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Anti-immigrant hate groups are the most extreme of the hundreds of nativist and vigilante groups that have proliferated since the late 1990s, when anti-immigrant xenophobia began to rise to levels not seen in the U.S. since the 1920s.
Born out of an atavistic defiance of modernity and rationalism, present-day neo-Völkisch, or Folkish, adherents and groups are organized around ethnocentricity and archaic notions of gender.
A central theme of anti-LGBTQ organizing and ideology is the opposition to LGBTQ rights or support of homophobia, heterosexism and/or cisnormativity often expressed through demonizing rhetoric and grounded in harmful pseudoscience that portrays LGBTQ people as threats to children, society and often...
Men going their own way (MGTOW) is a separatist male supremacist movement of heterosexual men who have chosen to remove themselves from the perceived toxicity of women.
Content warning: This article contains references to suicide, sexual assault, and rape. Reader discretion is advised. Misogynist incels are a male supremacist movement of heterosexual men who believe they are entitled to sex with attractive women, but that feminism and women’s supposed inherent...
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Antigovernment groups are part of the antidemocratic hard-right movement. They believe the federal government is tyrannical, and they traffic in conspiracy theories about an illegitimate government of leftist elites seeking a “New World Order.” In addition to groups that generally espouse these...