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Immigrants Out to Destroy U.S., Washington Times Columnist Warns

By Heidi Beirich on September 24, 2009 - 4:20 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Latino

This past weekend, The Washington Times featured a column filled with apocalyptic visions of a white America overrun by a “massive invasion” of immigrants. This is certainly not the first racially insensitive column printed by The Times, but it is the first since the organization went through a thorough housecleaning in 2008 that involved the removal of high-level staffers who published white nationalists.

The column was penned by Jeffrey T. Kuhner, who heads the Edmund Burke Institute, which is described by the paper as a “Washington-based think tank.” Taking a page out of the white nationalist playbook, Kuhner frets that the Obama administration plans a massive amnesty that will allow the “army of illegal immigrants” to wipe out America’s European “roots.”

Kuhner sees an America suffering from an immigrant “invasion,” a “bleeding sore” of a Southern border, “overwhelmed” hospitals and Mexican cartels running amok. He sees America’s jails filling up with these foreigners — “one-third of the federal prison population is composed of illegal immigrants”— a falsehood common among anti-immigrant propagandists (for how wrong Kuhner is, read here). He worries that our “uncontrolled immigration” is causing the “bonds of national union” to be “torn apart.”

What brought all this end times worrying on? Kuhner’s attendance at a radio talk show event put on last week in Washington by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which was listed as an anti-immigrant hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2007. FAIR has long peddled anti-immigrant conspiracies, including the idea that Mexicans cross the border not to work but to reconquer the Southwest.

Kuhner’s column also pushes the argument that America is not a “creedal nation,” meaning a nation based on the democratic ideas in our founding documents. Instead, it exists because it was peopled by European whites. This argument was best expressed by Sam Francis, the longtime editor for the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens, who wrote that American and European civilizations could never have been created without the “genetic endowments” of whites (ironically, the now deceased Francis was once an editorial page editor at The Washington Times, but he was fired in 1995 for comments he made at a white supremacist conference).

Kuhner’s on board with Francis’s thesis: “America is an outgrowth of Christianity and English civilization.” For Kuhner, it is a historical fraud that America was founded on abstract ideas such as a “commitment to universal principles such as democracy and equality.” In fact, he points out that the Founding Fathers were blatantly anti-democratic and many were slaveholders. Kuhner cites John Adams: “Democracy…wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.” Instead, our founders were really “nationalists who believed they had established a distinct and unique nation based on a common language, faith, heritage and culture.”

Besides his democracy and immigrant-bashing, Kuhner engages in a particularly nasty attack on the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), a venerable Hispanic civil rights organization. Kuhner falsely claims NCLR calls for “the annexation of the Southwest back into Mexico” and wants to reacquire former Mexican territories.

Had Kuhner bothered to check, he would have found that NCLR clearly condemns ethnic separatist organizations. The group even has repeatedly disavowed certain founding documents of the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanos de Aztlan (MEChA), a fellow Latino rights organization that is not a racist separatist group but did, more than 40 years ago, publish what NCLR characterizes as “inappropriate rhetoric.” In addition, NCLR publicly condemns Voz de Aztlan, a virulently anti-Semitic and separatist outfit that has long been listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Kuhner also slurs Obama, calling him an “international socialist” intent on “sounding the death knell of traditional America.” Perhaps in the future, Kuhner could set aside his tirades in favor of the facts.


    It seems that backlash against immigrants is largely inevitable due to the massive influx of low skilled and illegal immigration. The best way to combat against such domestic terror is by lifting the cap on H-1B visas, these extraordinary individuals have the capacity to contribute to modern day society and are often held in high regard with these extremist groups because they respect both the ambition and legal means that these H-1B workers used to enter the country. If the cap on H-1B workers was lifted and more highly skilled immigrants came to fill the shortage of highly skilled labor, these domestic rebels might be willing to look at immigration from a different angle and calm the many spouts of hatred we are currently seeing.

  • John M

    URGENT: Has anyone with the SPL Center investigated this site? It is completely devoted to race hatred, is based in the American South, and is really scary:

  • Roger Curtis

    I’m a true American!!! My Father was a Vietnam Vet, who did 3 tours of Duty, and died for his Country. Also, my Stepfather an EX con Biker. I grew up with 2 firm beliefs. I see with my eye’s wide open, I know the truth, and know what is RIGHT. My Father was sworn to protect his country, and my Stepfather was sworn to protect his people, and for that they were willing to Die for a cause. When there is a threat like this it should be addressed, and taken seriously. You may say this is rambling from an Idiot, a goober, a stupid Redneck ect….ect…. Believe what you want. I think not. I can see the point that they are making……. We as the people were promised CHANGE… When is it… I don’t see it… I didn’t vote for it, because it will never happen!! The only CHANGE that I have seen is LESS Jobs, and Hardened times for the working class Men and Women that are Americans, because of the open Borders, and Illegal Immigrants under bidding on jobs. Taking all of the work, and sending the money back across the Borders, and not back into the Economy. Think about it!!! I will leave it at that.

  • Snorlax

    The Washington Times is owned by the “Rev.” Sun Yung Moon.

    The leader of the whacko Moonie cult. Cuckoo bananas.

  • Eugene Williams

    The United States spends what 80 to 90 billion on illegal s in the country. And some think it isn’t harming the country as a whole? Scout… is always labled something else and if it were labled welfare you’d maybe say it is so still. There is a site called and even if one thinks it could be anti illegals it like many sites always hold some factual data in them. Even the SPLC site has some very informative information on it.

  • Scout

    Jack Blade, you are destroying the good name of a fantastic video game character. Regardless, if you know of an illegal (and I don’t mean a permanent legal resident – there are legal immigrants who qualify for welfare for a set period of time, though not indefinitely like the folks who were born in the U.S.,) then REPORT IT. Call your local welfare office and make a complaint.

  • Jack Blade

    As for ILLEGALS BEING forbidden from receiving government entitlements? Thats hogwash straight up, why you might ask would I say that? Cause I actually know some who are getting FOOD STAMPS and MEDICAID! Thats why! How they are doing it I did not ask, but they are doing better than I am right now! I know there are several means to this end like anchor children or phony documents which is a cottage industry in this part of the country and no one is verifying crap! Certainly not the government! Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate illegals, but just like the Mexicans who did it LEGALLY I agree with many of them in that they should not just be able to come over here and flood the welfare rolls and take jobs which us Americans need! And yes there are Americans waiting to do those labor jobs and it is crap to say there isn’t!

  • Scout

    Tyrone Mixon said: “all we have to do is stop making this country so inviting with welfare, medical and people hiring them illegally. let that dry up and your problem may solved.”

    Did you read my earlier post? Check the websites and check the eligibility requirements – illegal immigrants are NOT eligibile for welfare.

  • Deborah de Santos

    If the concern of the anti-immigration proponents is the status of people of white European heritage, why is it that the first two men I wound up helping were both white men? One of those was totally legal and was one of the leaders of the Velvet Revolution that threw the Soviets out of Czechoslovakia and was the beginning of the end of the Cold War. We have been holding him for three years now and you can’t get much whiter, much more educated or much more European than this guy.

    I’ve heard the claims and the dozen or so immigrants held by ICE that I am helping at any one time do not fit what I’m hearing. I don’t even have a single Hispanic in the bunch – and hardly any that are here illegally. The facts don’t fit the hype. There is something else going on.

  • Eugene Williams


    I have to admit that when ever I read your comments which you write on the level that you wrote in the above. I wonder if you can see what I see, no matter how you start out or how well you put words together that do make it soemwhat of an enjoyable read even if the reader dissagrees. I see you going way out there and just thinking that it really makes perfect sense when you write what you write such as in the article above. I do not view you as one that I woudl place a lot of weight on much of what you write. I think it woudl be hard, almost impossible for me to find a comment by you that is not along the same lines as your true thinking. I think you do not like White American Conservatives. Period. That is what I see and your certainly entiteld to your opinion. I just think you got out of your way a little too much and for me, it’s likely as obvious as it is to you.

    In any case, peace

  • Eugene Williams

    wow wow wow

    After I read the article written by SPLC but before I read the response of others Here are the facfts as I know them to be. Indeed those who exspress that The Traditional America is in jeaporady and in part due to the “many” individuals and groups in and outside the Conus United States that have the demise of The Tradition America as their main objective as they following through aas this being the agenda on a daily basis, monthly, yearly too as this has been going on for more than a few years. Hurried along by again “many”. Is Kuhner engaging in false clainms? No. Is Kuhner attacking or is he simply state it as he sees. Yes, he is making statements as he sees them. Maybe he makes them in passive comments and or agrressive tones. This doesn’t change the fact that they aren’t all attacks they are in fact FACT. As for slurs someone? Is it a slur when it is this mans opinion and not his alone but “many” And again they are inside the Conus United States and outside stretching far and wide. It is a fact that The Traditional America “ALL” are being attacked by “many” who’s agenda is to harm these very things that make up The Tradition America in all ways possible, by any means possible and to say that it is all from the mexican immigrants, I don’t think that is fact.

  • beholder

    tyrone mixon,

    I’m not sure making America suck so no one wants to be here is the right approach to immigration reform.

  • Anna

    Well Said James Scaminaci !! It is definitely time to start taking these terrorist groups within our country very seriously because they’ve already begun. For so long people would look at these groups and call them crazies or nuts but pay not serious attention to their “mindset” and agenda. Now, look at our country and you can see that these people will practice what they believe, that is terroristic hatred for others. They are the scum of this country, they are anti-American and anti-government, anti-unity, and pro-violence and pro-hatred. It’s time to halt these groups, and I’m sure people are more aware now than ever of how much danger these groups pose to our national security.

  • joe

    I have a real crazy idea-why not we start enfocring our immigration laws for a change! After all even Mexico demands their immigration laws be respected! I guess they just care more about their own citizens then the pro ilegal alien NUTS in this country!

  • Brad Hoover

    Sad how the fear-monger-ati is exploitng the erosion reason.

    The fact that sentiments like these are surfacing in a publication like the Washington Times is something of a Canary in a Coal Mine, signaling how the loss of confidence in what the future could bring is turning into a full blown panic.

    The unreasonable unreasonableness imbedded within the anti-immigration argument makes it next to impossible to argue against.

    It would be great to break from this self perpetuating narrative that chronically pits illusions of order against illusions of chaos.

  • tyrone mixon

    all we have to do is stop making this country so inviting with welfare, medical and people hiring them illegally. let that dry up and your problem may solved.


    If you put the FAIR-inspired Washington Times article into context, the white supremacists in the Radical Right–including John Tanton’s network–are preparing for revolution and secession which are code words for a racial civil war to create a white Christian theocracy. The context of Minutemen bearing arms to intimidate immigrant workers and children; of bringing weapons to town hall meetings; threatening to kill union workers who come to the same health care town hall meetings; threatening to come armed at the next Tea Party march on Washington, D.C.; threatening a million man, armed militia march on D.C.; threatening to kill federal law makers who do not vote to make English the official language; Chuck Norris’ call to fly a revolutionary flag for a revolutionary movement; and, the right-wing smear of liberal treachery all lead to the conclusion that comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants could be the last straw for the white supremacist movement. They do not hide their revolutionary agenda. They do not hide their agenda for a Christian theocracy. They do not hide their assault on birthright citizenship guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment for all persons born here. All of their declaration of principles (see the Declaration Alliance or Oath Keepers) all include the concluding language of the Declaration of Independence–pledging their lives and sacred honor. It is time to take seriously their agenda, their actions, and their rhetoric about revolution, secession, and a racial civil war.

  • Exaggerato

    Rhetoric pretty much in the same league as apartheid South Africa seeking to defend same within the context of White Afrikaner Honour and Privilege, no?

    (Not to mention expecting white South Africans to “wholeheartedly,” and without question, support apartheid as one with “defending racial honour.”)

  • L and M

    Last time I checked, the Washington Times was owned by the Korean self-styled messiah Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church and a longtime supporter of far-right causes and craziness. Like Fox News, it’s not really about journalism, it’s just a bully pulpit for its billionaire right-wing owner.

  • texasgomer

    This is the kind of hogwash you expect from a Glenn Beck or a Rush Limbaugh. The Times is a print news outlet which as an industry, last I heard, was trying to put pieces that were responsible journalism. Sad to see even a mediocre print edition go down the tubes of radio journalism.

  • Scout

    “Welfare rolls are swelling with illegal immigrants taking advantage of public assistance.”
    The Food and Nutrition Service (which oversees the nation’s food stamp program) FORBIDS illegal immigrants from receiving food stamps. In fact, applicants must prove their citizenship to qualify. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (which oversees Medicaid and the cash assistance welfare program) FORBIDS illegal immigrants from receiving Medicaid or cash assistance. This widespread misinformation and propaganda is doing nothing to alleviate fears, and doing everything to promote anger and disrespect toward everyone who happens to speak a language other than English.

  • beholder

    It is becoming increasingly evident that the campaign to villify illegal aliens is little more than an attempt to put the broken pieces of the right wing together again.

    Fear and hate are powerful motivators. That is why George W Bush could launch an illegal war against Iraq and still manage to be considered a hero to his followers.

    The amount of drum beating over this issue ahead of comprehensive immigration reform hits common themes, and their source is always the same handful of websites and think tanks. I would not go so far as to say it is a conspiracy necessarily, but it is an orchestrated effort to rally voters based on fear and outrage.

    Since the truths of immigration are inconvenient (because illegal immigrants are statistically less likely to commit a crime than a citizen, because illegal immigrants pay taxes they never receive in benefits, because illegal immigrants are helpful to our economy, etc.), there is nothing left to fill people with hatred than lies.

    So, like Hitler did with the Jews when all else failed, the Republicans are ratcheting up as much disinformation and muddy thinking as they can to win votes in the coming elections. There can be no other explanation.

    The Republicans have borrowed from Hitler.