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Beck Backs Birch: Conspiracy Theory ‘Makes Sense’

By Casey Sanchez on July 31, 2007 - 2:34 pm, Posted in Intelligence Report, Media Extremism

Growing up, CNN host Glenn Beck thought the extreme-right John Birch Society was “a bunch of nuts.” But on his July 25 Headline News show, Beck told his JBS guest, “You are starting to make more and more sense to me.”

The visitor to the “Glenn Beck” show was Sam Antonio, the 31-year-old Southern California coordinator of the John Birch Society. Antonio said JBS believes a 2005 agreement with Canada and Mexico “has allowed the Mexican government to get a hold on our enforcement of laws here in America.”

200606nasco_home_page_09.jpgAntonio was referring to the SPP, the Security and Prosperity Partnership agreement. The pact, aimed at easing regulatory barriers between the United States, Canada and Mexico, has been seized upon by nativists and far-right groups as a secret conspiracy to eliminate borders and replace the dollar bill with the “Amero,” accepted everywhere from Toronto to Mexico City. No one has done more to promote this bogus conspiracy theory than JBS, which in the bad old days saw communists hiding under every bed — including President Eisenhower, hardly a commie candidate in most minds.

“We are just exposing the truth that’s been out there for many, many years,” said Antonio. SPP, he added, will be “an opening of our borders for Canada and Mexico and eventually all throughout the Americas.”

That “truth” has been bedeviling many a politician recently. The New York Times reported today that Rudolph Guliani and Mitt Romney, both Republican presidential candidates, were stumped when asked about the alleged plot.

This wasn’t the first time a JBS official made a recent appearance on CNN. For a few seconds last fall, another CNN host, Lou Dobbs, showed a clip of JBS President John McManus lambasting the SPP. “What’s going on is a super elite is taking control,” he said.

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  • MrXfromPlanetX

    If this is some right wing conspiracy, why is one of the most outspoken opponents beloved Democrat Marcy Kaptur from Ohio?

    This is a non partisan issue.

  • Bob

    Anyone with an open mind who knows that the driving document behind the SPP is “Building a North American Community”, a publication of the Council on Foreign Relations (which is found here:
    can read the goals of the elites in black and white. Do you believe we should have a free flow of people among Mexico, Canada and the US? How about making our security perimeter the south border of Mexico and the north border of Canada? These are just a couple of the planned changes proposed by the SPP and the CFR.

  • Meredith

    While the JBS is clearly extreme, why should the change that the SPP will inevitably bring about be ignored? Americans should be told that a unification of the Americas is the ultimate goal and let them decide if that sounds like something they support. There are many benefits and pitfalls to this plan and we are watching a similar situation play our in Europe right now. To disguise the SPP as a business only policy is just dishonest. Let’s talk about the social consequences, good and bad, and how we will be able to keep vulnerable society members from being run over by the whole deal.

  • Shane Scott

    That CNN would give any credence to this group is beyond me.