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Roll Call Videos

The following videos and resources are designed to be used during roll call. They show officers how to respond to potential threats involving extremist movements.

Law Enforcement Response to Hate Events
Law enforcement officers may be tasked with upholding the free speech rights of hate group members – even hard-core racists – in the face of opposition from citizens in the community. This 13 minute roll call video outlines how to effectively respond when hate comes to town.

The Rise of the Lone Wolf
In response to the Charleston church massacre in 2015, the SPLC has produced a training video to help law enforcement officers combat “lone wolf” domestic terrorists. Designed to be shown to officers during roll call, Understanding the Threat: The Rise of the Lone Wolf focuses on violent extremists who commit acts of terror entirely on their own, without the help, financing or guidance of other individuals or groups.

Hate Crimes
Hate crimes don’t just affect the victim — they can affect an entire community. This 15-minute roll call video outlines how to respond to, recognize and report hate crimes properly and promptly.

Antigovernment Extremists
Learn the warning signs when antigovernment leaders have targeted your community, and what to do when your community is under threat, in this 12-minutes roll call video.

Sovereign Citizen Movement
This 14-minute video highlights the strange subculture of the sovereign citizens movement, whose adherents hold truly bizarre, complex antigovernment beliefs, has been growing at a fast pace since the late 2000s. Sovereigns believe that they get to decide which laws to obey and which to ignore, and they don't think they should have to pay taxes.

Aryan Prison Gangs
This 15-minute video was created to help law enforcement agencies better prepare for encounters with aryan prison gang members behind prison walls and on the streets.

Racist Skinheads
This 13-minute video was created to help law enforcement agencies better prepare for encounters with skinhead groups.