An SPLC lawyer relates to a student who has been suspended repeatedly and segregated in a Florida school district where the SPLC is challenging the discriminatory treatment of African-American children.

The SPLC’s Teaching Tolerance project announced today the educators it has selected to serve on an advisory board that will help the award-winning program develop anti-bias materials for use in classrooms across the country.

Parents and educators may assume that police patrolling school hallways make for safer schools, but mounting evidence is showing that the practice can needlessly push some of a school’s most vulnerable students out of class and into the justice system.

In the wake of the stabbing death of a transgender woman of color in Philadelphia this week, Ebony magazine has published online an SPLC report examining how transgender women of color may be America’s most victimized minority.

The SPLC urged Capitol Hill lawmakers to pass legislation that would create a nationwide ban on conversion therapy – a dangerous and discredited practice based on the false premise that homosexuality is a disorder that should be cured. The legislation was inspired by an SPLC lawsuit against a conversion therapy provider set for trial next month.

SPLC advocate Eileen Espinal describes how a rural Florida community meeting highlighted the obstacles children of migrant workers face at school.

A transgender woman repeatedly sexually assaulted as she was held in prisons housing Georgia’s most dangerous male felons has been transferred to a medium-security prison – potentially placing her in a safer environment. The move comes after the SPLC sued state officials earlier this year over her treatment.

Absent jobs in minority communities, law enforcement reform is unlikely to break the cycle of hopelessness, despair and anger that lead to social disorder and, in turn, more racial polarization and repression. 

Three years after an SPLC complaint sparked a federal investigation into the disproportionate number of African-American students arrested for minor rule violations in Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish schools, the problem has worsened, the SPLC told federal authorities this week.

Altering the 14th Amendment’s promise of citizenship to all children born within the United States would undermine one of our nation’s bedrock principles, SPLC President Richard Cohen told members of Congress today.

These schools found innovative ways to break down social barriers and  cultivate respect and inclusiveness.

The SPLC has documented a powerful resurgence of the extremist movement that motivated McVeigh. In fact, the movement has spawned numerous acts of terror and violence in recent years.

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