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Space Pioneer Funds Racist Foundation

By Mark Potok on July 2, 2008 - 5:18 pm, Posted in Podcasts

Listen this week as Heidi Beirich and I discuss an article she wrote on the last man still donating money to the racist Pioneer Fund, which pays for controversial studies on race and intelligence, among other things. What you hear may genuinely surprise you.

  • Richard

    I agree that different races have different intelligence factors, what’s wrong with that. If you told me that asians are smarter in math than whites for instance I wouldnt care, in fact I would probably agree.
    Why are there still tribes in Africa and South America that are hundreds of years behind people of western cultures.
    There are differences weather you want to believe it or not.
    The middle East used to be the shrine of learning for much of the world, now it’s people are strife with hate and backward ideas.
    Like I have said before when someone opposes a liberals viewpoint they are branded a racist.

  • American Veteran

    Blacks have a stronger gene, whites, have a more recessive but smarter gene, hence most smart blacks are
    Mulatto, 1 black gene, 1 white gene, according to the “Websters Dictionary”. My question is why Barack refers to himself as Black, when he isnt…According to “Websters” Mulatto (1) a cross between a horse and a Mule,(donkey,jackass) (2) a person of mixed race, white gene and black gene…..can anyone say”Race Card” !!!
    Im sure all you non-racists, decendents of Abraham can!! when i say it,you all attack me, when another says “WE” are all decendents of Abraham, no one attacked him. Sorry to beat a dead horse, I understand now, how the SPLC really works.(New Yorkers blame Immigrants)

  • Prozium


    In your view, is it “racist” to believe in the existence of racial differences (as a matter of intellectual honesty) w/out advocating supremacism, separatism, violence, discrimination or hatred on the basis of them? I’m not sure how to describe my evolving views on this subject. I would like to raise all boats, economically speaking, but my Darwinism (differences in continent based gene frequencies exist) precludes me from believing in the literal genetic equality of all human beings.