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Making Babies for the Führer

By David Holthouse on April 22, 2009 - 11:47 am, Posted in Racist Skinheads

Here’s a new one, even by Hatewatch’s jaded standards: According to newspaper and television news accounts of this week’s Southern California law enforcement dragnet of the Inland Empire Skinheads, two female gang members were placed under arrest in hospital maternity wards. They were having labor induced to ensure their babies were born on April 20 — the 120th birthday of Adolf Hitler.

Nice parenting. Right from the get go.

Less shocking is the news of yet another major bust of a violent racist skinhead gang in the Inland Empire region, which the Intelligence Report first identified as a hotbed of white-power gangs activity in fall of 2005. As we reported then:

The Inland Empire used to be a sparsely populated, rural area of ranches, vineyards and farms, where whites were the clear and dominant majority.

All that has changed.

Driven from Los Angeles and San Diego by soaring housing prices, middle- and working-class black, Hispanic and Asian families have migrated to the Inland Empire in massive numbers, drawn by a surplus of comparatively affordable, big homes in sprawling, suburban-style developments. … Whites are now a minority in the Inland Empire.

These seismic changes in the region’s racial make-up have corresponded with a steady rise in hate crimes, including a particularly vicious spike in racially motivated violence and harassment…

According to law enforcement authorities, the Inland Empire Skinheads are responsible for murders, drug trafficking, witness intimidation, home invasion robberies and random, racially motivated assaults committed by prospective members. First documented by Riverside, Calif., police in 2002, investigators now estimate the gang has 30 members and roughly 70 associates, including many high school students.

“The most disheartening and alarming thing is that their only purpose is racial violence,” San Bernardino County Sheriff Rod Hoops said at a press conference.

Authorities said that the gang, whose leader was among those arrested Monday, maintains close ties with the Hammerskin Nation, a powerful nationwide coalition of skinhead groups. Seven members of the skinhead gang were taken into custody, including Raymond Williams, 34, a tattoo artist. More arrests are expected. Williams, who’s reportedly on the National Terrorist Watch List, was arrested at the hospital where his wife was giving birth.

Gang paraphernalia seized during simultaneous raids in two counties included brass knuckles, shotguns, swastika banners, copies of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf and T-shirts displaying the gang’s emblem: two crossed battle axes and the number “95,” which stands for Inland Empire (“I” being the ninth letter of the alphabet, “E” the fifth).

The two mothers were taken into custody after giving birth and booked into Central Detention Center in San Bernardino along with their fellow gang members.

The fate of their newborns was not made public.

  • LaTrice

    Why is it that these skin-head groups are always claiming that Blacks, Latinos and “illegals” are to blame for all the drugs and crime in this country, yet when you read about these groups getting busted by the cops, 9 out 10 times, its for drugs, murder, prosititution, etc. ..Hmmmmmm????

  • Pat

    The women were arrested for involvement in other crimes – murder and the other stuff indicated a little later in the post. They weren’t arrested for inducing labor on Hitler’s birthday.

  • Spiny Norman

    Paging Rob — there is a message for you, from A. Lincoln: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

  • Lex

    In response to Rob:

    Obviously giving birth to a white baby on April 20th is not a crime. I mean, seriously, how could you possibly miss the point of this article? The two women in question INDUCED the pregnancy, meaning they put their child’s life in harm by unnaturally causing their birth when they were not ready to come out. I’m not really sure on the legality issue in that department, but that’s pretty wrong if you ask me.

    These women are skinheads and they are married to criminals. They may have even partaken in criminal activity themselves, as seems to be the suggestion. Nice try taking a misguided pot shot at homosexual people, but you only further prove that, yes, a loving gay couple (or hell, at least a gay couple who aren’t criminals) would make FAR better parents than these hate-perpetuating monsters of people.

  • Rob

    So having White babies on April 20 is a crime now? And the babies were seized? Probably to be adopted into a nice gay family. Isn’t that special?

  • The Exaggerator

    Talk about “making babies for the Fuerher:”

    Apartheid South Africa, in its desire to increase white birth rates (especially among the “morally superior” Afrikaner peoples) on a par with black and “coloured” (mixed-race) such until mandatory birth control was so imposed, had a campaign under then-Prime Minister P.W. Botha which called upon White South Africa to “Make Babies for Botha” out of racial and patriotic “duty.”