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Minuteman American Defense Leader Reports Home Invasion Attack

By Hatewatch Staff on January 6, 2009 - 10:49 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Shawna Forde, national director of Minuteman American Defense, told police a trio of intruders broke into her home, sexually assaulted her and slashed the back of her neck with a knife.
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  • peter myers

    shawna forde ,jason bush and a unidintified man robbed me and my wife of 11900.00 on june 8th of 2009. we know this because shawna used her credit card at a local motel on the 6th of june 2009. her cell phone also pinged off of a cell tower in my area. we also identified bush from a photo line-up. i whant our money back. i know she gave it to members of M.A.D. i will find out who you are and sue you if you dont, give us our money back. this not a threat, it is a promise.the shasta county sheriff has all this information if you are interisted.please give our money back, it was part of my wifes, inhetritance from her father after he died.

  • spenceteeth

    ‘m going with BS. Considering recent facts. Hope she rots.

  • Fred

    Just more Pro illegal alien propadanda B.S. as usual!

  • Sharonms

    Let me guess as to the true scenario here: This “lady” and her husband, already in the process of divorce but still sharing a house, “got into it” and he beat her up and she shot him, not seriously, but still a shot. Then, they saw an opportunity to cover it all up AND get some publicity for the Minuteman organization and called the police with their cock-and-bull story. They should both be prosecuted for wasting the time of the police and making false claims.

  • GENO

    So far it appears to be hoax(as usual in these sorts of incidents but I am skepitical), in my humbled opinion. It could be another political stint in order to gain momemtum and/or support for their own political agendas. I’m willing to wager that this incident was a hoax from the get go.
    But like the article states a quote from Jim Gilchrist:

    “We still have to wait to get some confirmation from the police department as to what is going on.”

    Yes, but she also must be cross-examined to determined if this was indeed an attack. Or if retribution played a role for her husband`s attack. Otherwise, she may be crazy and her reputation tarnished.