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Sotomayor Nomination Unleashes Furious Attacks

By Mark Potok on May 30, 2009 - 10:10 am, Posted in Anti-Latino

The nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court of Sonia Sotomayor, who would become the court’s first Hispanic if confirmed, has been met by a cacophony of right-wing attack dogs sounding a single furious note: “Racist!”

Reacting to Sotomayor’s membership in the Latino rights organization National Council of La Raza and comments she has made on her judging, radio fulminator Rush Limbaugh compared her to KKK leader David Duke, suggesting she is a “reverse racist.” William Gheen, president of the nativist extremist group Americans for Legal Immigration, called her a “brown or Hispanic supremacist.” Former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, the Colorado Republican and one-time presidential candidate who long headed the far-right Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus, attacked Sotomayor for her membership in La Raza, which he said was a “Latino KKK.” Republican former House Speaker Newt Gingrich described the high court nominee on Twitter as a “Latina woman racist” and said she should withdraw.

Now comes the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), a white supremacist hate group which has called black people a “retrograde species of humanity,” with its own special addition: a computer-generated “photo” of “whitey-hating” Sotomayor in Klan robes that fits in well with the tenor of the more “mainstream” attacks from politicians, pundits and nativist leaders.
CCC image of Sotomayor

That’s par for the course for the gutturally racist CCC, which is descended from the White Citizens Councils of the 1950s and 1960s that battled school desegregation. Thurgood Marshall, the first black Supreme Court Justice, once referred to that group as “the uptown Klan.”

Despite the furious comments from people like Tancredo, La Raza is hardly a racist group — indeed, it is a thoroughly mainstream human rights organization.

As to her comments, Sotomayor is being attacked for saying in a 2001 university lecture that she “would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white man who hasn’t lived that life.” President Obama said earlier this week that Sotomayor wishes she had phrased that differently, but that the comments simply suggested that a diversity of experience helped judges make good decisions. Sotomayor made similar remarks, saying earlier this week: “My hope is that I will take the good from my experiences and extrapolate them further into areas with which I am unfamiliar. I simply do not know exactly what that difference will be in my judging. But I accept that there will be some based on my gender and my Latina heritage.”

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  • Jay

    Ooops!! The Establishment turned everyone into racists again!! Completely taking your mind off what she really stands for. That is to help take away your Constitutional rights.

  • Vincent Bordini

    crap… hit enter too soon.

    I want to get a hold of it for a post about this crowd. Looking at their site, it’s pretty evident who might hang out over there.

    The white pride t-shirt ad is kind of a tell.

  • Vincent Bordini

    This quote “retrograde species of humanity,” can anyone come up with the original source?

  • Truth Monger

    typical lib trying to play games while avoiding any sort of direct confrontation

    why cant you just be straight up and say you believe the greater good is served with quota systems?

  • GENO the Valkyrie Warlord

    Furthermore, here some facts why she isn’t so much of a “Latina” as she purportly identified herself as one;

    1.) She doesn’t speak Spanish
    2.) She has no roots in Puerto Rico and was born in the Bronx
    3.) All of her foreign trips as aggrandized by the media are self-promotional trips to Isreal. There is no story/articles of her ever going to Puerto Rico.

    Regardless of that, she is only “Latina” by blood (like less than 1/4) but she is not “Latina” by culture/heritage. She doesn’t identify with Latinos/Hispanics, but instead with the Jewish community. Technically, you can say she is a “Crypto-Jew”. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But she isn’t “Latina” by any means just because she says she is, despite what you think she looks like. You prudently judge a person based entirely upon looks, rather than the content of their character.
    Perhaps if you lay down your meth-pipe, son maybe you can emphasize the differences in terms of self-identity. Besides, more than half of the WN members in the U.S. are “mixed” with Crypto-Jews, Mestizos, Hispanic Whites et cetera.

    So who’s illogical now?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    You just half-answered your own question. You want to know how the quota systems effect white males? START LOOKING FOR STATISTICS. Department of Labor laws, university studies, etc.

  • Truth Monger

    Well clearly my question was worded to well for you to deal with. i really dont want to google some statistics until you answer this: how do quota systems effect white males?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Truth Monger, I asked you to support your claim with evidence. Are you saying you don’t have any?

  • someguy11

    It doesn’t matter if the census says they’re “white.” The US census also calls Amerindian Mexicans “white.”

    There’s absolutely no way that 80% of Puerto Ricans are of European descent. She looks very Asiatic anyway. Tell me what European ethnicity she is? White Spanish people have pronounced noses, and she has an Amerindian nose.

    If you could alleviate your anti-white hatred for a second, maybe your mind could clear up and you could think logically.

  • David

    La Raza not racist? Are you serious? Not sure why most of the cases that you all have taken on are against white groups. Has the Black Panther Party every been brought up, and the intimidation that took place during the elections? Obviously, very left leaning organization and always looking for victims. Victims must be: black, hispanic, gay, or a lady. Forget about us white guys who make this great America work the way it does. Where is all the powerful black folks out there? Thats right, most crimes are committed by the smallest percentage of the American race, Blacks. I am sure you all could spend more time going after the true culprits.

  • Truth Monger

    Ruslan Amirkhanov:

    statistics? tell me, why do quotas exist and what are the results? we know what the effect of quotas is for minorities and women, it is beneficial to them. however, how does it effect white males?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Truth Monger, please cite some statstical studies to prove that “the quota systems” are somehow harming white males.

  • GENO: 1492

    Well, its too bad if you’re saddened by the very fact that Sotomayor is [Spanish] white. She certainly doesn’t look Black to me, nor does she look Amerindian. If you actually did some research into the history of Puerto Rico and the impact of *immigration* from Spain and their former slaves from Africa. The U.S.Census states that for the year of 2000–80.5% Puerto Ricans are white. 70% of these are Spanish white. So if you can’t live with the fact that Sotomayor is a Hispanic white, well that’s too bad. She isn’t gonna tell you she’s Black or a Tiano Indian.

  • someguy11

    Are some of you saying that Sonia Sotomayor is white?

    Please. She is clearly mixed with the mestizos of Puerto Rico. Very few Puerto Ricans are white, though there are remnants of white Spanish blood in them from centuries ago.

    If you’ve ever seen a white person from Spain, you’d instantly know that she is not a white Spanish woman.

  • Truth Monger

    Ruslan Amirkhanov:

    The quota systems are the disadvantage/discrimination that all european american males face.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Carrie, can you explain what historical disadvanatages “white people” have had in the US which require such an organization to advance their interest as white people? Because there are organizations for REAL ethnicities, like Irish, Scots, Slavs, etc. Nobody gets angry at them.

    Latino groups have such organizations because they are still, in America, a minority, they have faced discrimination and difficulties in the past, and thanks to the Mexican War, they have historically found themselves in a foreign country, which is one reason to preserve their heritage. What you call “whites” on the other hand, are actually a mixture of radically different ethnicities, many of which have had a historical hatred of one another and don’t often mix so well back in the old country. The powerful, majority groups do not need special interest groups to protect their rights.

  • Chi

    The difficulty is that ethnic pride is encouraged in non-white groups so you immediately have a glaring double standard.

  • Carrie

    So white folks concerned with the interests specifically of white folks(one rightful concern of any people in our situation is our approaching minority status in our own nations)who called themselves “the people” or “the community” would earn your stamp of approval? Fat chance. Does it cross your mind just for a second that “the people” or “the community” pretty much refers to a people or community of a particular race? I forgot only white people are racist and think in such terms, right? The reality is white people are the only people who DO NOT think in such terms, since that would result in the worst kind of demonization.
    I would like to ask Potok if he believes the idea of a “jewish state” is exclusionary and bigoted. How about “the law of return?” If we still had an immigration policy here that gave preferences to white christians, people such as Potok would be screaming to the heavens.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    To assist Juan in educating the tards- understanding foreign languages is not like decoding something with a dictionary. Words and phrases have a literal and idiomatic translation. Moreoever, words like “race” have been used to mean many different things even in English. For example, British imperialists often referred to their specific nation as the “Anglo-Saxon race”. In the IRA anthem “God Save Ireland”, there is a line that goes, “…but they met him face to face with the courage of the race.” Francisco Franco, a European, wrote a novel called La Raza, which was specifically about the Spanish people.

    So next time if you want to comment on what foreign words mean, try learning the language instead of just looking stuff up in a dictionary and assuming that the results mean the same thing as in your own language.

  • Juan Rangel

    Jesus Christ, I can’t believe the ignorance of people.

    “La Raza” is not a racist organization, and for those that interpret the term to be “The Race” based upon their spanish 101, I encourage you to brush up on your spanish, because you have failed miserably.

    “La Raza” is another term for “the people” and the concept itself is not political but spiritual. “It was written originally in the early 20th century by Mexican Scholar José Vasconcelos ‘La Raza Cósmica(the cosmic people)’ to reflect the fact that the people of Latin America are a mixture of many of the world’s races, cultures, and religions”.

    It encourages the investigation of one’s heritage to become wholesome and not to forget where one come’s from. It doesn’t promote race superiority or ethnic divisions. “This is an inclusive concept, meaning that Hispanics share with all other peoples of the world a common heritage and destiny.”

    It does promote understanding and pursuing relations with all races.

    I fail to see how in the world, people can compare “La Raza” with racist organizations. Maybe ignorance is bliss for most, but it sure would help for these individuals to pick up a book or read about “La Raza’s” true purpose.

    Those that are attacking Sotomayor based on her statements and because of her affiliation to “La Raza” have no shame.

    Since they don’t have too many angles to attack her, I guess portraying her as a racist can only help to rouse the fringe right.

    SPLC has always been an organization that points out racist organizations, and to blame them for not including “La Raza” on those lists, is totally ridiculous.

    “La Raza” is not a racist organization, and SPLC is totally correct in pointing out that it is a Latino Rights Group.

  • Truth Monger

    AndiMedi & Tom Kissner:

    She believes in race-based rulings. In her world, equal justice takes a back seat to tribal justice.

    Now, people often come out to vote for one of their own. Catholics for JFK, evangelicals for Mike Huckabee, women for Hillary Clinton, Mormons for Mitt Romney, Jews for Joe Lieberman and African-Americans for Barack Obama. That is political reality and an exercise of political freedom. But tribal justice is just plain un-American.

    In the 1950s and 1960s, this country reached consensus that denying black men and women the equal opportunity to advance and succeed must come to an end. Discrimination based on race, color or ethnicity, we agreed, was wrong. Sotomayor, however, has an exception to the no-discrimination rule. She believes in no discrimination, unless done to white males.

    But why should Puerto Ricans like Sotomayor, (who were never subjected to slavery or Jim Crow – their island was liberated from Spain in 1898 by the United States) get racial or ethnic preferences over Polish- or Portuguese-Americans?

    What is the justification for this kind of discrimination?

  • Tom Kissner

    First, I visited the national headquarters of the National Council of La Raza a few years back. I Toured all around and spoke to high-ranking officers. I saw NOTHING racist in any way during my visit. They are an organization dedicated to helping Hispanic people, and doing it in a way that doesn’t diminish the rights of any other ethnic groups.
    Second, I don’t see Judge Sotomayor as being any kind of racist. To interpret her comments as “racist” requires an existing mindset that sees all of one’s political opponents as racists.
    Third, I sincerely hope that none of the contributors of comments about this article actually believe that the minority political party hasn’t spent the last eight years packing the federal judiciary at the circuit court level with judges who are demonstrably racist, based on their history of decisions, not merely on a few remarks.

  • AndiMedi

    William Gheen never fails to be hilarious! His attacks on NCLR are so hollow and desperate. Then to have his buddy follow up with accusing NCLR of marxism (tell that to GM, Miller Brewing, and all their other corporate sponsors!!!), you have a regular laugh festival. They are attacking Sotomayor because like moths to a lightbulb, they can’t help themselves. Fabulous and tremendously helpful to the Latino community and by extension, the American people as a whole.

  • Truth Monger

    la raza is ‘thoroughly mainstream’ ???? …ok now im really starting to wonder if the SPLC writers really are on some sort of drugs or something….. it would not surprise me if they were toking some ‘medical marijuana’ while writing this


    You folk at the SPLC are totally irony-proof, and your support for this bigot proves it.

  • Carrie

    The SPLC would be among the first to be screaming in horror if a white man, who was a member of a white organization called “the race”, was selected as the next supreme court justice. White people are evil horrible dangerous haters when they think in terms of race and the interests of their race. When hispanics or whoever else does it, it is racist to call them racists. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  • GENO: 1492

    I agree daemonesslisa. It probably has to do with the fact that Sotomayor is a woman, if it wasn’t based on her White European ancestry. Most people are familiar with the retrograded mentality of these lesser white supremacists, which has halted their mental state from another time long past, and those dark times were in the pre-Women’s Rights era. Fed up, the women rose up and marched for their Rights the same as nonwhites, the white man lost control over their women. But continued to discriminate them, nonetheless, the same as nonwhites.

    Remember who gave women a pay raise, and equal pay wage the same as men? It was Barack Obama, a Democrat and a “Black president.” He broke this barrier that the Republifools held intact all along.

  • Maximilliano Cortez

    Would it not be more prudent for a judge to base their decisions on the rule of law as opposed to personal feelings based on their upbringing or heritage?

  • daemonesslisa

    Geno, regarding the “Spanish White”…of course these idiots can’t tell the difference.

    I’ve always said that these ‘Pro Europe’ types aren’t so pro Europe; they would never learn foreign languages like German (other than “seig heil”), Danish, Swedish, Italian, French…and SPANISH!

    White skin isn’t always enough for these losers. If you stocked the Supreme Court with only white males, then it would be a question of politics. After that gets settled, then it’s a question of religion. Then it would be a question of ancestry. It just doesn’t end with these people.

  • Carter

    This is not an especially big deal. Souter (sp?) is retiring & tends to vote left of center. Shes’ (Sotomayor) replacing him to balance the Court. Nothing unique here…
    If I remember correctly, Regan appointed Souter. I really don’t know what people are afraid of. We need equal balance of Left & Right composition on the Supreme Court. That allows for healthy Constitutional discussion.

    I know; folks are afraid that the 2nd Amendment is in jeopardy & that women will run out & get abortions for entertainment…….
    I can assure you, such is not the case. There are simply too many firearms in existence to have some law stop them from existence. The 1914 Harrison Narcotics Act proved you cannot stop an object via legislation.
    In-so-far as women running around getting abortions for the fun of it……I just can’t even imagine such a thing & good taste prevents further discussion of this way of thinking on the abortion issue.

    Everyone makes statements that are either false or wish they could retract. I remember when I once heard MICHEAL SAVAGE state on the air, that “every important invention was invented by a white European”. That was the only time I wanted to call his show. I wanted to ask who invented Geometry & black powder?….NOT white Europeans.
    In fact there was a contest on a small Reservation as to how many non-whites contributed to science & mathematics. Since there wee no Patent Offices before the last several centuries, it’s tough to know exactly.

  • GENO:1492

    Also, I’m wondering what the white supremacists are crying about? They’re saying she is a “Latina”.

    Actually, Sotomayor claimd to be “Puerto Rican”. A “Puerto Rican” isn’t exactly a race, hence cannot be called a “La Raza”, like the term–Hispanic, too is also not a race. But instead, to translate the “La Raza”, it technically means “the people” in English. And the Hispanic in general is comprised of all colors ranging from Black, Hispanic White, Spanish White, Amerindians, Latino, Chicano et al.

    A “Puerto Rican” is made up of different racial ethnicities. There those that are Black, Spanish White, Tiano Indians and mixed.

    In Sotomayor’s case, she is what you would call a Spanish White. I don’t fully understand why all these whining white supremacists are yapping about, if they’re all for “white” people. Sotomayor is White. But only Spanish-White, which is basically a Western European White. Not “Anglo” White, not “Saxon” White, or “Aryan” White but European White. But if the white supremacists are all for whiteness in the people they claim as “European” such as in David Duke’s rants. Then technically speaking Sonia Sotomayor is for you, only in racial terms, but maybe not politically.

  • GENO:1492

    Regarding Sotomayor:

    “would become the court’s first Hispanic if confirmed.”

    Actually, I believed that Justice Benjamin Nathan Cardozo was the “first Hispanic” to ever serve the supreme court. But I may be wrong, given the rumor that Cardozo was a sephardic Jew, perhaps a “Hispanic Jew”. If memory served me correctly.

  • W. Weatherford

    Interesting that La Raza is a “mainstream human rights organization”. Being bilingual, I can inform you that La Raza translated is The Race. How on earth can an organization with the name The Race, be anything but a racist group!!!!

    They were organized for the sole purpose of furthering the cause of the Latino population and the retaking the south-west United States and it looks like with the help of the media, they will be fruitful.

    You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig. It’s outrageous that our media has become a front for left leaning, Marxist diatribe.

  • William Gheen

    No surprise the SPLC is taking up for racists and racist groups like La Raza aka The Race! As time progresses, Americans will learn that those of us actually fighting against racism and the deadly racism of MS-13 combined with the political racism of La Raza will be exonerated. And groups like the SPLC will be revealed and remembered for taking up for racists and attacking innocent multi racial groups instead of taking on the Tan Klan.

  • Dauson Lovi

    Will these groups stop at nothing in order to prevent diversity? I think people are spending too much time reading between the lines rather than focusing on more important issues.

  • The Exaggerator

    IIBC, Judge Sotomayor has since apologised for the “wise Latina” remark, suggesting that same was probably a poor choice of words all along open to misinterpretation (especially when read out of intended context, as conservative propagandists seem to be doing).