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Shooting at Mexicans: Chilling Video Exposed

By Casey Sanchez on August 10, 2007 - 2:54 pm, Posted in Nativist Extremist

The Intelligence Report has obtained a chilling video that Robert Crooks, the leader of the nativist extremist group Mountain Minutemen, recently E-mailed to several other prominent nativist leaders, including Jim Gilchrist, co-founder of the original Minuteman Project. In the E-mail, Crooks suggests that Gilchrist is a weakling who can “Talk the Talk” but not “Walk the Walk.”

robert-crooks2.jpg“This video shows how to keep a ‘Home Depot’ parking lot empty,” Crooks (right) wrote in his sneering July 26 E-mail, titled “Homeland Defence.” Gilchrist, whose organization had earlier provided Crooks’ group with supplies, responded by banning Crooks from contact with his own group.

Filmed through a night-vision scope, the four-minute video shows two or three men standing on a hill that appears to be on the Mexican side of the border, beyond a barbed-wire fence. “All right, come on across, motherfuckers,” a man says off camera in a quiet voice. “Yeah, go that way. I dare you to go that way. That’s my fucking trail, bitch!”

Then, after muttering about the distant figures being “cockroaches,” the man shouts out loud, “Hey putos [“faggots”], one, two, three!” Next comes the distinct sound of a shotgun shell being chambered, followed by a sudden flash of light and the sound of a shotgun blast. The direction of the gunfire is unclear.

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The Mountain Minutemen is one of several armed Minutemen spinoffs now active on the U.S.-Mexico border in the rugged desert between Campo, Calif. and Jacumba, Calif. Crooks has a reputation as a particularly hard-line nativist, and his group is believed to be tiny.

When the camera pans back to the hilltop, the men are gone. “And that’s how you get rid of Mexicans,” the narrator says with a laugh, before concluding with an apology for the shaky camera work. “Sorry folks, it’s kind of hard to shoot a shotgun and a video at the same time.”

In an E-mail to Hatewatch, Crooks (below) said he did not film the video, did not post it to a video-sharing site, and is not the narrator. He did not confirm or deny forwarding it to Gilchrist.


  • Mike

    California , Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas were once part of Mexico?

  • rick daly

    There is a big difference between a few and a flood ! and Mr. Bill Clinton and Mr. George Bush wanted and got a Flood ! A flood of people will cause disruption and prejudice ! But who cares when its all about the New World Order ! Open borders is what the Clintons and Bushes strive for , the more Latinos the better ! Those punks dont have to live with them !…………………….rick daly

  • trey

    Thank you for protecting our great country, their should be more ppl like u.

  • T. Hopkins

    I want to send this man money …. to hire more just like him to protect my border or any surrounding area of it…
    Need more money for ammunition ?

  • PDX

    This is an absolute shame and outrage. These vigilantes should NOT be doing this. Border Patrol and the National Guard should!

  • MJS

    It appears that Becky can not spell either. He should not have fired the weapon, but I understand his frustration. This is out of control and I am tired of paying for them and their anchor babies. We have an impotent government who is scared of the word “racist”. I do not care what they call me, I do not want illegal aliens here from ANT nationality, but it just so happens that Hispanics are the majority. We need positive reinforcement of Americas boarders and if citizens and AZ. are willing to step up, good for them.

  • Dave proud american

    Thank God for some of the Americans standing up for America. Our country has enough trouble already, if we did not have over 13 million illegals here we would not be in the shape we are in. The ones that have been caught breaking other laws and are in jail are just one more drain on our resources. Just like the kids in school that we have to have taught in spanish because now our kissa– bleeding hearts think that is only fair. Not to mention all the other costs like medical,police,lawers,housing,food,insurance that we have to pay more for because the illegals do not have any. If these guys want to stay at the border and shoot all mexicans heading north I think we should pay for there costs of weapons,food and housing. That would still be better for America then to let them keep flooding our Country.

  • JJ

    “Josh said,
    wow.. tacky comment from tack.
    it is not our right to shoot ANYONE, no matter where they come from.”

    Really??? If that were the case you’d be speaking German. I’d be glad to buy you a one way ticket to France. They’d be happy to have you.

  • TM

    At least someone is protecting our borders. Nothing wrong with this action…..they are trying to illegally enter the US. Enough is enough….we can’t be the overflow valve for every failed country.

  • Kathy

    Becky and some of you others who can’t take this, you are idiots. This country was settled by Europeans who turned it into the greatest country in the world, the Indians were fighting each other and the mexicans, it was nothing but a tribal mess. Now these third world uneducated morons are trying to come over here and make it into a mess like what they came from. You have to have a certain amount of educated, civilized people to have a successful country. How the heck do you guys think we got so wealthy and were able to change the world with great technological advances? By letting undeducated people who know nothing but how to breed come here and such us dry with welfare benefits? Please. This man shooting may be a little crude, but if Obama and his idiot co-horts have their way in opening up our borders, we will need plenty more of these types to protect us from total oblivian. Why don’t you people who think this is such a terrible thing to shoot at invaders and lawbreakers, go down to Mexico and try and get yourselves a job and live down there, see what happens, see what men like this are protecting your dumb a__ses from, then you will come back and kiss the ground this man walks on.

  • kevin

    i for one completely agree with it. if the government wont protect our boarders at least someone will step up. i dont mind ppl coming to our country but when they live 25 ppl to a house to save money, dont pay taxes, and send all profit back to mexico, it completely kills our economy. they are part of the reason that millions of jobs are being lost by the month. Thank you for protecting our country.

  • ericka

    And Laura you are ignorant who shouldn’t even have the right to call herself America. You like these people are a disgrace to our nation.

  • ericka

    This is an act of cruelty, ignorance, and it’s in-human. These people that you intended to shoot(because that was THE intention) are fathers, mothers, sons, daughters just migrating for a better life. In no way is this right. I seriously hope authorities we’re involved here. This disgusting and very upsetting.

  • Ritchie

    You guys hate gays,so, why do you think no one should hate you? You get what you give, I guess. It’d be funny if it weren’t so sad. Mexicans hate gays and refer to people they hate as “putos”, too. So I guess it’s in my best interest to turn a blind eye to anti-Mexican rhetoric in order to preserve myself. God knows if there were more Mexicans (who are typically Catholic) in the US; I might find myself in a concentration camp. Yeah,sure the Minutemen are haters, but, they’re already here. I don’t need yet another group (Mexi-Catholics) to tell me how worthless I am. So, Mexis and Militias: Go ahead and kill each other. In the end it works out better for me.

  • Ronin

    Well, well, we got normal people with minds that function adequetly, cacuasian folks who can’t spell, got no self esteem and need to feel macho by pulling triggers, and we have some people on both sides of the argument with good points…
    I’m an American soldier, Iraq sucked, but I did my job. taking up arms and acting like your shooting at mexicans or actually shooting at mexicans is pathetic and not your right if you’re not an officer or in the military. you shooting at the illegals, my fellow american, you are no better than the mexican, black, or other race gangs you so vehemently condem.
    Becky is right too, there are rapists, murderers, and criminals in all colors, matter of fact if you pro nativists actually read anything, your neo-nazi friends in the A.B are best buddies with the MS-13 which is an hispanic gang..
    so you wanna be a patriot, shut up and buck
    get yer ass in the Military
    and if you already have done service, do it again
    get a job as a janitor, go clean houses, do landscaping for nine hours a day or work at a carwash then Mexicans wont be taking your jobs dumbass

  • Becky

    white people were imagrants too. you robbed the indians from their land, but have seemed to have forgotten this. And your remark about raping your children, well we as americans are trusting teachers (white) teach our children while they rape them or luer them into sexuale activitys. Last that I knew there were rapist of all colors. It just puts your minds at ease to blame mexicans for everything. And are you going to pick these fields?

  • Laura

    This is exactly what needs to be done I wish I lived closer to help I am excellent on horseback and a damn good shot. I believe the goverment should shoot first and ask later then watch the numbers in mexican wanting to cross the border go down this is not the only fight we need to be fighting we have a problem with the iraqie towelheads being brought here I have seen quite an increase in the past year and a half. not only do they come here but they get free healthcare food and shelter. all mexicans need to be taken back to mexico the ones that refuse need to be taken by force and if they have had a child here the child must go too even if the child is born here it should not be considered an mexican american and be allowed to stay!!!!

  • http://yahoo Rob

    I belive that if an elected government takes no action than it is up to the people to defend the borders of the united states. Do not hate the (Gay colonel Sanders) because he has the intestenal fortitude to bring stuff like this to light, hate the government for letting all of us down. We do not owe these people(mexicans) nothing. Yet they come and bring their drugs, rape our children,tap all of our local resourses and not pay a dime of taxes. Why do we not have a fair system in place?I do not know. But I do belive that we should not have to take care of them now that they are here.I would propose that the U.S. should anex Mexico and and make it part of the united states. Hell, all the mexicans are here alredy..

  • Even Tackier

    Ya know, doesnt the SPLC have anything else better to do then pick on people doing the job our govt wont do?? Like saying something about the racist crap I hear coming out of the ‘poor immigrants doing the jobs Americans wont do’. And it is not even the illegals that are the most racist, it is their anchor brats..

    NOW, SPLC, do something usueful like playing on the freeway or something

  • mario

    matt doesn’t know how to spell. It’s breaking, as an infraction, not braking, like trying to stop an automobile.
    There’s no need for rednecks like the one on the video to take the law into their own hands. I blame the media for stoking the flames of racism and having the hate groups jump on board and utilize an immigration issue as a means to carry out their violence. I would venture to imagine that on 9/10/2001, no one was talking about the so called immigration problem at the dinner table across America

  • matt

    so, lets pick on the person doing what you call wroung.isnt that just like anti whites. the mexicans are braking the law.there are 13mill of them here and are not legal. yet they get to come here and get a hand out cause of the color of there skin. get over it. oh can i say this web site should be out lawed because the splc is racist. i did not see one black, yellow,red,brown gangs or hate groups.

  • Josh

    wow.. tacky comment from tack.
    it is not our right to shoot ANYONE, no matter where they come from.

  • Tack

    Agreed, these people were way out of shotgun range. As such, there was no way they would have been hit. So, there was no crime comitted.

    Agreed, it is a violation of federal law (A CRIME) to enter the US from any place other than an official port of entry. If they want to enter the US, they need to do so legally.

    When the US government refuses to enforce border laws, the American people will be forced to take action themselves. The invasion has to be stopped in some way, and shooting into the air or ground to scare off a herd of illegal aliens is a non-violent way to do so.

    By the way, the illegals are just like cockroaches; when the BP lights came on, they scattered. Hmmmmm, sounds like illegals and roaches may be directly related???

  • viva la Raza?

    Obviously the 3 standing on the hill are way out of shotgun range.

    Besides, it is against federal law to enter the U.S through anything other than an official port of entry. Since the U.S. government refuses to stop this invasion it is the citizens right and duty to secure our borders.

  • Colette

    This isn’t a guy involved in some crazy movement, he’s a raving lunatic with blood lust. I can’t believe how disgusting it was to watch someone hunt these people like prey, regardless if it’s a real video or not.

  • Josh

    not anti queer.. im gay, and thats what he looks like to me

  • Lexie

    This is the edited version of the video. You need to see the real version, and expose the real truth about these vigilantes.

    Something needs to be done to stop them.
    Now they are making spoof videos to hide or “cover-up” any wrong doing.

    Why are they getting away with this?
    Has anyone questioned any of the witnesses to this event? besides the ones shooting> didnt think so.

    This is what ALL “immigrant rights advocates” are against.
    Regardless if anyone was hit or not, the intentions still exist.

    Now, if something isnt done on a more National level to expose this, with your help, I am now forwarding the real un-edited version of this to all media outlets, and Immigrant advocates groups.

    Shame on these groups (MMP and SOS) for not taking the good path and advocating against these actions for the tarnish their whole effort.

  • Xochitzin

    There is MUCH MORE to this story then is included here! The original uncut video can be found at:

    Check it out for a great deal more information on this story!

  • Truthbee

    Now why not tell The Truth?

    Did Gilchrist call the police when he received this? Gilchrist knew Crooks was a problem.

    The New York Times wrote about it here:;partner

    And Minuteman Max noted Gilchrist’s lack of support in the Orange County Register.

    The San Diego Minutemen repeated asked Gilchrist to stop funding Crooks but he would not.

  • Queer-J Brad

    why does an org with a webpage titled ‘hatewatch’ permit a hateful anti-queer comment to be posted?

  • Josh

    he looks like a gay version of colonel sanders..