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Teen Accused Of Murdering Gay Classmate Had Skinhead Literature

By David Holthouse on October 3, 2008 - 12:21 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT, Hate on Campus, Neo-Nazi, Racist Skinheads, White Supremacist

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that prosecutors decided to add a hate crime enhancement to the premeditated murder charge against 14-year-old Brandon McInerney, who allegedly gunned down gay junior high school classmate Lawrence “Larry” King, 15, after investigators discovered a “trove” of neo-Nazi literature and drawings in McInerney’s bedroom.

According to a court document filed by Senior District Attorney Maeve Fox earlier this week, the materials seized from McInerney’s room included white supremacist literature and drawings concerning “a racist skinhead philosophy of the variety espoused by Tom Metzger, David Lane and others.”

McInerney is awaiting trial as an adult for the Feb. 12 murder of King, who was shot in the head in a classroom full of students at E.O. Green Junior High School. McInerney fled the scene after the shooting and was apprehended a few blocks away.  Witnesses said that King, who had recently revealed that he was gay and started to wear make-up and jewelry, had a verbal confrontation with McInerney regarding King’s sexual orientation the day before the killing.

McInerney’s public defender explained that his client had the items only because he was researching a term paper on Adolf Hitler.

The accused killer turned 14, the legal cutoff for charging a juvenile as an adult in California, less than a month before the murder. He could face 50 years to life if convicted, plus one to three years for the hate crime enhancement.

  • Miranda

    If there weren’t meant to be gay people, God would’ve made it so.

    This is an awful incident, and no one has the right to judge anyone else.

    Sadly, I find that the most judgemental people are those who follow the Bible. They’re always the first to persecute young girls for going into abortion clinics, or homosexuals.

    Ignorant people piss me off.

  • Fionnan Waters

    I would partly blame the childs parents, the child should’ve been thought that harming someone else was wrong.Again this shows the homophobic nature of our society to day.
    He deserves a lengthy sentece. But if that occured here in ireland then life in jail corresponds to just 10-12 years in prion. The system is so unfair.

  • Rick

    To you “righteous” so and so’s,
    Cut the crap, we’ve all failed.
    As a teacher, I see many young people doing ridiculous things–drugs, gangs, sex, violence. The point of a just system, of justice, should be redemption, the redemption of the person for a criminal act. If you haven’t been around 14 year olds in a while, do so. You will see that they are not your equals, that they are children; they need parenting, guidance, control, and support.
    This kid does need to do penance, to be made to realize what his action means. It needs to be severe, austere, and just. Life in prison? The death penalty?
    We do not just fail as parents here; we fail as morally responsible ADULTS. It takes a village, DO YOUR PART.
    Who are the righteous here? I doubt it before God.

  • Kuster Killer49

    James did you forget about the “Jena 6″?
    6 Black youths were accused of beating up a White kid to death and we didn’t observed “RaHoWa” did we?(for those who didn’t know. RaHoWa means Racial Holy War instigated by lowlife White Supremacists as it was a name given to a now defunct skinhead band.)
    RaHoWa is merely a fantasy by a lesser few.
    And as others have pointed out on here. I don’t think religion and faith had anything to do with the homosexual teen`s murder. When the perpetuator was in fact, easlily inlfuenced by Adolf`s Mein Karpf and other White Supremacist literature in had in his possession.I say parents of these type of youth should keep them on a leash.

  • dave

    The International Language and Culture Institution would be shocked to learn of your behavior here Miriam.

  • http://N/A James Synegal

    I think some of you need to sit your asses down somewhere, if this had been a young black kid who had killed his poor little white female classmate, we would have a holy war out in California. The boy killed this young man senselessly just because he was gay or as you straits may say”different”, and he had absolutely no right to do so. No one deserves to be killed, let alone in that way over something that they have absolutely no control over. McInnery or whatever the hell his name is was wrong and should be tried to the fullest extent of the law as an adult and they should think of a few more things they can nail his ass on including harassment and expousing hate crimes. I feel sorry for the parents of Larry who will forever have to mourn this loss. As for the parents of McInnery, shame on you, he probably developed these slanted, prejudiced and racist views from you at home. Nine times out of ten when we have young people displaying this type of hate and garbage they learn it at home. I know what I am talking about I used to be a schoolteacher. Anyways it is time for people to stand up for what is right and stop letting these assholes get by the system. Also, I would encourage the parents of Larry to sue the School System, as well as the City for as much as they can. They knew what was going on. Iam also intelligent and experienced enough to know that also nine times out of ten when this type of shit occurs, the teachers, and principals know that there was harassment and bullshit going on before its occurrence. It is time for America to say no to tolerance of these type of hate crimes and to get the message out that any form of racism, sexism, sexual orientation discrimination, or any other non-meritable or non-controllabe factor will not be tolerated.

  • Miriam Aguilar


    Have fun Olexa. The devil and his cabal are always looking for poor senseless souls with no Humanity left. Good luck, Sister!

  • loren

    I believe that when youth of this age commit crime, they should fall under the jurisdiction of the juvenile courts. The revelation that the accused had in his possession hate literature adds a new dimension to his case and, once again, illustrates how certain individuals experiencing mental health issues are attracted to hate groups. The literature and rhetoric of those groups serves as a trigger that causes some to act out their hate. In an ideal world, these hate groups would be held liable for the violence of such people.

  • Olexa

    I thought it was obvious ,but it’s not. I don’t approve of murder either,so there. Now I’m gonna go sell my soul to the devil if you don’t mind.

  • Miriam Aguilar

    Poor senseless soul! Look at the root of this rotten tree. Where are the parents to take to task on growing a crooked tree with rotten fruit. This is the problem with society and NO accountablility for the parents. This is your offspring who committed murder – regardless of the motive. You will be held responsible for the rest of your lives. Cannot wash your hands of this one.

  • Olexa

    On the whole most Atheists I have met neither approve of communism or nazi as a form of government. They also dont approve of murder as a general answer to anything.

  • Carter

    Does anyone remember what the the Bible said about this WHOLE subject matter?

    “Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer”. –1 John iii. 15.

    The original Hebrew contextual translation of “thou shall not kill” was in the framework of “Murder” as crime. Not defend life, prepare food, etc.
    It could be why Communists, Nazis and a whole blend of fanatics are either atheists or distort the Message self-serving basis.
    Whenever a person goes to extremes on either the Right or Left (politically), they end up in the same place in their relationship with their fellow man.

    It’s a pity that we continually associate the obvious Hate with the extreme Right, while not seeing the same agenda on the extreme Left. Radicals of any stripe carry the same destructive vile. What’s more of a pity is that many are blinded to self correction by smug elitism for their own brand of discrimination.

    [Uniquely] Buddhists don’t seem to be Party joiners & stay clear from politics for the most part. That’s an interesting aspect of their religion and has filled me with hope that not all coreligionists were crazy.



    “People should not be gay anyway.”–77Truth

    But then again, people should not be killed just because they were born “gay”. Does not justify someone to murder them. People should not be killed based their skin color nor should they get murdered for their religious beliefs et cetera.
    So the kid has got to pay for his murderous acts of evil.

    He was motivated by hate.

  • 77Truth

    People shouldn’t be gay anyway. Tragic though.

  • GENO”88″(side)

    Murder is still murder regardless if the kid was “doing research on Hitler due on a term paper”. Its not hard to figure if the kid was assigned to do such task on a term paper. Should they just ask one his literacy class teachers regarding the suspected murderer`s assignment. If in doubt, then include the hatecrime based on the subject of the class. Otherwise, there is no reason for him to be in possesion of neo-Nazi literature if nothing else except to become a skinhead.
    Then his motivation is simply a hatecrime.