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Anti-Immigrant Hate Groups Place Ads in The New York Times

By Sonia Scherr on June 27, 2008 - 5:13 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant

Next time you find yourself stuck in traffic miles from work—or school or home or daycare—don’t blame poor urban planning, low carpooling rates or inadequate public transportation.

Blame immigrants.

That’s right, according to high-profile ads placed this month in The New York Times and The Nation by a new front group for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and two other anti-immigrant hate groups. The ads, which are based on dubious statistical analysis, claim that an immigration-fueled population boom will dramatically worsen traffic congestion and destroy pristine lands.

FAIR traffic adOne ad shows a four-lane highway clogged with vehicles above the caption, “One of America’s Most Popular Pastimes.” The other depicts a bulldozer clearing forest above the words, “One of America’s Best Selling Vehicles.”

The ads were placed by an organization calling itself America’s Leadership Team for Long Range Population-Immigration-Resource Planning. “We’re the nation’s leading experts on population and immigration trends and growth,” boasts one of the ads.

Actually, America’s Leadership Team is a public relations front group for a coalition of five anti-immigration organizations, three of which—FAIR, American Immigration Control Foundation and the Social Contract Press—are listed as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center for their links to white supremacists and publication of bigoted materials.

All five of the groups behind America’s Leadership Team—the other two are Californians for Population Stabilization and NumbersUSA—are financed by John Tanton the puppet master of the modern anti-immigration movement.

FAIR bulldozer adAmerican’s Leadership Team launched its ad campaign in early June by placing ads in “major national publications,” according to a news release from Californians for Population Stabilization.

Although it’s not clear how much the coalition paid for its half-page New York Times ad (a Times spokeswoman said there were too many variables to provide rate information), The Nation charges non-profit groups $4,412 for full-page color ads like the ones that the group placed in its magazine this month. Both ads ran at least once in separate issues. In a June 16 editorial note, the left-leaning Nation warned readers about the America’s Leadership Team advertising and stated that The Nation did not agree with its “premise and politics.”

“We’ve gotten a heated reaction, as our readers do when there’s an opinion out that doesn’t seem to mesh with our editorial viewpoint,” Ellen Bollinger, the Nation’s vice president for advertising told the Intelligence Report. “But we have a liberal advertising policy, and we try to err on the side of giving light to divergent opinion.”

It’s not the first time that Tanton and other anti-immigration activists have tried to woo environmentalists in an attempt to gain political support for their cause. In 1996, Tanton lobbied the Sierra Club, the nation’s largest environmental organization, to adopt a plank advocating sharp restrictions on immigration. In 2004, an anti-immigration faction tried to take over the Sierra Club by winning election to its board of directors. Both efforts failed.

The group’s latest campaign relies on outdated numbers, since the ads’ projection of 600 million Americans by 2100 is based on the 1990 Census. (The Census has published more up-to-date projections based on the 2000 Census, but they only go up to 2050.) The ads also cite statistics without fully explaining them: the Pew Hispanic Research Center does predict that 82% of the increase in U.S. population from 2005 to 2050 will result from immigration, but that figure includes the U.S.-born descendants of immigrants. And it doesn’t represent a departure from recent decades, during which immigrants have accounted for most of the country’s population growth.

Of course, the real message of the ads is that immigrants are bad for the environment, and therefore bad for America. According to the ad that appeared in Wednesday’s Times, “For every four new U.S. residents whether from births or immigration, approximately three more cars are added to our roads, increasing gridlock, energy use and greenhouse emissions.”

But this premise is flawed because the transportation habits of immigrants are different from those of native-born Americans, according to professors at the University of California, Los Angeles.

David Hayes-Bautista, a professor of medicine and health services, co-authored a 2005 study that found recent Latino immigrants in California—and to a lesser extent long-term Latino immigrants and U.S.-born Latinos—are much more likely to carpool or use public transportation than non-Hispanic whites. “If everyone (in California) went to work the way recently arrived immigrants did—by carpooling or using public transportation—that would reduce the number of cars on the road by nearly half,” he told the Intelligence Report.

“Recent immigrants are in fact substantially less responsible for sprawl (they live in the highest density communities) and traffic (they disproportionately take transit and walk), as they are poor,” UCLA urban planning professor Randall Crane E-mailed the Report. “Eventually, they better assimilate into the population and will be more like everyone else, which is to say they are no worse than anyone else.”

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  • Skylar

    I’ve noticed that politians and businessmen use just about anything or anyone as scapegoats to any problem instead of fixing the problem, or getting on it. Like my friend says, “Dog that barks doesn’t bite.” Don’t worry about the environment. Like Dinosaurs, humanity will die, and mother nature will still move on. Hopefully the next race of beings gets it right. Because we won’t.

  • Rathbone

    But so what if recent immigrants take the bus? They stop as soon as they can buy a car. That’s where the trouble starts. And of course the stats include “U.S.-born descendants of immigrants. ”

    Anchor babies.

    “The ads also cite statistics without fully explaining them: the Pew Hispanic Research Center does predict that 82% of the increase in U.S. population from 2005 to 2050 will result from immigration, but that figure includes the U.S.-born descendants of immigrants. “

  • Richard

    We can go on and on about the fact that there were no immigration policies when Europeans arrived in America and that native Americans were too busy at war with other of thier own peoples tribes to notice, and how Mexicans feel they have a right to invade us because their mad that they lost those lands to the US and that they are not even native but descendants of Spanish conquistodors that murdered millions of native indians in South America. And the fact that blacks would not be where they are today if not for slavery.
    But the facts are that we are now a soverign country with laws, we don’t need more immigrants of any color. Especially if they are willing to ignore our laws to come here.
    Our schools, jails and hospitals are being overwhelmed, our quality of life has diminished because of rampant immigration.
    Anyone that can’t see that is a fool.

    But per usual no other views are discussed on this site but the ultra-left wing liberal hate machine’s views.
    I have never seen a site that claims to be a watchdog of hate to be so biased and hateful as this organization.
    There are a lot of citizens that don’t follow any news or keep up on any events outside their own lives that are brainwashed by these liberal propaganda groups.
    Trust me there are hate groups out there that SPLC describes but to skew it all to one side is utterly irresponsible at best.

  • racist truth

    i am a proud mex-american, native texan, yet anymore i am suspect by people like you and my very citizenship is questioned, i am bi-lingual i look mexican yet i am american my family is from both sides of the border and yes i will defend my illegal alien brothers and sisters from nativists, white supremacistsand anyone else who feels they can just tear apart whole families bacauase they can. this business about arriving in America legally is pure bunk. if we and the native americans would have had a stricter immigration polcy you wouldnt be here. this country was biult by everyone and their relatives. see the thing is no one can make you say or do anything, let alone twist your’e words and make you say what you dont mean, no can make you feel anything either thats up to you. if you give me the power to make you sick then i will make you about giving me the power to love you as the child of God that you are, and become a force for good. there aren’t that many racists they just happen to scream the loudest when things dont go their way. i still salute you for having served, especially in the corp. think about it.

  • American Veteran

    heres one for you all, Why does Obama keep saying he will be the first Black President????? Or African American President, my Mulatto friends have no problem saying
    what they are.? Oh yeah, my niece and nephew are
    MexicanAmerican so no problemo there, and actually my best friend is Mulatto, and about the burns……Sorry…..Im doing just fine, $$..i’ll be spending August with my Family in California.It seems like you all think im some kind of Nazi or NSO. I live in a city, not a suburb, i goto a community college not Harvard,I said what i felt and as always SPLC twisted my words..Happy Independence Day!

  • racist truth

    sorry about the burns bud, looks like your’e feeling sorry for yourself. thats your’e government, not any elses fault. israel has a right to exist and iran has a right to as it pleases as long as they dont get to cocky. but then didnt iraq have weapons of mass destruction? yeah right.

  • Slavyanski

    Your grandparents may have come here “legally”, but Irish were hated just as much as Mexicans are now until about the 1950s.

    On the issue of rape, there are plenty of white boys in uniform engaged in rape in Bosnia, Kosovo, Germany, and other locations of US military installations, around which spring up brothels filled with trafficked sex slaves. But I guess by your standards rape is somehow ok if a “white” person does it.

    Lastly, I remember the Liberty, and the Stark, and the Arizona, the Lusitania, and so on. What is your point?

  • American Veteran

    And here we go again, on to Iran to help….??? Israel ?
    Im curious, have you ever heard of the USS LIBERTY !!
    You people make me sick!!

  • American Veteran

    Yes, we could argue forever, and your correct, I live in Boston! My grandparents came from England and Ireland, they came here “LEGALLY”(and that is the issue). I was stationed in San Diego for 6 yrs, was burned over 93% of my body, a direct result from”Doing my Duty!! You live in a dream world obviously, hopefully none of your sisters,daughters will be raped by some 18th,13th street gangbanger, or maybe your okay with a certain “folk” who make up 12% of the population,make up 80% of the incarcerations, i know all about multiculturism !!!

  • Prozium

    “Multiculturalism” in the United States amounts to little more than driving down the nearest mall or commercial asteroid belt to sample foreign cuisine. As Christopher Lasch pointed out, it is really a tourist’s view of the world and a by product of being constantly in motion.

  • Elizabeth

    I think that people like “veteran” should take a multiculturism classs and know your facts beore you blog.

  • racist truth

    p.s. tanks for serving and i hope you get your’e heart right and live a life worthy of your’e calling, namely to defend those who cannot defend themselves. dont marginalize yourself by trying to play the race card’ you dont have one. we are all children of abraham.

  • racist truth

    first of all lets get something straight, brown is just a lighter shade of black, the only culture that is being threatened is the culture of just trying to survive in this world dominated by hate filled people of all colors. as for mr i “am a marine”, that used to mean something, not anymore. all my older friends went to nam and korea in the corp. i idolized these guys, still do as a matter of fact.but you stand out as an antithesis to what it means to be a marine which is death before dishonor. you dishonor all who have served or are serving to defend the rights of everyone, not just the rights of the self proclaimed victims of discriminination re; white people who dont like it when someone gets a little better at their own game than they. in closing; hispanics per capita have earned more congressional medals of honor than you and your’e ilk combined. i myself tried to go to nam at the age of 15, too young. divide and conquer is over, people are now just starting to see what inbreeding can cause. thanks for being one of our poster children.hurrah!

  • Prozium

    BTW, the ideological grandfather of White Nationalism was the Free Soil movement of the nineteenth century.

  • Prozium

    “White” is synonymous with “Southerner” or Anglo-American culture. It was used in that context for centuries. The racial description was used because “white” was defined against other ethnys like “black” and “red” that lived in the region.

  • Slavyanski

    Well what the moron fails to realize is that “American” culture, like all culture, is a living, evolving thing. More importantly, it has never really been defined. Ok so Spanish is appearing more and more in the southwest; Canadians have been dealing with two languages for decades and they got over it. Moreoever, as pointed out, there is virtually nothing said about Mexicans today that wasn’t said about Irish, Poles, Italians and German Catholics in the past, and somehow that all worked out.

    Furthermore, our “USMC” veteran makes the standard tired argument that “whites” are not allowed to be proud of their heritage. That is because there is no such thing as “white” heritage. There is Polish, Irish, Russian, German, Yugoslav, etc. heritage. Gee, does anyone cry racisim on St. Paddy’s day? Are Polish festivals called racist? Oktoberfests labeled as Neo-Nazi events? Of course not.

    A great deal of White Nationalism, as well as its ideological granddaddy mainstream conservatives, involves whining endlessly about persecution that does not exist, and outrages that aren’t actually occurring.

    And one thing for “veteran”: Care to guess the “heritage” of the businessmen who profit off of illegal immigration in the first place?

  • IludiumPhosdex

    “American Veteran” hath it:

    It has nothing to do with “White Supremacy” there is no such thing. It is about American heritage and American
    Culture being wiped away by immigrants who force their culture on Americans. Everyone has a right to take pride in their heritage, except the “White Man” because their scared of buttholes like you, calling them racist.!!

    Isn’t such an argument reminescent of apartheid South Africa, which made so much about “maintaining White Honour and Heritage” in so excusing mindsets which “entitled” whites to better-paying positions while blacks were essentially relegated to menial such (and all the while invoking the delusion that whites were “entitled” by virtue of race, and race alone, to exploit “inferior” peoples)?

  • American Veteran

    It has nothing to do with “White Supremacy” there is no such thing. It is about American heritage and American
    Culture being wiped away by immigrants who force their culture on Americans. Everyone has a right to take pride in their heritage, except the “White Man” because their scared of buttholes like you, calling them racist.!!

  • racist truth

    billboards! this is the only way to expose these people for what they really are. white supremacists bent on making everyone like them or dying. eugenics is theyre only interest, but only if it’s not their autistic or otherwise unhealthy child or relative who has to go to keep their own gene pool clean. put them up on billboards and let them explain to everyone what it is they really want.

  • IludiumPhosdex

    Would it be safe to say that the “real” political agenda of the groups behind the ads, acting en bloc essentially, is closer to Producerism, what with its articles of faith, among others, blaming immigrants for any and all problems of the “working classes”?