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No King, Just Jesters in Jena

By Brentin Mock on January 23, 2008 - 10:51 am, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Latino, Anti-Semitic, Black Separatist, Hate Groups, Klan, White Supremacist

Hollywood writers may be on strike but the characters in front of the LaSalle Parish Courthouse in Jena, La., on Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, were straight out of Central Casting. Klansmen and other white supremacists wore nooses, toted weapons and chanted, “If it ain’t white, it ain’t right.” Beret- and sunglasses-wearing members of the New Black Panther Party marched in military formation and faced off with police. And a loose leftist confederation — so-called Black Bloc anarchists, anti-racist skinheads, African-American activists and college students from Chicago and Houston, to name just a few — shouted, “KKK go away,” middle fingers thrust upward into the air.

Jena MLK Day

The Nationalist Party, a small, Mississippi-based white supremacist group headed by attorney Richard Barrett, organized the Jan. 21 event to deride the legacy of King and protest against the six black Jena teenagers charged with beating a white classmate. Barrett started hyping the “Jena Justice Day to Empower the Majority” event not long after a massive march in support of the “Jena 6” overwhelmed the small town last Sept. 20, sparking a widespread white supremacist backlash.

The Nationalist Party’s subsequent and ultimately successful legal battle with Jena officials over whether the racist group would have to post a $10,000 security bond and agree not to carry firearms received widespread media coverage, as did Barrett’s exhortations for white supremacists to show up armed with guns and nooses.

Barrett abruptly rescinded his call for guns and nooses the day before the march, after reaching an out-of-court agreement with the city, which agreed that its conditions were unconstitutional. Still, some of the racists couldn’t resist. One member of the Nationalist Party used a noose as a leash for walking his dog. David Dupre of Tioga, La., displayed a .22-caliber revolver in the left-breast pocket of his military fatigue jacket, and a noose dangled off a knife strapped to his right leg. His son David Jr., meanwhile, entertained questions on the presidential race. Asked by the Intelligence Report what he thought would happen if Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) were elected, the younger Dupre didn’t hesitate. “He’d catch a bullet. He’d get picked off before he’d even take the oath” because “he’s tied to the Arabs and the Muslims” and “Saddam Hussein wants him in office.” Both father and son were armed with “street sweeper” shotguns until Jena Police Chief Paul Smith told them he wouldn’t allow them to march unless they left the 12-gauge weapons in their vehicle, according to The Associated Press.

At noon, Richard Barrett set off marching with nearly 30 white nationalists to Jena High School before looping back through the center of Jena. His followers waved Confederate battle flags, a pennant that read “White Power Ku Klux Klan,” and signs shouting “No MLK Day!” and “No King Over Us.”

As the racists re-entered the courthouse grounds, about a dozen New Black Panther Party members rushed to meet them but were forced back by Louisiana State Police. One of the Panthers, William Winchester Jr. of New Orleans, was charged with battery of a police officer and resisting arrest.

Then the rally began. Barrett proudly narrated the story of the Nationalist Party’s first meeting in a chicken coop in Forsythe County, Ga. Bellowing as if he were speaking to a crowd of thousands, Barrett asked, “Is it going to be the piney woods of Jena or the crack houses of Detroit?” Next, a young Klan member named Michael Brown read a 12-point white separatist manifesto, including, “We’re here just supporting our white brothers,” and, “We’re proud to be white.”

Self-proclaimed “white leftist” and racial eugenicist James Hart of Tennessee then took the stage. He said true justice would see “David Duke in the White House … Simon Wiesenthal in jail for fraud … and Oprah Winfrey scrubbing a floor.” Hart cackled wildly at his own punchlines, appearing at times to annoy his own racist brethren, who failed to share his mirth even when Hart ranted, “The biggest fraud of all time is not the Jena Six but the Auschwitz 6 million. … Perhaps Hollywood found the evidence for gas chambers in the same place they found evidence for racial equality, Darth Vader and the Death Star – on the back lot at Warner Bros.”

The crowd of anti-racist demonstrators — who outnumbered the racists at least three-to-one — included a bearded white man wheeling around a 15-foot-high cross inscribed with a scripture from the Book of Romans: “There is no difference between the Jew and the Greek.” A black man wore a hooded sweatshirt with “KKK vs. KKK” airbrushed on the back, explaining somewhat cryptically that his slogan represented how the Klan in the 1960s targeted King and the two Kennedy brothers.

Meanwhile, actual Jena residents — a tiny minority on the tense streets — harrumphed at another shameful moment for their hometown.

“I think people here are tired of all of this,” LaSalle Parish sheriff-elect Scott Franklin told The Associated Press. “And it’s a shame for this to happen on this day especially. But hopefully this will be the end of it. Both sides have had their say now.”

(Casey Sanchez contributed to this report.)

  • http://na Eeinna

    FOR THE RECORD the city was TULSA OKLAHOMA where the BLACK WALL STREET WAS BURNED TO THE GROUND. AND TULIA TEXAS was the city where they tried to do RACIAL cleansing and ARRESTED AND ENTIRE TOWN of Black folks on FALSE DRUG CHARGES. John Singleton is doing a film on it.


  • http://na Eeinna

    WOW…to think comments like this actually having deep meaning to people….

    “. He said true justice would see “David Duke in the White House … Simon Wiesenthal in jail for fraud … and Oprah Winfrey scrubbing a floor.”

    WOW. This is what we as a people need TO ACCEPT. AND LEARN FROM HISTORY! So many Blacks are BLIND or UNINFORMED of the serious RAGE whites felt against Blacks after they were freed from slavery. PLEASE GO GOODLE THE “Tulia” city in Kentucky I believe so much has been done, the “Rosewood” in Florida, and Louisiana City where EACH PLACE HAD AN ALL BLACK UPPER CLASS ENVIRONMENT THAT SURPASSED EACH STATES WHITE SUBURBS.

    They were attacked and BURNED TO THE GROUND by jealous whites who looked on in envy. Then decided they were going to DESTROY IT LIKE THE EUROPEANS looked on in AFRICA wishing they could have the riches, and beauty and TRADE AND EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES…they figured they would DESTROY it and TAKE THE AFRICANS AND HAVE THEM REBUILD THEIR NEW WORLD…wow…PRAYER and FOCUS, and NEVER EVER FORGETTING WILL BE THE ONLY WAY TO STOP THIS EVIL IN IT’S TRACKS.

    George Bush stated at the White house addressing Black History month folks that Lynchings and Nooses are a shameful history in America that should be allowed to die. WOW. Because THERE IS A NEW WAY OF LYNCHING…plant pornography on the computer of someone you want to destroy, have A KKK member break in their house and plants kiddy porn mags in their closet.

    Or perhaps send in a BIGOT TO PLAY THE VICTIM LIKE IN THE KOBY BRYANT CASE….or just set them up with a woman who IS PAID TO be the witness to THEM BEING SHOT DEAD IN THEIR HOUSE when they are an athlete.

    How about setting up a DOG FIGHTING BUSINESS then inviting a PRO ATHLETE QUARTER BACK WHO THEY WANT TO LYNCH CAUSE HE’S COMMITTED TO HIS COMMUNITY INSTEAD OF RUNNING AROUND WITH WHITE WOMEN AND THE LIKE…just give him charges of dog fighting…LYNCH HIM!! Or…how about BRING THEM TO NY AND HAVE THEM HEAD A LOSING BASKETBALL TEAM and send in A NIGGA woman who is willing to accuse him of sexual harassment, like the rape on Tupac, and the rape on Tyson. PLEASE LYNCHINGS ARE DIFFERENT NOW…How about a TWO FOR ONE LYNCHING? LIKE KANYES MOTHER AND BLACK PLASTIC SURGEON who supposedly killed her. COME ON WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!





    PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY…PRAY!!! and watch.


    got a challenge with this post….you can email me at

  • The Anarchist

    First & foremost, is there any black folks around here to defend yourself from all this nonesense coming from “klan” members?

    The assertions here made by white supremacists is utter hogwash at best.


    Which “Holy Bible” are you referring to again? What is the referrence to the scriptures & verses? Because you are talking about “Black Mesiah”, “Communisim” and “Race-Mixing” et al, etc with no relevance to M.L. King himself. Or am I sensing some form of hypocrisy here? Unless of course, you’re a member of cult known as Christian Identity which is by the way–not a mainstream Christianity but rejected and viewed as a cult and named as a hategroup by SPLC and FBI. Either way, your false “truths” isn’t credible.
    None of your assertions are credible without a valid link(see below as an example). Therefore, one can only reject your know nothings without a proper referrals.

    Anyway, here’s another source I wanted to post here last week but didn’t have the time. This is another reason why those white hoodlums are dangerous and should be under surveliance by the FBI & ATF, especially after those “death threats” were made out to Barak Obama. Here:
    “Group will be armed on MLK protest”

    One more thing…you are talking about Black Panthers there at the counter-protest against the NSM. There were hundreds of people that gathered there to drown out a reletively small band of violent extremists, including but not limited to: Human Rights groups, Civil Rights group, Anti-Fas(anti-facists), Anarchists, College students and people of all walks of life among others who were supporting MLK.

  • Ken Mier

    Now your talking, so what are we to do, nothing ?
    One Day @ A time

  • John M

    Though I am not of African decent I do know the hate that comes with being a member of to quote a favorite line by the Klan “mud people.”

    As far as these alleged communist ties to Martin Luther King, these were remorse and innuendo promoted by the F.B.I. an organization headed by a closet homosexual and cross-dressing racist.

  • Ken Mier

    It is obvious that you John are no doubt a racist also.
    If all persons were to be arrested for instilling hatered in their children then the entire black population of Birmingham Alabama should be locked down.
    Larry Langford first by saying, WE will quite the inner city crime the same way, WE, quited the Klan in the 60’s.
    No Larry, not untill you stop spending a million dollars on a Civil Rights monument while you Bankrupt the citizens with your path of Bankruptsy for the City of Hate.

    Until there is a common ground for the so called designated leaders of races to sit down and plow thru the denial, there will be no acceptance to past mistakes.

    So, continue to justify the fact that the situation is getting out of hand. It is not something to be taken lightly.

    Please tell us how to prevent the violence that is sure to soon erupt. ? And oh yea John, thanks for not trying to deny the Communist backing and Justifying the Married Kings sexual hunger for white prostitutes which he was known to beat and leave lay in various motel rooms.

    This actually makes me sick. The purpose of the Alabama Klan is to come out and recognize the wrongs of the past. So do you Sir, have the integrity to stand up and admit the wrongs of your race in an effort to realize the Dream for all races affected by the Old Civil Rights Era. ?
    No, its all about Blacks….Nuff said ?

    Al Sharpton is an idiot that is grandstanding the black community into a race war, “TRUTH” !

  • John M

    LOL!! Christianity and family values are the direct opposite of what the Klan and any every other racist and white supremacist group stand for. If it were up to me I would prosecute any parent that instills hatred and bigotry in their children for child abuse.

    “With all the hype and sickening praise for king, :the Black Mesiah” the facts of his personal sexual deviat lifestyle and funding by proven communist ties are swept under the rug.”

    I left the mistakes as a courtesy to the writer. The above comment is also very funny considering the high right of sexual predators found with in the folds of white supremacist groups. Take for instance Chris Simcoxpast a founder of several extremist groups who has had several alleged allegations of attempted child molestations charge levied against him.

  • Ken Mier


    But of corse, they bear the Logo of Africa, does that make them exempt ?

  • Ken Mier

    I agree and dissagree with your statement.

    However it is a very sad thing that in these days the Klan is refered to as a neo nazi movement. The young and uneducated know nothing of the Southern Christian Family lifestyles of the Non violent Klanspeople, only what they see brought to surface by the media and the SPLC who continue to pray on the sympathy of the unknowing.. Neglecting the vigilany actions of the negro also in those days of turmoil.
    Well, that keeps the true christians who realized the communist backing of King and his goal of race-mixing turning over in their graves.

    With all the hype and sickening praise for king, :the Black Mesiah” the facts of his personal sexual deviat lifestyle and funding by proven communist ties are swept under the rug.

    As for the Hitler statements I agree, I consider both party’s of this conversation the extreem ends of anti-christ munipulation.

    We cannot continue to allow our children to be blinded by the injustice of criminal minds that prove disrespect to Gods Laws.

    Shall the SPLC now promote Sharpton as the New Prophet Of THE NEW CIVIL RIGHTS ERA. ?

  • 88 R.I.P.

    The latest reports from AP in Canada regarding a University lecturer at Saskatchewan is charged with hatecrime in Canadian courts, the stories can be found here:

    “Regina Man w/ Neo-Nazi links is charged w/ hatecrime.” @

    This old decrepit gestapo claims to be a member of the “National Socialist Party of Canada” hence, his hate messages were also posted at the notorious among others. The pathetic part is after he was busted by the Canadian authorities he later broke down and weeped only to ruefully blame his “emotional” traumas for his hate mongering lecturers. Well, he got what he deserved and shall be held culpable for his own downward “emotional” spirals.. This is the latest news involving White Supremacy…….

  • 88 R.I.P.

    “There is only one king and his name is Jesus Christ.”

    I can’t disagree with that and its true. But simply ask yourself, was Adolf Hitler a true Christian?? No. Never, he was totally the opposite of what Christians stood for. Everything about Adolf Hitler was pure evil and evil alone. The kkklucker in the article mentioned Saddam Hussien and Adolf Hitler fits the same criteria as a mass murderer and worst. There is nothing positive about Adolf Hitler. But what the irony of all this crying about–“No King Over Us” is disturbing and distorted to the point that their “points” doesn’t make any sense. Martin Luther King Jr. NEVER proclaimed to be “King” of this country soley because his last name is King. What these turd-reichers doesn’t understand is what MLK stood for, if they understand what MLK positions were, it definately was not to be “King” of this great country. There is no written statements mentioning that, so why pigsqueak about it?? In fact no king ruled this country but presidents starting with general George Washington. There are hundreds of peoples with the last names of “King” and does not mean they are kings of the U.S. Heck, I even know a White-Boy down the street and his last name is King and he is definately not a “king” of this neighborhood. But what my point is, that some people are so ignorant and un-educated that they never seem to learn who and what MLK was all about. I am not a black person but I firmly believe in MLK and I support that holiday and our black brothers. Neo-Nazism White Supremacy is completely the opposite of what MLK stood for. MLK is not just for blacks, but for all Americans of color… …

  • Ken Mier

    Casey, what is your oppinion of the Panther members actions during a controversial yet Legal march.?

    To date we respect your views.

  • John M

    The Klan and their ideals are Synonymous with the word hate. No make over, like the one David Duke made, can ever changes that.

  • Ken Mier

    It’s about double standards in the Al Sharpton proclaimed New Civil Rights Era.

    If you are an advocate of the actions of the New Black Panther Party then where shall you stand.?

    We are the Klan that denounces hatred. This new era will reveal the injustice to all Americans.

    The Panthers are a group that yields the logo of Africa,
    Nuff Said…?

  • John M

    LOL!! That is funny, the klan accusing someone of hate.

  • Ken Mier

    There is only one King and his name is Jesus Christ.

    We demand that the New Black Panther Party member be charged with a federal hate crime.

  • John Q

    How can Saddam Hussein want Obama in office? He’s not even alive anymore? These people are really ignorant!

  • Anti-Modern-Nationalist

    “No king over us”, at least they got that right. We know which side stood for chic youth rebellion of the 60s, and which side stood for conformity of the American banker aristocracy. 40 years on, celebrating MLK is not “controversial”, “against the white status quo”, or “in spite of what these old fuddy duddies who want to end MY FREEDOM think”. Idiots, don’t you know we have wars for “FREEDOM” these days? MLK is invoked when Bush wants more taxes to fight his wars. Do you think Neocons, CEOs (the old white men who supposedly hate you) complain about his legacy when they have profited so well off of it?

    Should not it be true that in America you don’t have to idolize anyone? Especially this demigod with such a superficial empty government-exploitable message. Michael King: another phony baptist preacher, messianic b’nai b’rith approved god for the masses.

    At least these KKK are demonstrating their right to be iconoclasts of the plotless “American Dream”.

  • carter

    Sarah said,

    on January 23rd, 2008 at 12:40 pm

    This makes me want to cry.

    Yes, It makes me sad and tired. I am not sure anymore if publishing this behavior does anything positive.
    Generally, I think that there is a lot of people who live for the publicity and this whole issue is secondary to a “group feeding-frenzy” of folks with narcissistic personality disorder.

  • John M

    “Saddam Hussien wants him in office.”

    When I read this comment, I laughed at how it summed up just how idiotic and ignorant racist are. Do any of these low lives ever read a paper, other than the Nazi gazette, or watch the news, other than the KKK nightly news?

  • Lewis Loflin

    So why is anything thought of “white” racist, yet anything non-white no matter how violent is not?

    The SPLC is racist itself by its racist bias.

    This nonsense about “nationalist” is another point. I am an American nationalist and support all Americans as brothers regardless of race or religion. The SPLC being far-left wants the country destroyed and dissolved into a more easily controllable balkinized mess. Socialism would be easier to promote then.

    Why don’t Mr. Potok and Mr. Dees tell us how much they make at the SPLC?

    For the real facts of the so-called Jena 6 criminals see

    Thanks to the SPLC for presenting their valuable viewpoints.

  • 88 R.I.P.

    “He`d catch a bullet”

    “He`d get picked off before he`d even take the oath”

    Isn’t threats like these enough for the secret service agents to issue a search warrant and the interrogation of the kkklucker who made such death threats to the presidential hopeful Barack Obama? I think that one goes over the line. With all this reporting about the gun toting white supremacists like modern day yosmite sams doesn’t surprises me but I have yet to wonder if the ATF agents are actually doing any investigation to see if any of those kkkaspers are legally certified to carry such weapons??? Especially assualt rifles???

    “Saddam Hussien wants him in office.”

    What kind of a retrograded asinine verbiage statement is that??? To show us all how dumbed down mentally murdered they really are, they didn’t know that Saddam Hussien is already dead…..well I guess it sucks being a neo-nazi today, especially their numbers didn’t reach past 50 on MLK day.

  • http://none Rose Newburg

    Now Barrett threatens another “visit” if Jena does not apologize to the Dupres for not allowing them their “right” to carry the sawed off shotguns in the march. I live in Jena, we need protection from “outsiders” most of all.

  • unlucky 13

    I hope yall can grasp the fact that four black youngsters are charged with a crime and don’t need to wind up in an adult prison.Perhaps people can get beyond race now long enough to start supporting changing existing law so that no young persons are delivered up to the harsh prison system in Louisian.

  • John M

    Hopefully they will inbreed themselves into oblivion.

  • Randy

    These cretins sure make a good case against white “supremacy.” The good news is they are a smaller percentage of Americans each year.

    Thank you, MLK! A true American hero!

  • John M

    These white supremacists and neo Nazis prove just how moronic and idiotic racism can be.

  • Sarah

    This makes me want to cry.

  • RG415WBFA

    What is the evidence that these people were white nationalists? And if there any White nationalists, who were the White supremacists, neo-nazis, etc.? I get the feeling you are just using them interchangeably.

  • e hildebrandt

    I worry that the supremacists who showed up armed but outnumbered will have gone home dissatisfied. I worry they will return another day looking for violence and single out a victim somewhere.