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Carnage in Pittsburgh: Deadliest Extremist Attack on Police Officers Since Oklahoma City

By Sonia Scherr on April 6, 2009 - 5:12 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime

More law enforcement officers were killed in Saturday’s shooting rampage in Pennsylvania than in any other single violent incident perpetrated by a domestic political extremist since the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

Three Pittsburgh police officers were fatally shot when they responded to a domestic dispute at the home of the alleged killer, Richard Poplawski, who had posted numerous racist and anti-Semitic messages on the white supremacist website Stormfront and elsewhere. A fourth was wounded in the hand. The last time more than two police officers were murdered by a far-right extremist was in Oklahoma City, when five officers died in the attack that killed a total of 168 people, according to Mark Pitcavage, director of investigative research for the Anti-Defamation League.

In the 14 years since that bombing — which remains the worst act of domestic terrorism in U.S. history — 25 law enforcement officers have lost their lives to white supremacist violence. “We all know that white supremacists lash out violently against people of other races and religions and sexual orientations,” Pitcavage told Hatewatch. “We often forget that they also strike out against the people trying to protect us all. Sometimes spontaneously, sometimes planned, they regularly target law enforcement officers across the country.”

The officers who died in Pittsburgh were Paul Sciullo III, 37, Stephen Mayhle, 29, and Eric Kelly, 41. Sciullo and Mayhle were ambushed when they arrived at the house where Poplawski lived with his mother. Kelly was shot when he responded to help.

The Intelligence Report profiled the 15 officers killed by extremists between 1997 and 2004. With help from Pitcavage, Hatewatch compiled a list, presented here in reverse chronological order, of the seven law enforcement officers who died between 2005 and the tragedy in Pittsburgh:

•    Hillsborough County, Fla., Sheriff’s Sgt. Ron Harrison, 55, on Aug. 15, 2007, by a white supremacist.

•    Bastrop, La., Police Detective Sgt. John Smith, 40, on Aug. 10, 2007, by a member of the racist prison gang Aryan Circle.

•    Bastrop, La., Police Detective Sgt. Charles “Chuck” Wilson, 34, on Aug. 10, 2007, by a member of the racist prison gang Aryan Circle.

•    Utah Department of Corrections Officer Stephen Anderson, 60, on June 25, 2007, by a Utah State Prison inmate with ties to the Aryan Brotherhood and other white supremacist prison gangs.

•    Moscow, Idaho, Police Officer Lee Newbill, 48, on May 19, 2007, by a member of the neo-Nazi Aryan Nations.

•    Gassville, Ark., Police Officer James W. Sell, 63, on Feb. 4, 2006, by a neo-Nazi who also attacked two people at a gay bar.

•    Fort Worth, Texas, Police Officer Henry “Hank” Nava Jr., 39, on Dec. 1, 2005, after being shot by a member of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang.

  • mike kostecki

    It doesn’t matter if polawski hates nazi’s u moronic fool. Its all about white pride! Doesnt matter what orginization your in.

  • dennis skaugrud

    Hatewatch is just the waterboy. The NRA needs to grow up and respect police officers and police departments and care enough about the safety of this country’s law enforcement to work with law enforcement to get assault rifles out of the hands of our citizens. That would be a start of a maturing process for the NRA.

  • mike kostecki

    I think hatewatch needs to grow up and look at the striking boost in population in non-whites. If this keeps up the non-whites will be crashing through your door making you slaves or killing you.

  • Josh Roy

    Richard Poplawski is the creation of the anti-white society around him! He saw no other way than to protect himself! If america would start to treat ALL people the same, and get rid of hate laws, then this would not have happened. It’s societies own fault!

  • Plain Words

    cory said,

    on April 15th, 2009 at 8:49 pm

    the guy was a neo-nazi. im sorry that you may be ignorant of the facts but nazi falls under far left. facism is a form of tryanny like communism and islam and liberal progressivism
    This is just more historical revisionism from wingnuts, like poplawski and cory.

    The echo chamber of the mainstream political right has taken a cue from the historical revisionists on its fringe who have turned Holocaust denial into a cottage industry. One of many things mainstream right-wing pundits share is a remarkable ability to focus on the same talking points, delivered in their personal style. This consistency is a key ingredient of their success in winning the hearts and minds of an alienated, demoralized, US working class. No, the recent alliance between the Christian Right and neo-conservatives, as well as other unconditional defenders of the Israeli state and general Muslim-haters has broken down, but they instead seek to capitalize on popular ignorance and a failed education system to revise the political spectrum as it has existed since the wake of the French revolution.

    There is a concerted effort by the right-wing to portray orthodox right-wing ideologies of the 20th century, such as Hitler’s National Socialism and Mussolini’s Fascism as left-wing ideologies, using pundit/comic Jonah Goldberg’s shrill polemic Liberal Fascism as about 99% of their source material. This is quite the feat of mental dexterity, considering their frequent use of the kind of red-baiting emotional politics that gave rise to the real fascist movements of the past.

    Filmmaker, Adam Curtis, has done a great job of charting the parallel courses of political Islam and neo-conservatism in his outstanding BBC documentary, The Power of Nightmares. Maybe it isn’t a stretch for people like the Taliban and mega church crowd, who believe their sacred texts are to be taken literally, to interpret the names that other homicidal father figures give to their movements and parties literally. It reminds me of a line from This is Spinal Tap, where David St. Hubbins says, “I believe virtually everything I read, and I think that is what makes me more of a selective human than someone who doesn’t believe anything. “

    Another important component of fundamentalism is a lack of context and a dualistic, black and white view of reality. Therefore, National Socialism is considered a left-wing ideology, since the word “Socialist” is in its name. The word “National” is to be disregarded. Although in their defense, even I have to wonder if the “Republic” in People’s Republic of China refers to their brutal, state capitalist economy, of the kind favored by the GOP and Wall Street. Given their mutual fetish for heavy-handed “law and order”, productivity, and environmental devastation, maybe Mao was inspired by the Republican Party?

    Given my morbid fascination with right-wing media, not a weekday goes by where I don’t hear the syndicated (from syndicalism?) right-wing pundits state that their hyper-nationalist myths are simply ‘good American exceptional liberty as favored by baby Jesus and the Founding Fathers’. Reagan/Thatcher conservatism are billed as the only right-wing ideologies, and every other political, social, or economic belief is ‘leftist’ or ‘Marxist’. They quickly threw Polpalwaski under the bus, despite the similarity of their belief systems and rhetoric. The upsurge in putsch rhetoric that accompanies the election of Democratic president in the US, has been exacerbated by the racial and ethnic divisions that have been used by elites to manipulate the masses.

    A simple way to figure this out for confused pundits who actually interested in accuracy, which is probably none of them, is using the Spanish Civil War. The Republican side-anarchists, communists, and social democrats are the left and the right wing is the Loyalist side-Fascists, Nazis, Clergy, Nobility and landowners.

  • eric underwood

    Do not try and cover the face of evil with a mask of mental illness.

  • Josh Roy

    Poplawski was not a Nazi, because he hated Nazis. It’s all there on Stormfront: HE’S ATTACKING SKINHEADS!!

  • cory

    the guy was a neo-nazi. im sorry that you may be ignorant of the facts but nazi falls under far left. facism is a form of tryanny like communism and islam and liberal progressivism

  • Josh Roy

    Also, Poplawski has Jewish and Black friends!! KDKA interviewed them!!

  • Josh Roy

    Richard Poplawski was not a member of any white power groups, and he openly hated skinheads and racists! Look on Stormfront if ya don’t believe me!!

  • Shadow Wolf

    I personally chose to ignore the disgruntled China man, who is orginally from Vietnam for several reasons:

    1.) He was not a member of any known extremists organizations

    2.) Unlike Poplawski, he didn’t dwell on any literature commonly associated with terrorism, racial bitterness similiar to such vile ideas exposed in the WN/neo-Nazis/KKK movement.

    3.) He was simply frustrated by the white capatilists, greedy CEO’s and white employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens over him and other low wage underclass white America. The very white capitalists who own these big corps etcs, to backstab white working class.

    And because of that I will choose to stay focus on Poplawski and the WN, he thought was his friend. The same WNs who preach ‘white power” and other sorted extreminism due to their paranioa and other bogus claims of having “their personal rights taken away from them” is downright ridiculous.

  • Dave

    You shouldn’t ignore the Vietnamese immigrant that came here in the 80’s, couldn’t learn English, couldn’t stay employed, and then murdered 15 people at that immigration center. This occurred in the very same week as the police shootings. Why don’t you report on this?

  • Josh Roy

    Richard Poplawski was wronged! Plain and simple! He was pushed to the edge because his mother didn’t mention that she called the cops for the dog, so he thought it was an anti-gun raid. Duh!

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    “Beliefs” do not define a person. That would be like judging a book by its cover. Its the actions of one’s character that defines that person. But of course, your mother probably didn’t teach you none of that. Or did you not have a mentor while growing up?

    What this Poplawski did on that fateful day was lower than a sewage waste storage at 12 ft below the ground. There was no honor in it. However, I’m glad he survived so that he can witness Justice for the victim’s families and friends. So that he can hear the harsh words from the Judge presiding over his case, handing him his death sentence(possibly by “Old Sparky” if you know what I mean).
    Spendings his latter years isolated behind the bloody corridors of eternal confinement. Haunted by his own cowardly actions.

    “Poplawski was defending his rights from an evil government”

    If the government was so “evil” according to you. YOU would already be dead long ago.
    As for the government “invading other countries” was a result of that war KKKriminal Dick Cheney and the imperialist *RepublicaNeo-Con* controlled government of the Bush administration. The neo-Cons that you’ve favored and voted for. And judging by your paranoid squabbles(ie “evil government”) you just sound as though you’re dwelling so much on the same “bullshit” Poplawski was into. Nevertheless, I don’t care what you think, feel, or what you tend to believe in. I simply agree with the legions that Poplawski is a cowardly lion. And should pay for his heinous acts of evil.

  • geo8rge

    If you do not want police confronting members of white supremacist prison gangs then you should deal with the prison gang issue. I doubt they were Nazis before being arrested, although the tendency migh have been there. It is the same with the other racial prison gangs.

    Poplawski had many problems, most of whose root cause was the economy. If he had a job he would not have time to post on msg boards all day.

  • Josh Roy

    “Hate crime” is a bullshit term.

    Also, the guy here in Pittsburgh, Poplawski, was defending his rights from an evil government that loves to invade countries and murder tens of millions of people!! So why wouldn’t they just show up at your door to do the same here!?!

    If they have no problem killing Iraqi people, what’s to stop them from killing Whites and Blacks in america??? Nothing but guns!! I say the people must unite and stop the evils of an insane government!!

    And to call racists “crazy” is a chicken way out!! There is ALWAYS more to it than some simple “he be hatin” statement…!

  • Brian

    If the Pittsburg shootout was because of racial hatred and paranoia why isn’t the Oakland “carnage” receiving the same press? Some members of the black community joined together and justified the murderer because of their paranoia of the BART shooting being racially motivated. I’d like to see some investigation into that and see if it also should receive the same press coverage from the left leaning media outlets.

  • Ann Canann

    The San Francisco Bay Area cannot be so far away that you have not heard of our terrible grief for the death of four traffic officers who had served from just 2 weeks to decades. Three of them were Eagle scouts. We are still reeling from the shock and loss. It is very real to us.

    In response to the last post: It is our actions that make us the persons we are. A murderer is the lowest of the low.

    A teacher in Silicon Valley

  • Jimi

    neoconsarecommie-whatever UB,

    It’s amusing to read your Nazi scumbag rants about Israel’s “Zionist expansionism. Yeah. Let’s see…how big is the USA? How big is Canada? How big is Russia? How big is Saudi Arabia? Uh, duh: How big is Israel? Who wins?

    Did you ever notice how much land we’ve got here across the Pond from Israel? And we like it that way, right? And that ain’t no sin. Here’s some homework, brilliant child: You can probably read English @ a sixth grade level like the uber-mentsch that you are. That’ll suffice.

    So take a look at a map of the USA. You don’t own any maps, I know, so go to the library. I know you haven’t a clue where it is, but ask around. Okay, now that you are @ the library, open the atlas: See New Jersey? “Expansionist” Israel’s even smaller. It’s an approx. 30 min. drive from Tel Aviv to the West Bank line. That’s about how long it took you to shave your vacant bonehead this morning.

    Go ahead and hate, but how about checking your “facts” first? You keep inserting “goy” into your precious prose. Poor lil’ you. Check this out: Your ilk have plenty of slurs you use Re Jews, Blacks, Asians, etc. Anyone, Jewish or not, who uses the term “goy” is a racist. So what are you proving, except what we already know, namely, that you feel oh-so-persecuted by the big, bad Jews?! It’s so ludicrously obvious that you simply hate Jews: Whining about the slur “goy” and beating (verbally; let’s see you take on an Israeli, wuss; you’d be dead meat) on “Zionists” is a dead giveaway concerning your putrid identity.

    In your circles, “Zionist” has always been a code-word for a member of the ethnic/religious group known as “Jews.” And if aforesaid folks are such “banksters” and so in control of this planet, why isn’t there a mass-conversion to Judaism worldwide? I mean, forget whether you believe in the religion or not…heck, forget if you can even stand it: Look at all the goodies you can get if you’re Jewish! Right, below-freezing IQ-owner? Well, then: Go to your local Reform rabbi (easier) and convert, and you’ll have the keys to all the local (or even international!) bank-vaults.

    Funny: I’m Jewish and I just lost my job and foreclosed on a tiny rural house. The only banks I know are the ones that are suing me. I worked hard for my modest money, and it’s gone. Oh well. You’re no doubt a city boy living out of your parents’ pockets or trust funds. Your ilk are always the biggest whiners. You’ll never get this, but most people understand that others are to be judged as individuals rather than by labels. Your sweeping generalizations are merely examples of your fear of people you’ve never met.

    Get out from behind your dad’s monitor or copy of Mein Kampf and go meet people out of your comfort-zone (if you have one). Then if you still feel angry and supreme, go ahead and make my day: I’m a combat vet. My God, I wish we could settle our differences right here and now, coward! Most of you freeloading Nazis never serve. After all, why serve in the very armed forces that forced your heroes to their knees? You are a disgrace to the Greatest Generation, scuzz.

    Read about Hitler’s last days with his beloved Eva, and then follow him. His final act was the only worthwhile thing that corporal/failed artist/genocidal-psychopath ever did: He blew his brains out. Try it out: You’ll be smarter sans the slime that currently swishes between your ears.

  • George Sidoti

    To shoot and kill the very people who protect us in law enforcement is an act of violence against all of us. We have to begin to recognize the threat these racist nuts present to any community and spill over into other communities.

    Hate crimes is a national issue and should be treated under the law as a federal crime wirth full prosecutions and civil court actions. In this nation of the people, by the people and for the people, we are all victims of hate crimes as an criminal act against everyone.

  • Josh Roy

    Poplawski killed those cops because they were coming to take away his civil rights, as he understood them. His mother did not tell him that the cops were coming, and so he thought it was a round up of guns!

    And as far as so-called “mental problems leading to killing sprees and racism…” That’s a load of bullshit!

    Take Hardy Lloyd: someone tried to kill him. And his beliefs are what make him him.

    Take Poplawski: he thought the cops were about to do his rights wrong. And those beliefs made him him.

    And the same for all local racists in Pittsburgh, where I live, or in West Virginia or anywhere…! Beliefs are what make you a person!!

  • Carter

    One can disagree with the expansionist policies of Israel, in fact have great issues with Israeli policy without thinking that Zionism is a secret plot of capture world banking or control the Academy Awards.
    Palestinian concepts of “right of return” have now coincided with Zionist elements of “right of return” so the debate of Zionism as racism widens as the concept may “work” politically for both peoples.
    If knowing that Israel has a powerful lobby is a secret – the secret’s out. IF anyone believes that that lobby controls the world with the secret Talmudic Society plotting world destruction secretly in some “Star Chamber” collection of grocery story owners and Podiatrists….well, someone’s tin-foil-hat slipped off…..

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    If there was a psychological explaination behind this turd reicher’s deadly confrontation with the police. I can’t seem to pinpoint a valid reason for his violent action, other than to say he was simply scared and bleak like a little boy. Why? Is he not man enough to take care of his own problems and himself? Or was he a momma’s boy? The reports states that he had some sort of domestic dispute with his mother. Whatever that is, it doesn’t give him the right to do what he did.

    On the otherhand.
    The psycholical manifestation behind the recent Oakland shootings of 4 cops by a Black man is understandable. It was done so, in the light of Oscar Grant’s death by an Oakland Transit Cop. Not only him but by many other Black folks who were unjustly, intentionally, and randomly killed by cops. There was no Justice in Grant’s case. However, the brutality on African-Americans by police officers dates back to the pre-Civil Rights era. The psychological mechanisms perputrated by it, is decades old. The distrust, suspicions, bitter feelings between the Black communities and law enforcement was always there. I don’t condone or support what the Black man did to those 4 cops in Oakland. Its wrong. All I’m saying is that the message behind it is totally understandable. The deep injustices on Blacks by cops is what helped contributed to such a violent payback that should not have occured. Psychologically and emotionally, I can understand that. Because I am a nonwhite myself and I have seen the Justice system failed for nonwhites. Oscar Grant’s case is a good example of this. The cop who intentionally(or not) shot him in the back, did not pay for his crime. Not even a manslaughter charge. Even if it was a mistake. There was no Justice for Grant’s family. But if Grant was white and the cop was Black, surely the outcome would be much different. A Black cop would received the maximum sentence required under Cali’s law. But in any given case, the Justice system is still a long ways off for fair and equal justice for all.

    In Poplawski’s case, there was no solid based reasoning behind it. The guy is white, reading numerous neo-Nazi literature and propagenda including listening to Alex Jones. You can simply say he was only motivated by what he was reading. It is a pathetic excuse for a shoot-out with police. It was just a cold hearted and cowardly attempt to gain little respect from his neo-Nazi KKKomrades.

  • neoconsarecommies

    GENO you take my quotes out of context and deliberately remove commas, let me get this straight YOU = “GENO the littlegreenfootballer” GENO the pro-war Ameritard Freeper.

    I guess I was in the wrong to even argue with pro-SPLC posters stopping by from their usual haunts of freerepublic or Pajamasmedia, wrong to assume that they would know a damn thing about zionism, the Israel lobby, and other esoteric subjects we “haters” hate on, but is the very basis of which organizations like the SPLC label “haters”. The SPLC is akin to a TV talking head “expert”: airtime is all that matters to a pleb like GENO.

  • Sam Goldman

    But what about that nut Hardy Lloud?

  • GENO

    What I like to see is the strengthening of the H.R. 1955 Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 by the Obama administration. Which is hardly being used to prosecute domestic extremists of the neo-Con. I wonder if Obama will also expand the Mathew Sheppard Act(the Hatecrimes Bill)??

    “So I don’t understand the line.”

    Me: Regarding the death toll between law enforcement officials and illegal or otherwise immigrants? What is it that you don’t understand?
    Ok let me get this straight, are you basically implying that foreign immigrants who come here without a life, are way more important than the law enforcement officials who serve, protect and fight crime? That’s what I don’t understand. I’m not saying that the Binghamton shooting wasn’t deadly. Its just as devastating as any other shooting. Its the victims between the 2, that alarms me. This white supremacist killed 3 officers and there no justification for it, simply because he had domestic issues with his mother.

    “The littlegreenfootballer black helicopter paranoid…”

    Me: I have no idea what the hell you are saying. But from what I can understand is that for sure, the bonehead in this incident wasn’t a tin-foil hatter(a conspiracy theorist).

    “So don’t expect them to make a big deal of it.”

    Me: Sadly for you, they already have. The number of mass shootings is alarming and I’m sure everyone is taking extra precaution in their own right to defend themselve. I am a certified cancealed weapons holder and I won’t hestitate to use it if I were in the exact same place where a mass shooting is taking place. And I am sure that there many folks applying for cwp. The recent shopping spree by many was an indication of this. So your argument to think that this isn’t such a big deal is flawed.

  • Carter

    Why shouldn’t he congratulate with him? But I’d bet he was rather unhappy with the young man wearing the SS shirt several feet behind him! I’d bet he never made Standartenfuerher after that fiasco.
    As for FDR, that shit put our citizens in camps. No one with an ounce of sense would hold that jerk up to be a model of decency. Through out the twentieth century mistakes of great intensity have been made by those who later are recalled to be wonders because they represent a political party who postures themselves as Leaders of the Free World. But wasn’t it JFK who sent advisers then LBJ who accelerated a useless war? Then instead of getting out; LBJ quits & leaves his dirty dishes for others to wash. Idiots on both sides have been making decisions that lead young men to their deaths.
    People seem to have a memory that goes back as far as Bush’s bungling speeches. The Two-Party system has left us with a choice or “two evils” so consistently that it’s no wonder that common television is designed for a 13 yr old mentality. Commercial marketing has come to realize that we are an easily fooled group of unread morons.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Uh….1936. And for the record, Jesse Owens later recalled that Hitler was actually quite respectful toward him.

  • neoconsarecommies

    “The reports are chilling. The death toll is even worse. But the irony of ironies, is that none of the nightly mainstream media outlets(ABC World News Tonight, NBC Nightly News, and CBS Evening News) is not saying much(or nothing at all) about the latest Pittsburg shootings. It perplexes me. Instead, they chose to cover the Binghamton shooting by an angry Chinese man from Vietnam.”

    Dear GENO the littlegreenfootballer, the black helicopter paranoid killed 3 cops, the Vietnamese Jiverly Wong shot and killed 13. So I don’t understand the line, “the death toll is even worse”. As for what White-Uhuru Poplawski allegedly wrote: Anti-Zionism is never to be spoken of in the mainstream media, even if here is the perfect example to label all anti-zionists kooks, the topic is too sensitive. So don’t expect them to make a big deal of it. What difference is it going to make if much is made about this killer White-Uhuru being an “anti-Semite” if Walt and Mearshimer and Charles Freeman are “loony anti-Semites”?
    Like the average ignorant American even gives a rats ass about “-semitism” in the first place, zionists like to keep the issue mostly in the dark, else more goys could wind up taking the pro-goyish position: “anti-semitsm”: things which bankster jews hate.

    “The 1937 Olympics proved that beyond a doubt when perfect Aryan blond SS men came stumbling behind Jesse Owens, panting like a smoker running for a train. The Leader was chewing a rug, he got so angry!”

    After Germany won more gold than any other nation in the ’36 Olympics, I doubt it.

    Listen, it is just as likely if Germany won WWII, some time in the 60s through the 90s onwards to their version of Nov 4 2008, they’d realize the error of their racist ways and racist past and reject (as best they could) racial superiority ideologies in favor of tolerance multiculturalism. Because guess what Carter, another pajamasmedia loon, the US was just as racist back then and Jesse Owens was snubbed by Franklin Roosevelt, not Hitler.

    Or it could all just be my goyish anti-war bias.

  • Sam Goldman

    KDKA is having a special on Hardy Lloyd tomorrow night. Is giving these racists media attention needed? This asshole boasts Poplawski’s killings!

  • Mitch

    How quickly we forget about that black dude that killed FOUR cops in Oakland. I guess these stats are only important when whitey does it.

  • The Exaggerator

    Actually, the Berlin Olympics were in 1936, not 1937.

  • Carter

    To me this whole issue begs the question: “is bigotry at a certain level a mental illness”? To actually BELIEVE in your deepest level of being that humans are similar to animals & that certain people, because they LOOK a certain way, are somehow divinely gifted with an ability to call the shots is laughable superficially but beneath that; not particularly in touch with reality.
    What’s more these people who really commiy themselves actually worship one of the biggest mistakes ever made, National Socialism. Anyone with an ounce of sense would never want to encourage children to take their parents to the authorities because of “loyalty issues”. They would see quickly how that experiment in hate, fear, & superiority was a farce. The 1937 Olympics proved that beyond a doubt when perfect Aryan blond SS men came stumbling behind Jesse Owens, panting like a smoker running for a train. The Leader was chewing a rug, he got so angry!

  • GENO

    The reports are chilling. The death toll is even worse. But the irony of ironies, is that none of the nightly mainstream media outlets(ABC World News Tonight, NBC Nightly News, and CBS Evening News) is not saying much(or nothing at all) about the latest Pittsburg shootings. It perplexes me. Instead, they chose to cover the Binghamton shooting by an angry Chinese man from Vietnam.
    However, aside from the deaths resulting from white supremacy related mayhem. What many folks forget to bear in mind, including the law enforcement community at large, is the staggering hostilities shown by way of increased shoot-outs with LEO’s that did not result in any deaths. To exemplify a memorable incident, recalling the Kehoe brothers back in the 90’s whose ties to the Aryan Nations is accurate. The shoot-out was caught on a dashboard camera during what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop. Eventually, this deadly confrontation with the Kehoe brothers was shared through out the years on cable reality shows like “the World’s deadliest police shoot-outs.” aired over and over again.
    Hostile incidents like these are also common place where white extremist elements have a strong presence. It begs the question of how officers on the beat must treat such suspected neo-Nazis if confrontations should arise, hence, responding to calls relating to such incidents involving suspected white supremacist[s]. And if the latest shoot-out isn’t alarming, the law enforcement community as a whole must reconsider their subtle stance of viewing neo-Nazis as harmless. This denial must end, if lives were to be saved. The “Pittsburg carnage” was indeed a rude awakening to those who serve the community. And they must take the WN movement seriously. To continue to ignore it, will surely be a mistake.

    What I like to see, is more covert operations such as the succesful “Red Swastika”, which was responsible for nabbing some of the most dangerous skinheads amongst The rounding up of these ruthless nimrods isn’t all that hard. Many of them can traced through the various websites catering to their beliefs such as the famous Often times there are photos of them. This takes time, resources, survielliance and manpower. But the outcome of such operations is worthwhile, saving extra lives in the future in dire times like these. Especially when we now have a “Black President” and the Democrats have control. Don’t let the nightmares of the 90’s come back to haunt you. Take the battle to the WN by cracking them down. It is a proven and effective tool in combating these domestic terrorists……