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Empowering Voters in the South


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We stand at a pivotal moment in our nation’s history, and it’s an exciting time because we have the power to shape our country’s future in crucial issues such as voting rights, education and much more. This power lies in our voices and votes, which can significantly influence the election outcomes.

Through The South’s Got Now | Decidimos campaign, we are uniting voters from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi in a powerful movement to show that together, we can forge the change we wish to see in our communities. Join us in having a positive impact and showing the nation what we can achieve when we come together!

Shape the Future: How to Prepare to Vote in a Pivotal Election Season

As we enter a critical election season, remember: Our votes will shape the future. Engaging in the electoral process is a fundamental right but also a profound responsibility. Whether it’s your first time at the polls or your 10th, following these steps will prepare you to vote confidently and effectively. Here's how you can actively participate and ensure your voice is heard in the upcoming elections. 

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Step 1

Register to Vote Before Your State's Deadline

Ensure you're eligible to vote by registering before the deadline! If you're a U.S. citizen and will be 18 years or older by Nov. 5, 2024, visit to check your registration status or begin the registration process. 

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Step 2

Educate Yourself on the Issues That Matter to You

Your vote shapes how leaders govern and the policies they enact. Pinpoint the issues you care about most, learn about the candidates' positions, and arm yourself with the knowledge needed to vote confidently on Election Day. 

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Step 3

Cast Your Ballot

Plan your vote! Mark your calendar for Tuesday, Nov. 5, and head to your polling place to cast your ballot. Your vote is your voice—make it count.

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Voting Resources

Being an engaged citizen involves far more than casting a vote. It also means understanding the multiple layers of the election process. Here are a few sites that provide key knowledge. 

Illustration at top by George F. Baker III