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Nativist Sentiments Flare In Nebraska

By Hatewatch Staff on December 16, 2008 - 10:29 am, Posted in Uncategorized

A proposed immigration crackdown has some anti-immigration business owners and activists talking tough about “sending a strong sign to illegal immigrants” that Nebraska is “no longer a safe haven with no consequences.”
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  • http://none Keneth Dawson

    The big business in my little Iowa town is the egg plant which has been limping along for a decade with a workforce of drifters who work the line just long enough to get a new transmission or pay their fines and then quit. Then the Mexicans came. Now the plant has a constant, reliable workforce and business is booming. Our dying mainstreet of empty storefronts is coming alive both with businesses started by immigrants and those serving immigrants. They buy products, hire services and pay taxes, like the rest of us, everytime they turn around. Call it the trickle up effect. The best thing that has happened here in a century is the arrival of the Mexicans.

    I married into the immigrant population and have a number of newcomer friends and more than once I’ve heard reports of them getting grief from co-workers because they work too hard. The native borns want to stretch a fifteen minute job out over two hours so they have plenty of time to sit on their butts and snap gum at each other. My wife has had the same thing happen at her job and, to be honest, so have I, but then I come from poverty in the Arkansas hills and maybe that has something to do with it.

    Political correctness works both way and you aren’t supposed to speak badly of American workers, but the truth is the truth and if you want to hire someone who will show up and actually work, hire a Mexican.

    My step dad has rental houses in town and the ones that give him the rent on time and little trouble are the ones he rents to Mexicans. Americans don’t like to pay their bills either.

    If you must classify people I’m a native-born, white Vietnam vet and I sincerely hope that someday my fellow Americans grow a dick and take responsibility for themselves instead of whining and moaning about ‘those people.’

  • Mick

    California has nearly 9% unemployment. We do not need illegal workers or immigrants here either. When 1,000 people line up in Las Vegas for 50 Burger flipping jobs, we know the job situation is really rough.

    What’s wrong with the Mexican Billionaires and Mexico taking care of their own?

    Why are our politicians letting this go on??

  • Richard

    Despite Lordes’ obfuscation, the American economy is being undermined by poorly paid illegal immigrants. Not only do they accept less pay than Americans, they remove jobs that Americans need. Most of the wages are never reported, so they pay little in taxes, draining the economy even further. It is illegal, people. Stop coddling criminals. Send them home one way or the other.