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The Last Word: Hatewatch’s 2nd Annual Smackdown Awards

By Mark Potok on December 30, 2008 - 6:56 pm, Posted in Year-End

It’s been another sorry year in the world of hate, as knuckle-dragging white supremacists and their fellow travelers did their best to make our country a little worse with each new passing day. Here at Hatewatch, we’ve been hard at work trying to winnow away the garden-variety savagery that habitués of our blog know so well in favor of truly extraordinary examples of asinine activities from the benighted denizens of the radical right. It hasn’t been easy for members of the Hatewatch 2nd Annual Smackdown Awards Committee, who’ve had to wade heroically through the sewers and cesspools to produce our list. But now they’ve returned from that underworld, muddied but unbowed, to offer our readers, without further ado, Hatewatch’s year-end countdown of the very, very worst of 2008:

10. Most Creative Tattoo Award
We’ve seen more than our share of those who believe that large tattoos of swastikas and SS lightning bolts are attractive additions to their faces and other body parts, no matter what their mommies and daddies think. But the truth is that this year, there simply was no competition at all in this category once Ron Edwards, imperial wizard of the Kentucky-based Imperial Klans of America, showed up for a February deposition with attorneys of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Edwards was there for a lawsuit the SPLC brought against him and his organization after two of his followers beat up a 16-year-old boy, and he wasn’t happy, as evidenced by a new tattoo on the side of his freshly shaven head that read, “Fuck S.P.L.C.” The other side of his head — this one tattooed with “Aryan Justice”— apparently reflected his hopes for the trial’s outcome, but the mostly white jury didn’t agree. In the end, it came back with a $2.5 million judgment for the boy who was beaten, and Edwards’ head was plumb out of space for further commentary on the state of the world.

9. Creepiest Cult Leader Award
After last year’s recognition of neo-Nazi boss Kevin Alfred Strom for his arrest on charges of possession of child pornography — not to mention his version of “Here We Come A-Wassailing,” detailing his interest in marrying a 10-year-old girl — it’s been hard to find real competition in the Icky Sexual Proclivities Department. But just when we were beginning to despair, along came Tony Alamo, the cult leader known for his blistering hatred of Catholics and homosexuals. Turns out that the 74-year-old Alamo allegedly had something in common with Strom, who emerged from prison last fall after serving time on the kiddie porn charges. In truly awful documents filed in court this fall, a 14-year-old girl accused Alamo of fondling her in the shower; another said she was about 9 when Alamo “married” her; and a third recounted having sex with him at age 11. According to a confidential source, Alamo, who goes on trial in February on 10 counts related to transporting underage girls across state lines for sex, kept candy and Barbie dolls in his bedroom.

8. Worst International Travel Plan Award
Jerome Corsi — the insult-spewing WorldNetDaily “reporter” who helped lead the Swift Boat defamation of John Kerry and also wrote a fawning tome glorifying anti-immigrant vigilantes — had a plan. His new target was Barack Obama, and Corsi, who’d just been exposed on this blog for his appearance on a white supremacist radio show, decided in October to go to Kenya to track down “deep dark ties” between the Democratic presidential nominee and various Muslim politicians there, including the prime minister. Corsi apparently forgot that most people in Kenya, where Obama’s father was a well-known economist, thought quite a bit of the man who would be America’s first black president — and he also neglected to get a work permit. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when authorities snatched up Corsi, who likes to call Muslims “Boy-Bumpers” and “RAGHEADS,” and put him on the next plane back to the United States. Never one to be deterred by the facts, Corsi had also just published a book falsely claiming that Obama is secretly a Muslim.

7. Most Septic Politician Award
So many appalling politicians, so little time — and only one winner per category! In the end, we settled on a local (we’re in Montgomery, Ala.), Alabama State Sen. Charles Bishop (R-Jasper). After all, Bishop chose to deliver the keynote speech in June to the “Leadership Conference” put on by the Council of Conservative Citizens, a charming group that has compared a black pop singer to a chimpanzee, called black people “a retrograde species of humanity,” and generally spread racist swill far and wide. Bishop took his turn at the microphone to warn of the dire consequences of a potential Obama victory in November. Not that Bishop was in any way propelled by his party; on the contrary, as long ago as 1998, Republican National Committee head Jim Nicholson asked GOP party members in the CCC to resign from that group because of its “racist views.” One background fact helped clinch the award for Bishop: the national infamy he gained in 2007 when he was photographed socking another senator on the floor of the Alabama Senate.

6. Weirdest White Supremacist Photo Award
This was another hot category, but it was hard to argue with the entry of Victoria “Vickie” Cahill, who appeared in creepy photographs circulated last fall posing with the corpse of white supremacist David Lane. Cahill, an activist with the neo-Nazi Women for Aryan Unity group, apparently was soaking up the aura of Lane, who is a hero in the racist underworld both for his part in murdering Jewish talk show host Alan Berg and for his authorship of the infamous “14 Words”: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.” But the picture, and others like it, apparently set off a feud between Cahill and another female neo-Nazi activist, April Gaede, the Lane estate executor who accused Cahill of using the cadaver “to try to show off” at white nationalist events. Of course, Gaede ran into trouble of her own last fall when she bragged of her prowess at getting free merchandise through underhanded means, asking in an Internet posting: “Is it luck or am I a thief?” At press time, Gaede’s question, and her feud with Cahill, remained unresolved.

5. Least Sanitary Nativist Award
This one was very much a judgment call, what with the thousands of truly unpleasant immigrant-bashers who populate the land. But it was hard to resist the indefatigable “Buffalo” Rick Galeener, 58, the former professional singing cowboy who has pledged to defend America against corruption and all manner of other ills from south of the border — in part, apparently, by peeing in front of a Hispanic lady (and her 2-year-old son) who he’d earlier insulted as part of his endless demonstrations against Latino day laborers in Phoenix. In December, after months of fighting the charge, Galeener pleaded guilty to urinating in public (prosecutors had originally charged him with indecent exposure) and was fined $194, according to Phoenix New Times. The director of the day labor center Galeener loves to picket told New Times that it would have been different if Galeener had been Latino and arrested by Joe Arpaio, the local sheriff who is widely accused of racial profiling: “If any day laborer had done that in a white neighborhood, they’d probably be in Arpaio’s jail as a sexual predator.”

4. Cheekiest Self-Proclaimed ‘Historian’ Award
There are historians and then there are “historians” — and David Irving, the writer who has done more than any other to promote denial of the World War II Holocaust, is most certainly one of the latter. That came to the fore once more last year when journalist Max Blumenthal got Irving on videotape at a lecture in New York doing what he could to rehabilitate Adolf Hitler, a man many had thought quite beyond saving. “Adolf Hitler,” Irving told his audience, “was being kept out of the loop and was probably not at all anti-Semitic by the time the war began. … He repeatedly held out his hand to stop things happening to the Jews. … [E]vil men were keeping him out of the loop.” Irving went on to say that he was NOT a Holocaust denier and, in fact, that Jews were responsible for their own destruction: “The alpha and the omega of it was, yes, they were,” he said in answer to Blumenthal’s question. Earlier, in a 2000 London libel trial, a judge said, in effect, that the real alpha and omega of Irving’s claims was that the British writer was a “pro-Nazi” ideologue, not a historian.

3. Pushing the Envelope Award
Bill White, the neo-Nazi boss of the Virginia-based American National Socialist Workers Party, spent the last three years testing the limits of the Constitution’s First Amendment protections of free speech. He wrote that a particular Canadian lawyer “must be killed” and published the man’s home address and phone number. He wrote The Miami Herald to say that if someone killed a black columnist based on White’s publication of the man’s address, “I wouldn’t shed a tear.” He wrote that he’d like to kill 20 or so African Americans, then go on to murder the “ridiculous journalists” who staff this blog. And, White crowed, no one could stop him from posting these and other threats, even when accompanied by personal information like the home addresses and unlisted phone numbers of his enemies. “Short of killing me, there is nothing the U.S. government can do,” he wrote in July. But Bill White was wrong. Three months later, he was arrested by federal agents for threatening a former juror. He was denied bond based on his lengthy record of threat-making. Now, with the addition of seven other counts related to making various threats, White faces more than half a century in prison if convicted of all the charges.

2. Least Likely Multiculturalism Spokesperson Award
It was a nice article about a nice lady — Emilia Fanjul, the wife of sugar baron Jose “Pepe” Fanjul and the founder and chairperson of Glades Academy, a charter school in Florida explicitly designed to lift poor black and Latino kids out of poverty. But the story in Quest, a high-society New York magazine, ended with a note for those seeking more information to call Chloe Black. The shocker, first revealed on this blog, was that Chloe Black is a seasoned white supremacist — the former wife of Klan leader David Duke, the current wife of former Klan leader and Stormfront founder Don Black, and a recent attendee at numerous white supremacist functions. At first, Chloe Black refused to comment, but it wasn’t long before she told the Palm Beach Post, against all the evidence, that she was no white supremacist. Just a few months later, the Black family was at it again. This time, 19-year-old Derek Black, Don and Chloe’s son, had managed to get elected as a local Republican committeeman — but the GOP refused to seat him. When the Palm Beach Post caught up with him, Derek, who started up his own racist Stormfront page for kids at age 12, said that he was “not associated” with white supremacy. Like mother, like son.

1. White Supremacist Family Values Award
Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and the Aryan Nations don’t have the best reputation in civilized society. As a matter of fact, most people would associate the names with pure evil, if not actual sociopathic behavior. But that’s not the way a couple in Hunterdon County, N.J., sees it. In fact, they are shocked, simply shocked, that the names they gave their three children — Adolf Hitler Campbell, 3, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, almost 2, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, almost 1 — caused a ruckus when The [Easton, Penn.] Express-Times published a story about their attempts to get a birthday cake made with their eldest’s name spelled out in icing. The parents, Heath and Deborah Campbell, say they’re not racists (though they do believe in separation of the races) and they are sure their children’s names won’t cause them any problems. “Other kids get their cake,” whined Heath, 35, who lives in an apartment filled with swastikas and denies the Holocaust. “I get a hard time.”

And that wraps up this year’s offering from the fringes of the fringe. We’ll be back next year with a whole new series of Smackdown offerings — and as we’ve seen, there never seems to be a shortage of material. As we sign off for the year, we wish our readers happy holidays and a productive and tolerant new year.

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  • Linnea

    Wow, good job, SPLC! I’m always astounded by the breadth and depth of your research. Thanks for putting a slightly humorous spin on some of these stories… I’d laugh my ass off at these idiots if they weren’t so damned dangerous. I do hope you include Lou Dobbs on your list next year… though come to think of it, he’s been a bit quiet on this front as of late. Maybe he’s finally learned his lesson. Then again, maybe not. Anyone for a bet on how long it’ll take him to put his foot in his mouth yet again?

  • Liesl

    Oh good lord. What will it be next? How about the educational system? is that, also, the enemy of the “white race”? Or, just those of you who think there is such a thing as “race” in the first place?

  • James Hallman

    Skip, you’re right about these zionist christians. These Mega-churches especially are nothing but fronts for scam artist, and are in league with the Jewish power base here in this country and in Israel. They have your average christian BS’T into thinking that their very salvation depends upon helping those who are attempting to under- mine everything they should value in life. Christianity is the enemy of life and the survival of the white race.

  • Skip

    I think this entire effort on the part of the “Right” is just a plot to turn America into a One Party System. Guys like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage are all bad mouthing “Liberals” to make the Left look bad. Jesus Christ had Liberal policies and that’s why the lying Right Wing Idiot Christians, who don’t understand their own bibles, are for the Right. They don’t even have enough sense to know they are opposing their own Lord. They believe the False Rapture Doctrine that was taught by the Scofield Study Bible that “set Christians up” to support the secular state of Israel decades before it was formed. A very clever “False Flag Operation” against the unthinking Christians. They don’t understand that preachers like John Hagee and Rod Parsley are lying to them. Hagee even said that Romans 15:25 said we should be sending money to Israel, when Saint Paul was really saying that he had taken up a collection in Greece for “the Christians in Jerusalem.” Now how is that saying that we should give money to modern day terrorist state of Israel? Because of the Scofield Study Bible so called “Christians” are supporting Israel despite the fact it is murdering the people of Gaza based on the lie that “Hamas hit us first.” That’s like John Hagee’s lie that “we were attacked first” so it was okay for Christians to kill Iraqis! Americans can’t even see a lie from a preacher anymore.

  • Carter

    Mr. Rice:

    While I know very little about the workings of Scientology I can say with some sadness that the very concept of a “Mental Health Industry” is a deeply problematic one in the USA. Just an opinion but any branch of medicine or social services, if practiced for a high profit, will inevitably become endemic with shoddy ethics, malfeasance, & a lack of on-going research that benefits the general population. Perhaps those who have been on a negative end of those services have been attracted to that “religion” (or whatever it is).
    We desperately need an overhaul of the medical care this country is providing. The fact that we have the level of bizarre violence increasing in this country bespeaks some breakdown in mental health care & we simply turn out a lousy product.
    Perhaps this is due to attempting to make a buck at the expense of those suffering? That is NEVER an ethical agenda.
    But many an administrator will argue that any money-making agenda is fair game…. I am beginning to think a “free-market competition” in certain areas is not too ethical if a country can afford to deliver those goods and services to save lives. This seems to almost be in the same category as Civil Defense when one examines the impact on the nation’s welfare.
    We would fight Polio or TB freely to protect our country; why stop at one disease?
    If a man or woman goes into psychiatry as a profession; is making a buck so damn important that hospitals must “court” him to place his patients there? Medicine (& mental health care / social services) is damn messed up in this country. Just look at the all the folks on this blog alone not getting the care they need!

  • James Hallman


    I couldn’t agree more that Bush is an idiot,
    who’s only qualification for president was
    being his fathers son and part of the plutocracy
    that makes much of our nations leadership.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Did you ever bother to check the birthrate for blacks in the US James? It’s been lower than whites for a long time. In case you didn’t know, blacks are affected by the same economic problems- in fact they have been even harder hit by things like deindustrialization in the 70s onward.

    Also, whites are just as elgible for government benefits(in fact they use more), so it is idiotic to pretend that they are paying for blacks not to work.

  • Gustavo Arellano

    I am sad to see that no one from Orange County, California made the list. Great job as always, SPLC.

  • GENO

    “I also think whoever calculated the trend is not accounting for things like the effects of economic crisis on immigrants and a larger impoverished white demographics.”

    Aslan I agree with your point on the inaccuracies concerning the Census statistics which is not entirely 100%. Going off the topic here about the “Brown” or white populations. The U.S. Census Bureau have failed to include many traditional Natives on the rez throughout the nation to fully participate in the survey. According to many tribal leaders, who have sought to correct the invalid numbers on the Census data. The Census will probably present itself by taking neccessary steps in addressing current guidelines to include all “impoverished whites”, “immigrants” and Native Americans and Native Hawaiians. Nevertheless, this brings us to the original stats counted in the 2000 Census as inaccurate. Since then the numbers of uncounted Natives are expected to rise beyond the said stats of 2000. Canada has already seen major increases in Native growth in recent years. Even if its a slight increase, with that I still applaud the news.

  • Fredric L. Rice

    > Under a nationalist welfare program those
    > with low IQ’s would be sterilized or greatly
    > restricted in how many mouths the rest of
    > society would have to feed.

    If we had done that back when Nazi Germany was doing it, we would not have ended up with a mass murdering terrorist in the White House, over one million innocent Iraqis would still be alive, and over 30,000 American casualties would not have happened.

    When it comes to stopping Christian fascist Republicans from breeding, I’ll vote for that, sure!

  • James Hallman

    The fact is that whites having a bit more intelligence
    know they can’t have more children because they’re
    too busy working having to pay taxes so that those
    who wont work can breed like rats! Under a nationalist
    welfare program those with low IQ’s would be sterilized
    or greatly restricted in how many mouths the rest of
    society would have to feed.

  • Liesl

    “Of course you think the racialists would be absolutely thrilled to learn “their people” aren’t going extinct..but for some reason they are not.”

    That assumes rational thought on the part of people who are unable or unwilling to understand basic concepts of biology and logic.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Actually I would say the very theory that “whites” will be outnumbered in 2040 is itself a bit racist. First off, it ignores facts such as that black families have been having less and less children for years now. Then it assumes that immigrants from Mexico or say, the Middle East, are “brown”. Lastly, as the age old racist standard goes, it assumes that the offspring of such people must always be brown, and never white. I believe it was Tim Wise who pointed out that a white woman could give birth to a black baby, but never vica versa. In other words, this idea of miscegenation is based more on bias and superstition than genetics. I also think whoever calculated the trend is not accounting for certain things like the effects of the economic crisis on immigration, and the effect of a larger impoverished white demographic.

    Of course you think the racialists would be absolutely thrilled to learn “their people” aren’t going extinct..but for some reason they are not.

  • Fredric L. Rice

    “…demographic genocide being committed against whites…”

    This comment is rather, um, er, well, amusing. The browning of the United States is inevitable, just as the bleaching of America was inevitable when the European honkey started invading and displaced the actual citizens of North America.

    But it isn’t some conspiracy against ye ole honkey, the browning of the United States is the consequence of reproductive outnumbering of whites by browns. The economics of the situation evolves. Rich and middle class people do not breed nearly as frequently as poor people do, ergo whites are being “overrun.”

    It ain’t some kind of deliberate conspiracy to stamp out a certain set of allele frequency traits, it’s the consequence of economics — extremist Capitalism, to be specific.

  • Fredric L. Rice

    I guess there are just too many qualified haters to choose from. It’s a shame because there are groups, individuals, organizations, and corporations which significantly spew hatred and bigotry and they effect the rights, freedoms, and liberties of others.

    The notoriously criminal Scientology Corporation harbors massively insane hatred against the mental health industry and they even tour the country with an “exhibition van” painted up with screaming mottos of hate like some kind of Klan freak show. They commit screaming sidewalk kook spews outside of member residence and business offices of the mental health industry and while violent assaults against the objects of their hatred are fairly rare, they’re not unheard of.

    If anything, the Scientology Corporation deserves an honorable mention.

    Then again, where are the Creationist lunatics that hate free speech so much that they file fraudulent DMCA complaints with YouTube and Internet Service Providers to get content removed that they don’t like soilely because they harbor hatred of those who advocate science? True, they don’t hate a race or a minority, but Creationists should qualify for an honorable mention award.

    Any way, it’s great seeing the SPLC doing what they do, causing the right-wing lunatics among us to grind their teeth in anger and frustration. The SPLC keeps some of these lunatics off the streets for at least short periods of time, if only because they’re stamping their feet, turning red, and getting angry at the audacity of having their ideologies of hate and bigotry enumerated outside of their like-minded forums.

    My opinions only and only my opinions, as always.

  • Liesl

    Aslan Maskhadov:

    Have you ever known a person who throws around the title of “Marxist” who actually knows what it is? I haven’t.

  • Liesl

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh golly, thanks for the laugh! I needed it this morning.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Hallman, do you even know what Marxism is? The average American citizen is constantly bombarded with messages encouraging consumption, idealism, and free market solutions to everything. In other words, the exact opposite of Marxism. As to whether this explains why they do not support you, I remind you that the American WN movement has existed for about 50 years, and you simply continue to shrink. That ought to tell you something.

    The fact is, there has never been “white racial” consciousness. In Europe the term white is basically meaningless for all practical purposes, and in America various groups which we accept as obviously white were once treated no better than blacks, such as the Irish or Italians.

    Your screed here is a self-deluding fantasy. How good it feels to believe that you have some secret knowledge that escapes the majority of “your people”, including those who are objectively your social betters.

  • James Hallman

    The only reason the vast majority of whites are not part of the WN movement is because of the almost constant marxist indoctrination they recieve that has essentially destroyed whatever racial consciousness they might have had in order to resist the brainwashing they get through our educational system, the media, our government and of course, so-called civil- rights organizations like the SPLC. Once we establish a viable cadre of revolutionaries and leaders, then can we begin to work upon the masses with mass propaganda.

  • Liesl

    “It’s nothing but a paranoid persecution fantasy.”

    Exactly. Fear is the motivating factor behind any movement that seeks to “protect” one group by the denigration of another.

    It makes them seem so much more pitiful, doesn’t it?

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Since the vast majority of “whites” are not members of the WN movement, being against said movement can hardly be considered “anti-white”. All the things you cite as “anti-white” for the most part don’t exist. It’s nothing but a paranoid persecution fantasy.

  • James Hallman

    Just more evidence that the SPLC isn’t a
    civil-rights organization but rather a anti-
    white organization. Of all the hatred being
    spewed out there by so-called black
    intellectuals WOW! what a oxymoron, the
    SPLC can only pick on pathetic examples
    of ignorance that in the whole configuration
    of things means nothing compared to the
    demographic genocide being commited
    against whites, the black on white crime,
    and the multitude of anti-white minority
    organizations are just two examples.

  • Liesl

    Excellent post, as always.

    Re: The Dream Act. I’m so glad you posted this over here. I had a student who is in the same situation; it just boggles my mind that our country wouldn’t be bending over backwards to embrace this brilliant, kind, thoughtful kid. But then, what do I know? My family emigrated here from Ireland a couple hundred years ago. We’re dirty immigrants! oh, wait…

  • James Hutchings

    Apparently Heath and Deborah Campbell tried to bake their own cake.

    But they kept denying it’d gone into the oven.

  • GENO

    I agree with Green Eagle. The National Georgraphic Channel did a piece on Curtis Algier(formerly of Hatebreed), where he’s currently confined in Utah`s State Penintentary.
    The guy doesn’t look as scary as some would like to believe, simply because his entire face/head/body is covered with jailhouse tats. The effeminacy of his facial expressions resembles that of a little lost puppy. Perhaps the purposes of tattooing his timid face was to hide his child-like appearances?

  • S.Aran

    To Whom It May Concern,

    My name is S.Aran, I am a representative of Dream Activist where we are currently conducting a massive awareness and recruitment campaign in order to garnish support for the Dream Act.

    I am an undocumented student, and find it extremely difficult to pursue my college education due to a status I inherited from my parents. Being brought to the United States at the age of 12, raised and brought to an American lifestyle, to graduating high school in 2007 at the top of my class. The DREAM Act would help me, and students in my situation, realize our dreams of becoming active members of society by allowing us to attend school or join the military.

    Currently we have a project going on at CHANGE.ORG, a website that will present the top 10 ideas that it generates to the Obama administration upon its inauguration. The members of your organization are more than welcome to vote on our idea in order to keep it in the top 10. Heres a link to the site:


    YOUR BLOG, is probably the most invaluable tool you have in order to help us.
    Starting January 5th, the site and voting polls will re-open and we will need as many votes as possible in order to defeat our opposition; in which, we have only 10 days to gather enough votes so that our idea move forward and get presented to the Obama administration upon inauguration. There will be a widget that you can post on your blog to allow your readers to vote on our cause, and do not forget to make a post public for viewing and circulate it far and wide.

    Another project we would like for you to be involved is the petition we will have online as of January 21 ( This petition is being hosted by DreamACTivist and the United We DREAM Coalition, in which we will aim to gather 65,000 signature by March 1st of this year.

    Remember that is now a new year, this is our time to bring the Change that was promised to us. Let us work together towards a common goal, and enjoy the role we play in society as activists and advocated for not only immigrants, but education as a whole.

    Please, let me know if you are interested, as the more help we get the better and faster our mission can get accomplished. If you have any questions surrounding the bill, or anything in relation to DO NOT HESITATE to contact me at this email address.

    Hope we can keep in touch.
    Thanks for your attention.


    DREAM Activist Representative and Editor

  • David

    The Campbells got their racist cake. Wal-Mart made one for them, as it did the past two years.

  • DR

    Lou Dobbs certainly deserves at least an honorable mention here.

  • Green Eagle

    This is in regard to the tattoo award above.

    Are you familiar with a person by the name of Curtis Allgier? Do an image search of that name, and you will find what I believe should be the lifetime award winner in the category of Aryan tattoos. In fact this guy’s achievement is so phenomenal, that I believe he should receive this award every year.

  • mountaingirl08

    GENO isn’t against “Patriots”. He is against stupidity.

  • beverly

    Most articles are about Blacks and Mexicans and White Supremists, but the Native American population has suffered the same racists acts of hatred, but for the most part have been ignored.

    If I could make a nomination for this HATEWATCH, I would Nominate David A. Yeagley for the hate he spews against the Native Americans, He uses his site “Badeagle. com” for this hate but claims he is a “Patriot”. This is the ultimate, using us for his own personal agenda and promotion. Then he has the nerve to say its for his love for his people! Someday we are suppose to understand?????

    He has never praised the Native American without ending up labeling us with the most vile offensive terms such as “Hang around the fort Indians, waiting for rotten meat and flour, drunkard, low down, , false pretenders, winers, jealous, viscious, malcontent, intolerant, not known for gracious responses, trouble makers. For our Indian men who have suffered much, he calls them “bottem of the barrell unfit”. Theres more, but the one I detest the most is the label he gives us for speaking up for ourselves, Anti-American. The Native Americans have their issues with the Government, we are just expressing them as any other citizen does, but he call it anit-American. We are so much more American than he ever was with his Protestant White Supremists attitude about anyone not white!

    This man hangs with the Republicans in Oklahoma that want to do away with our Individual Tribal Governments and pay us off …once and for all such as One Nation, John Birch Society, National Alliance, Storm Front. He claims he is keeping apprised of their issues, but we Indians think he is keeping them up on our issues, making sure they know how to handle the Indian Problem, just as Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson knew how to handle the Indian Problem, but we are still here, unfortunately though, the hate against the Indians is still prevelant, WE Indians feel it WE live it. We are such a minority in number not to many people care but us! Most people just think we are a historic relic, to be admired yes, they don’t really want to hear about our issues which are many!

    His encouragement in his introduction to his Blog is FALSE. He uses this Indian image falsely, he allows no Indian input since WE do tend to correct his statements concerning being Indian. His responce is just to berate the input then block your responce, making his the ultmate for his White audience.

    This brings to mind Thomas Jeffersons’ statement concerning what to do about the Indian Problem} “We must leave it to yourself to decide (whether) the end proposed should be their extermination, or their removal, the same World would scarecely do for them and us.”

    Its tedious I know to think about the Native American issues, since you have so many issues to consider. I care because I am Full Blood Comanche and for the fact that there are so little of us left. I read the “badeagle forum”, only to keep on top of the enemy, he has this forum to apease the White man. His hateful comments and berating and banning of the Native American to me is the Ulitmate White Supremists. His hatred for the Blacks I believe comes in # one, then its the Native American, supposidly HIS PEOPLE, HAH!!!

  • Bob

    Great article folks,keep up the good work !! It’s still amazing to me that some folks still live in the past and will not let it go. Maybe,one day, we can live in a world without so much hate !

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Gee Mark, didn’t know that “Patriots” were ever considered a “race”. Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

  • Mark

    Just in! Geno is racist against Patriots! Hey Geno, please go away to a place that wants you.

  • GENO

    Regarding No. 5:

    “Buffalo” Rick Galeener who has pledge to defend America agaist corruption and all manner of other ills from south of the border.”

    This so-called “pledge” of his is not only a travesty but its also false 100%. For one, we don’t live in Mexico despite the fact that we share a border with them. And any rationale thinking citizen in Maricopa County will say that the Republicans are as corrupted as their Mexican counterparts. Ealier this year it was Rep. Rick Renzi all the way towards the end of this year(2008) to Don Stapley and all of them are the usual suspects– the Republitoons. And yes the Wing-nuts control the state. The most famous corruptor of all these is the notorious media whore–Sheriff Joe Arpaio. the long list of corruption/malfeasance therein is almost endless and I have no way of explaining this in short terms. Its like you have to read the entire book to see for yourself by reading all the court docs, news articles and so on and on……..
    I’m just amazed that the old nut is still our Sheriff, kind of surreal to begin with. Unlike Karma, you know what those religious radical right(like a Palin Radical) would say–
    “He sold his soul for all the powers that be.” Like a Devil`s Advocate sort of way.

    And lastly, “Bison” Dick Galeener has not only “urinated” in front of a “Hispanic Lady” but in front of her 2 year old son too. The Feathered Bastard does an exceptional job of reporting on the ghastly Natavists scene. And definately yes, if he(Dick Galeener) was a non-White, he’d be charged as a sex offender. That’s how retro our Justice system works here in the valley which is full of snaggled-toothed, blight and unpleasantly filthy Natavists, with their shaggy beards and dirt stained worn-torn wrangler jeans and all. Its that bad.
    And sadly for the Grand Canyon state, the political atmosphere has not changed(despite the fact that there were newly 400,000 or more registered Democrats and the untold numbers of Independents who have sought to overthrow the Republican rule). Its fair to say that the political time frame in AZ has stood still. Its probably one of the last states to advanced forward into the 21st century in protecting the Civil, Human, and the Constitutional Rights of Americans.
    Even Freedom of Speech is barred from open public meetings as in the case of the Board of Supervisors overseeing the many great wrongs of our top cop(Sheriff Arcorrupto).