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They’re Back: Racist Music Sampler to be Distributed to Schools

By Sonia Scherr on December 10, 2008 - 11:03 am, Posted in Racist Music

Four years after a neo-Nazi record label provoked a nationwide outcry by distributing hate rock to middle and high school students, one of the men behind that ambitious recruitment drive is at it again.

White power music broker Bryant Cecchini, who uses the alias Byron Calvert, recently announced on his website that he had begun distribution last week of 30,000 CDs. The campaign is dubbed “Project Schoolyard Volume II” and targets teenagers with a 25-song sampler that features tracks such as “White Power” and “Some Niggers Never Die.” “Remember,” he wrote, “we don’t just entertain racist kids, we create them.”

The CDs are on sale for 30 cents each, but Cecchini is including several free with each order from Tightrope, his Arkansas-based website that offers hate music and other racist merchandise. Cecchini’s website features a fist clasping a noose and the motto, “It’s not illegal to be White … yet!”

Cecchini told the Intelligence Report that he has already shipped a few thousand of the CDs in batches of 50 to longtime acquaintances who, he says, will hand them out to children at malls, concerts, skate parks and schools. He said the CDs he’s mailed in bulk have gone to at least seven states — Alaska, Arkansas, California, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and Pennsylvania — while the ones he’s packaged with customer orders have been sent nationwide. Cecchini said he also uses multiple MySpace accounts that are not overtly racist to reach white students at schools where racially charged incidents have occurred.

“It’s not a hard sell,” he said of his CDs. “People don’t have to be besieged by blacks and Mexican gangs necessarily to just appreciate the music.”

Asked what he hopes to accomplish with Project Schoolyard Volume II, Cecchini at first sounded like a typical ’sixties hippie. “Just rock and roll, man,” he said. “Why does anyone express themselves? Why does anyone do anything they do?”

But the 37-year-old Cecchini, who said he’s been a racist skinhead since he was 17, eventually conceded that the music serves as a hook to pull young people into the movement. “Your average kid really don’t give a damn about paint scrapings at Auschwitz,” said Cecchini, who claims no one was gassed at the infamous Nazi death camp. However, “If you put it to music, they’ll listen to it twice before breakfast every day.”

Cecchini served 3½ years in prison for a 1989 felony conviction and acknowledged that he has some regrets. “I’ve told kids for years that if you think tattoos and felonies are cool, I wish I could give you some of mine, because they’re not.”

Yet the lyrics of many of the songs on the CD appear to call for violence against minorities, “race traitors” and the American government.

A song titled “Aggravated Assault” repeats the phrase “It could happen to you,” followed by the words “nigger boy,” “filthy jew,” “slant-eyed gook,” “fucking faggot,” “race traitor,” the “U.S. government” and SPLC co-founder Morris Dees, among others.

Isn’t there a contradiction between his telling children to avoid felonies and the violent lyrics on his CD? “Hell no,” Cecchini replied. “Absolutely not.” People should be able to control their behavior after listening to or viewing violent CDs, video games or movies, Cecchini said. And given the prevalence of violent entertainment, there’s no reason he should be held to a different standard just because he’s racist.

Still, Cecchini didn’t seem too concerned that his CD could potentially cause someone to get hurt. After falsely claiming that the majority of hate crimes are committed by blacks against whites, he said, “If this music did cause kids to go out and commit hate crimes, we’ve got a lot of catching up to do.”

Project Schoolyard Volume II follows Project Schoolyard Volume I, which Cecchini organized with neo-Nazi Anthony Pierpont several year ago. Cecchini said the label he and Pierpont ran, Panzerfaust Records, distributed about 50,000 CDs in the fall of 2004. The project drew widespread media attention, including stories in The Boston Globe and on CNN. However, Panzerfaust Records didn’t achieve its goal of handing out 100,000 CDs because it disbanded in January 2005 after Cecchini went public about discovering that Pierpont’s mother was Mexican and that Pierpont had boasted about having sex with Thai prostitutes — both serious no-no’s in the world of Aryan supremacy. Pierpont was essentially drummed out of the movement after the disclosures, but has said since that he’s glad he left.

Cecchini said he doesn’t plan on promoting his most recent venture in the media as much as he did with the first Project Schoolyard because his 40-acre farm and five home-schooled children keep him busy. Nonetheless, a leading racist forum, Stormfront, contains a thread on Project Schoolyard Volume II, and Cecchini has high hopes for the CDs.

“They’re nice, they’re glossy, they’re shrink-wrapped,” he enthused. “It’s free music. Kids are going to come running.”

  • john

    “Race” is a social fiction. There is variation along a continuous spectrum but there is no “race”. What is referred to “Black” is ithe most genetically diversified people in the world.

    Similarly , there are genetic differences between nationalities regarded as “white”.

    This “race” fiction is nothing but pure evil. It breeds hate, violence and criminality.

  • Kevin

    skinhead in b.c.,

    White isn’t a race, its a bunch of races. Anglo saxons, germanic peoples,ect… you know most jews are “white”.

    When people start rallying around skin color, its usualy in order to attack someone else.

    Why do skinheads always pretend that “white” is a race and that they are just “proud” of theyre heritage and not simply out to skapegoat and hurt others?

    Now play nice or we will take away all that jew media you love and leave you with an even whiter “american idle” (brought to you by Ford).

  • Taytl_Ibid

    Of course everyone should have the freedom to feel pride in one’s culture. However we can’t justify engaging in childish behavior because others do. You CAN have two sides to an argument and BOTH of them be flawed. In truth, which is the great difficulty for many to comprehend, there are many sides to most if not all arguments; and as I’ve not seen any example to the contrary, each position always has some merit and some flaw.

  • skinhead in b.c.

    We need more people like this to show the truth to the zionist brainwashed masses,like its ok to smoke crack and listen to rap and pretend to be black,but if you want to be proud of being white your a racist!It’s sickening and unfair!!!listen to rap its way more racist then even johnny rebel is but it’s acceptable because its against white!!! I say we need to start saying fuck you to these brainwashed Jewish run sheep and stand up and be proud to be white,join together and we will be strong!!!!

  • Taytl_Ibid

    I do not absolutely agree entirely with the views of the left’s more martial and radical elements…But,this guy seems like a justification for a call to action.

  • Carter

    I would argue that during the 1970’s Jamaican music was closest to Hip-Hop, but that it didn’t have the impact and lyrical form we see today to at least the 1980’s.
    The standard 12 bar blues progression dates from at least the 1850-60’s “call & response” of slavery field songs. This 12 bar call & response style became more formalized through Gospel music published through “Colored Labels” that were sold to African Americans during the “Bessie Smith” era (1916 more or less). Blues became the non-religious format of this style of 12 bar progression. While American Jazz encompasses a 16 bar notation (also distinctly American & standardized at nearly the turn of the 20th century), the Blues predates it w/ a formal 12 bar progression which has morphed into quite a few styles.
    The Hip-Hop lyrical form appears to start from schoolyard rhyme taken to a type of formal musical style (the rhyming was profoundly at it’s core; possibly at the 1970’s era but was not yet a commercial standard). However, also at it’s core was Jamaican syncopated rhythmic elements. I can’t recall any Hip-Hop or rap that was in popular culture in the 1970’s. But Jamaican music closest to it lyrically, was.

    There was some TV show about Metal which claimed that Metal was a standardized format of Rock starting w/ Lead Zeppelin in the 1970’s – Not that I believe it…..
    I think that Metal is just some showman-ship to disguise sloppy style. Hell, I think I was already in my forties when “Hair-bands” became popular :-)

  • GENO

    Actually I believe that Hip-Hop has been around since the time of slavery, where slaves gathered around the plantation to sing to spiritual songs in a rap tone manner. But it did not fully come into mainstream attention until the late 70`s. Which it originated from NYC.
    I grew up listening to Run DMC, LL Cool J and some other rap artist of the 80`s era. Snoop Dogg did not come into the hip-hop until the 90`s.

    But at least Rap music is not as grosteque and vile as the Thrash, Death and Black Metal music or the so called “underground scene” of the same generation.

  • Carter

    What actual “Hip-Hop” was published in the 1970’s? That was the swan song of acid rock, Motown/ Soul, Disco & some (real) Blues folks were still alive.
    Marvin Gay was NOT Snoop Doggy-Dog. I knew what was being played in the 1970’s & wasn’t Hip-Hop.

  • Tom3

    Black rap calls for violence against whites?

    That’s a lie. I’ve been listening to rap music since hip-hop started in the late 70’s and I have yet to hear any song that advocates violence against whites. Definitely not on the radio or from albums.

    There may be one or two rappers out there that are doing this but they are marginalized by the recording industry and the community. I’ve never heard it.

  • Mycos

    Carter wrote “He wanted absolutes. Black & white / good & bad reasoning as he was a young man & absolutes were more comforting to him than pondering any gray areas.”
    What you have described here is the cognitive “style” of those who adopt right-wing conservatism as the group to whom they prefer to identify themselves. In fact that list of traits is identical to those mentioned as being partiular to RWA, SDO conservitives and is the reason why DHS Counter-Terrorism rexearchers came to focus primaril;y on them as the group from which we all can expect to see politically motivated violence coming out of.
    Perhaps mention of a few more might help to clarify why this is so. Fear and aggression would be two that I feel are worth special mention. After all, HItler, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and of course GWBush are all RW conservatives.

  • Irv

    “Yet the lyrics of many of the songs on the CD appear to call for violence against minorities, “race traitors” and the American government.”

    Isn’t that just like black rap, only the call for violence is against non-blacks?

  • GENO

    Racist music or Political Rap music isn’t anything new. Its been around for awhile. The first time I ever heard songs from a racist skinhead music was probably from “RaHoWa” way back during my H. S. days. There’s a lot of non-White political rap artists I listen to today that the White Supremacists would love to hate (e.g. Dead Prez, Native Guns, Rebel Diaz, Immortal Techique, Krazy Race, G.E.N.O. just to name a few of my faves). Many of them describes the current injustices facing non-Whites. And I think politcal rap music is a new trend.

  • Mycos

    A meta-analysis by J. T. Jost, J. Glaser, A. W.Kruglanski, and F. J. Sulloway (2003) concluded that political conservatism is partially motivated by the management of uncertainty and threat. In this reply to J. Greenberg and E. Jonas (2003), conceptual issues are clarified, Studies directly pitting the rigidity-of-the-right hypothesis against the (left or right) ideological extremity hypothesis demonstrates support for the former alone. Data with medium to large effect sizes describe relations between political conservatism and dogmatism and intolerance of ambiguity; lack of openness to new experiences; uncertainty avoidance and fear; personal needs for order, structure, and closure; excessive fear of death; and of system threats.

  • Barb

    Enough with all the blah blah. Every one of us needs to get busy & pass the news of this wretched info to others, in order to be alert in preventing kids from getting it– or keep them from getting sucked into this hateful stuff. Disgusting & sooooo embarrassing for our country.

  • Carter

    “Bryant Cecchini, who uses the alias Byron Calvert”….

    Hummm. it sounds like he’s a bit embarrassed about his Italian roots. Perhaps he’s “not white enough”…..Perhaps there is some darker Mediterranean blood in his genetic mix. He could even be a (gasp!) product of race-mixing!
    No wonder he would want to keep that secret close & confidential.

    I have seen this recruitment process of kids at school. Many years ago I was approached by a boy who came from a broken home & had basically no guidance nor “father figure” in which to discuss issues. He asked me if “it was OK to be ‘racial?”” – By which he meant if it was acceptable to embrace racist thinking / ideology. He had read some pamphlets that were stuffed in his school locker & showed them to me.
    I asked where these came from & how they came to be in his locker. It seemed that someone had gotten to the school during a closed period and distributed pamphlets in the outside locker area….

    I really didn’t know why he choose me as I certainly don’t look like him racially but I explained that he had to make up his own mind if he decided to discriminate between people based on superficial elements. It made me smile inside to quote “The Merchant of Venice” (Shakespeare) to him in that series of quotes about how we all laugh the same & bleed the same on the inside. He wanted absolutes. Black & white / good & bad reasoning as he was a young man & absolutes were more comforting to him than pondering any gray areas.

    It’s a very sad thing that many of those people who embrace bigotry start that way of thinking with little direction. I’ve certainly seen it on both sides of the fence. Preying on kids from broken homes with pamphlets & racist music is as low as (ethnic) gangs telling kids that “whitey” is the basis for their poverty, etc.
    There’s a Hell of a lot of problems & not enough solutions out there.

  • David G


    Firstly, I do want to make it clear that I am not biased as to the chosen group identity hate-mongers KNOW backs their value system; by our own reactions to biases of media reporting, all of us are challenged with the cognitive dissonance created in need of anxiety relief such as the “the enemy” Freud wrote about in his treatise, “The Fundamentalist Urge.”

    There are various misused slants of this word “fundamental,” but fundamentally speaking, xenophobia and other created enemy dangers are one of the most effective means by which thugs, dictators & other oppressors cleverly appeal to in order to strengthen the unity of their duped, susceptible group members, mostly in need of higher self-esteem. I think it gives a fresh reminder, “Love thine enemy as thyself.” The enemy is more innocent of violations of the American Experience than subversive, divisive hate groups within thsi great country. Most all of the time, these weak sheep forget that their ancestors entered this country by immigration, fair and legally OR NOT.

    I respect the great sacrifices of our founders, revolution soldiers, and American defenders hence. Only the ignorant confuse the obvious that we are entrusted with the values of this country, and are also entrusted with the obligation to help shape the next generation in the positive spirit then entrusted. To all susceptible to hate bait, the damage you have chosen to become part of and worse, inflame while spreading, are blindly just one of many weak sheep—one more group of traitors of our US Constitution and our Bill of Rights. You are choosing to be associated with “social security” found within weak-think.

    I see traitors to the wise intent of our Founders to be the enemy within. Your time as an American citizen is relatively brief, and if it does not satisfy you or enhance your self-esteem by lower the humanity of others, then vote, and consider moving somewhere else beyond our US borders as hate is divisive, and this country is about freedom and liberty which you endanger when you seek to deprive others of their rights, and that includes all of the masses of aliens “allowed in”—the truth is conveniently slanted which defines a fictional Story: The Slanted Truth!

    Border state citizens enjoyed the fruits of harvest-pickers, sweatshop workers, and in truth, valuable maids, nannies, gardeners—an economic trail of money that otherwise law-abiding citizens find so beneficial to their bank accounts.

    So, NOW??? Idiots could not see the course and endpoint at its first inception? Better late than never is the weakness of ignorance as never in the first place was wiser—and far less costly.

    Once anyone can open their minds to this ingrained subconscious appeal to their anxiety relief, one leans to the fringe of any hate group of “identifiable elites.” Once strayed over the boundaries the “leader” creates, the group member is now an enemy sympathizer on the road to becoming one more enemy from xenophobia—one of worse in proportion as this enemy, once an adherent to group ( sheep) hate, is an informant, a duped weak ex-member lacking the group’s sell-righteous commitment. That is the same lack the identified enemy possesses—only due to the “gift” of the haters’ spew, including seducing young, impressionable minds creating yet greater hatred that accrues–So, the expected, seductive media devices like venomous CDs are just one more weapon in the haters’ arsenal of mind rape. I see your reflection that you cannot see—what you cannot see that I see in the same mirror is really the pathetic weakness that you cannot see who you really are in reflection; hence, ignorant & dangerous self-deluded.—a pox on America are the very ones proclaiming allegiance to American values.

    Yes, I see the reflection of the very ones that only are aware they have no mirror image—blood-suckers feeding off of America while intentionally engaging in traitorous acts.

    During fearful, challenging times, this unity is more easily gained, and thus, the ascent and maintenance of power by the rulers provide for the sheep—the manipulating leader intends as this is the strength of group action.

    So, for KISS, these groups would do themselves a favor by this glimpse of truth:
    “We have seen the enemy—and it is us.”

    And let’s not forget that our First Homeland Security was comprised of native Indians…
    “Don’t tread on me and expect a free ride.”—paraphrasing our Founders and our Constitution & Bill of Rights. Perhaps this is too hard to handle, so rationalize this away, and finally note that person you might one day suddenly see in a mirror is more dangerous and far more the dogmatic traitors of this United States of America.

    Sticks and stones may break some bones, but words can kill.
    If anyone within any of these hate groups blinds themselves to the subsequent actions promoted, consider yourself aiding and abetting others’ that are empowered to murder—call it terrorism when it is murder of a civilian intentionally meant. If you cannot remember your actions a week ago being so weak, then at least remember that most all of us are descended from aliens, immigrants by one means or another.

    Enough with those that intentionally tear the weave our social fabric as though the layperson’s misunderstanding of current scientific and medical RE-search is historically repetitive just like the stupidity of anyone who ascribes to sufficient knowledge of the day—as in follow the money trail, also follow the insecurities residing in sheep in need of the protection of the power-hungry shepherd, and finally, note well the objective is only sought to harm others, not one of their depraved kind that resort to the baser human nature we all possess—WEAK!

    Different whine, same old bottle. When did you seek to kill our US Constitution & Bill of Rights? Contact 1-888-STYX-XXX for a free alarm clock.


  • BumbleBee

    Well the truth has never been a strong suit for these people.
    Besides in their eyes Elvis created Rock and/or Roll.

  • Thad

    I expect his reaction to being told what race of people invented rock ‘n’ roll would be roughly the same as his reaction to being told what religion Jesus Christ belonged to.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Anyone need coasters? Frisbees? Got a table with an uneven leg? Need something to bite down on while you do your own stitches? Bryon can deliver!

    Also, I was just randomly thinking about how much it would suck if people were to take the subcription cards out of magazines, and order numerous subcriptions to Mr. “Calvert’s” company address. That sure would be annoying, especially if many people did it. Strange that this thought came up at random.