023, the SPLC documented 1,430 hate and antigovernment extremist groups that comprise the organizational infrastructure upholding white supremacy in the U.S. The years since the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection have been a time for the hard right to prepare. In 2023, those opposing inclusive democracy worked to legitimize insurrection, paint hate as virtuous and transform false conspiracy theories into truth – all in preparation for one of the most significant elections in U.S. history. The report chronicles trends in hard-right activity, not simply as a reality check, but as a tool to act alongside those working to prevent radicalization and counter white supremacy, disinformation and false conspiracies in 2024.

Past Reports


The Year in Hate and Extremism report cover

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Rachel Carroll Rivas and Eric Ward

Fortifying Our Democracy Against the Far-Right Agenda

Collage of clipped images from events holding signs, a fist and a person with a backwards hat.

A Year of Preparation Under the Specter of Conspiracy


The White Power Movement Hits the Streets

Snakes crawling on an American flag

The New Dominionism Tries to Rule

Illustration depicting two adults and a child huddled together amid an onslaught of insults.

Conspiratorial Rhetoric of Migrant ‘Invasion’ Reaches High Levels in 2023

Illustration depicting three figures using a statue-like mask of male figure to unveil thought cloud of a pregnant person, a trans person and government institutions behind prison bars.

How Male Supremacy Provided the Foundation for Hate in 2023

Illustration depicting group of people working together to stop harmful though bubbles.

Preventable Harms: Considering Gender While Building Resilience Against Extremism

a collage of newspaper clippings

Countering Hate & Extremism Through Policy & Data

Four people stand side by side outside.

Focusing on Prevention: SPLC-PERIL Strategic Partnership Interview

a hand reaches for coins

A Year of Impact

a collage of faces with an American flag on the mouth

The Struggle for Inclusive Education

a person holds a book in a library

Fighting Illiteracy, Preserving Democracy

images of protests behind red and blue stripes

Sovereign Citizenship Takes Hold

Illustration in pastel colors of two people in shadow leaning against pick up trucks as they observe bystanders as they walk or exercise under a Neighborhood Watch street sign.

Continued Insurrection Fallout Forces Militias to Adapt

Outline of five Southern states with inset images of from protests over red background.

State of Hate in the Deep South